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  1. When I try to create a new one and try to delete some of the candidates, I get an error message saying "Access violation at address 0040947C in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 00000018."
  2. Awesome, I'll try this. Thanks!
  3. Maybe someone can help me out with this. So I've been making my own alternate elections using a template from each election IRL that I've downloaded, but instead of creating a new one for me to work on, it overwrites the original game. Can anyone help me out? I want to be able to use one of the original games as a template to make another to edit instead of overwriting the original game.
  4. Is Maine's 2nd congressional district an option in PI? I've only see it as if you can either win all of the electoral votes or not. Same with Nebraska as well?
  5. Not a question, but I wanna see what you guys think about this. Wouldn't it be cool if after the election that you play is over, you can see what that President-Elect accomplished in their term? It doesn't even have to be a sim after the election, but it would be cool if you were able to choose the cabinet members and sim important legislation, accomplishments, and failures in that term. Does anyone like that idea?
  6. Awesome, thank you very much!
  7. Is there any way when you play through a campaign through the primaries to not have anyone or a certain candidate drop out? Because I know how it sims when a candidate withdraws, but I'd like to see what would happen if a certain candidate or all of them stayed in the race until the end.
  8. Hello, not sure if this is the right place to put this because I couldn't find a place, but I was wondering if there was anyway someone could make PI games for the next election if the losing candidate had won (ex. President Romney running for re-election in 2016, McCain in 2012, Dole in 2000, etc.) because I had tried to alter one where Mitt Romney's running for re-election in 2016 and I must have done something wrong with his attributes because in a general election matchup, he basically sweeps the entire US. Any advice? And again, sorry if this isn't the right place to put this.
  9. Any way to include Tim Kaine on the next update? I know he said he isn't running, but would like to use him in a hypothetical.
  10. True, forgot about that. What's the story on how he was able to beat Bryan? More popular within the party?
  11. A doctor defeating an incumbent President for their party's nomination? Only in America.
  12. Keep up the great work! Thinking about doing something similar to this.
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