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  1. Thanks. So do bonuses gained from barnstorming apply to ads as well? I thought they only applied while barnstorming in that region.
  2. It's hard for me to discuss it beyond questioning why anyone disagrees with this in the first place. My impression is that the states that oppose these things do so for ideology (a belief that the poor are undeserving of help or that government can never be trusted) or race (a belief that minorities may benefit disproportionately from programs aimed at helping the poor that motivates them to prefer doing nothing about poverty).
  3. I've become quite good at Congress and Prime Minister Infinity but I seem to struggle at President infinity. It always seems like my opponent has more CPs than me and the key states normally get swamped by more ads, scandals and Ground Strength from them than I can afford. I wanted to ask what you think is a better use of CPs. Is it Ground Strength (Organisation Strength and Footsoldiers), Ads or Campaigner Actions (Barnstorming or Rallies)? Also do Surrogates and Leader Improvements (Issue Familiarity and Debating Skill) do much good?
  4. If you don't mind me bothering you for game advice, did you Target many seats in that game? I seem to have become pretty good at Senate elections (because of the dozen or so battleground states I can focus on) but I played a UK election game and I can hardly Target every seat I'm looking to win if I'm the Tories or Labour so do experienced players bother with Targeting in the games with larger seat numbers?
  5. Lemass17

    Alex Jones Poll

    1. Yes, his 'performances' have caused some people serious harm and I'm glad the outlets in question have been shamed into denying him a platform. His freedom of speech hasn't been infringed. 2. No, he's beyond parody. 3. Yes, neither of the above mean that he doesn't have influence.
  6. Great; thanks. Can I ask, how did you learn that? I've read some posts on the site that explain some things but not the things you've said.
  7. Hey to everyone reading. I've just started playing the game which I got because I'm a bit of a political nerd and it seemed very interesting. I just have a few quick questions: 1. How does Organisation Strength and Footsoldiers work? I understand that the two are multiplied together to get a power rating (e.g. 4 OS x 2 Fs = 8 power) but is that power applied every turn, is it added to momentum or does it help boost actions taken there? What does it actually do? 2. What distance does Platform Distance make? Does it just mean there are more issues where you're weaker (e.g. a penalty of 1 on the issue of health care) or is there some serious penalty to everything you do there? 3. How do you actually spin news and is there any reason not to? Every time news stories come in and I try to spin them, I add the Spin Points to the news story and hit X on the top right but nothing seems to happen. Apologies if these questions are stupid but the game seems pretty complex and it's possible I'm just missing basic stuff.
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