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  1. Updated scenario a little - details in edit section on main post
  2. Hiya. This is my first campaign I've tried to create so let me know how it's doing right now? Should clarify, I am not French so I'm not the most knowledgeable on French politics but with a decent amount of research I managed to put together something workable. Right now there are six candidates, Macron, Le Pen, Fillon, Melenchon, Hamon, and Dupont-Aignan (these are the people who irl finished top-six). Events have yet to be added (in fact if you want to help with that, please let me know!) Same with endorsers. As of now, Macron and Le Pen usually finish pretty close with one another, with Macron usually coming out on top, but Fillon and Melenchon both have the ability to drive themselves ahead - Hamon and Dupont-Aignan can, if you're skilled enough, get around 10-15%. P.S. Most of this is from the campaign made a while ago by (someone) on here, that one's easy to find if you search it but there are some problems with that one, at least, more problems than there are with this one. The issues are obviously taken from some Austrian campaign and the creator seems to really like having Le Pen come out on top, so I changed the issues and balanced the polling numbers out a bit, along with some other changes. P.P.S. Yes, Le Pen is listed as a Centrist, her views are an odd mix of left and right politics. EDIT: I've added some events and changed the make up of the endorsers so they don't all automatically endorse Macron France-2017.rar
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