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  1. MRA


    So lately I've come to realize the great evils just to name a few
  2. MRA

    Coercive persuasion

    http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/coercive-mind-control-tactics.htm From 1 to 10 how vulnerable are you to coercive persuasion? 1 being not at all and 10 being VERY VERY vulnerable.
  3. MRA

    IQ Poll

    I came across many who'd disagree @WVProgressive 23 pages thereof http://www.discovery.org/scripts/viewDB/filesDB-download.php?command=download&id=660
  4. God who's punishing us for choices we "made" when we couldn't have chosen otherwise. Basically, a galactic sadist.
  5. MRA

    IQ Poll

    I'm willing to accept that Though it must be noted that carbon dating isn't very reliable https://www.nytimes.com/1990/05/31/us/errors-are-feared-in-carbon-dating.html
  6. MRA

    IQ Poll

    Once you source that I'll accept macroevolution.
  7. MRA

    IQ Poll

    Earth has only existed for 4.543 billion years during which for much of it's time it was inhospitable to life. Can you demonstrate that macroevolution while theoretically possible fits a reasonable timespan.
  8. MRA

    IQ Poll

    A naturalistic attempt at explaining life. I don't see how one make the logical gap from adapts to environment to morphs into different species.
  9. MRA

    IQ Poll

    It is I studied evolution for a decade.
  10. MRA

    IQ Poll

    Evolution is a scam. Evolutionists believe that if you put some worms on an island and return in a few million years you'll find people,elephants etc. I've debunked evolution, the dogma of deniers @WVProgressive @vcczar @Patine @ThePotatoWalrus
  11. MRA

    IQ Poll

    Yes because you've killed more people than Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot and Temujin COMBINED.
  12. MRA

    IQ Poll

    Not necessarily HITLER (like you) admired Islam " The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness? " - Hitler
  13. MRA

    IQ Poll

  14. MRA

    IQ Poll

    YOU are a fascist communist Islam-loving anti-christian state-sanctioned actor. Well that statement was stupid because according to it you're too retarded to even make that statement.
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