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  1. IonicAmalgam

    RIP John McCain

    Think he had high personal integrity, which is something many representatives in government don't have. Really sad to see him go.
  2. IonicAmalgam

    Why is this happening?

    I would love for us to be able to shift platform/issue centers over time in the primaries/general election in the US naturally (rather than current method via event). Eg voters who shift over to support one candidate would slowly adopt that candidate's platform.
  3. IonicAmalgam

    2020 Election Issues Poll

    I would be in favor of a constitutional amendment that allows US citizens not born in the US to run for presidency if they have spent the majority of their life in the US. Eg I've been in the US since I was 3 and am not eligible, while my little brother who left the US when 3 (and grew up overseas) is. Musk could always run through a proxy candidate. Others have done so in other countries before when they weren't legally allowed to run.
  4. IonicAmalgam

    Trump Poll

    Voted No since it won't make partisanship better, it would need to be some other thing such as corruption or treason.
  5. IonicAmalgam

    National Debt

    1) No, because politically there is not the will to enact reforms curtailing special interests that benefit from the debt. 2) Yes, because the economic consequences will be severe. However not all debt need to be repaid. For example, government debt owned by multinationals participating in tax dodging (eg Apple) and bought with funds illegally gained should be declared null and void. In addition, the US will likely need a debt restructuring (eg interest freeze) in order to service the debt without painful political consequences.
  6. IonicAmalgam

    2020 Democratic Poll

    1) Harris is terrible. She's a great orator, but she is CORRUPT AS )(*^. Trump could dump opposition research on her like no tomorrow. Great example of identity politics in California and voters being idiots. In a primary debate she literally gave a call out to her corrupt owners on live TV saying she will take care of them. Our previous senator was better. The Republican option was better. Anyone on the ballot on California would've been better than her. She is Hillary 2.0, except personable, and less centrist on social issues. O'Malley was pretty competent in debates and platform but he failed in 16. Closest to Biden imo. 2) Brown is the most electable with Ohio and the platform, but Biden has name recognition. I would personally prefer Warren for integrity but she's not going to be popular in the middle of America (she would still win and is my preferred ticket, just not the one with the highest chance of winning). Would go with Bernie but he's getting old and he deserves a break, would prefer Bernie as an adviser instead. That being said, I think Biden would be a continuity president and not a reformer the country needs. Even though Biden is the most electable. 3) Neither from a legacy standpoint. Obama was a continuity president who failed to really move the needle (ACA is a dumpsterfire in implementation and a cop-out to the insurance industry without fixing root causes). He also gave false hope to people and prevented reforms. Trump is terrible from a competency standpoint but at least he's making people pay more attention. Also some of his unpopular policies are actually good from a long term standpoint (well not the best choice but better than status quo).
  7. IonicAmalgam

    I'm not dead

    Lol okay I'm not going to argue semantics here.
  8. IonicAmalgam

    Ethical theories

    explain these terms in laymans
  9. IonicAmalgam

    I'm not dead

    Republicans have their tribes too - christian fundamentalists, libertarians, anti-tax, free trade, gun rights - but I feel right now nationalism (or populism but I don't really think it counts as populism) is the larger overriding issue determining who they are voting for. They are similar, but different. Tribalism I feel focuses more on differences between groups, while nationalism tries to define everyone as being the same. Both are 'us or them' but they are on a different level.
  10. IonicAmalgam

    I'm not dead

    I consider most of that to be nationalism rather than tribalism. Somalia for example has a civil war between tribes, but it's still a nation.
  11. IonicAmalgam

    I'm not dead

    It's the best catchall I could think of to describe their excessive focus on identity issues while also including other issues not just in the social realm. Republicans have identity politics too but it's been overshadowed and it's not as harped upon as on the left (it's not the most important thing anyway, unlike the left who uses it as purity tests over competence or integrity. Good old Democratic California votes for the candidate who harps identity issues but is significantly more corrupt :x). I would say the democratic 'base/far left (the ones who vote in the primaries) is far more focused on identity politics than socialist based on what I've seen in California anyway.
  12. IonicAmalgam

    2020 Election Issues Poll

    Musk would have big ideas and trust experts (the engineers) to find solutions and fix things. As a centrist and Technocrat/Meritocracy believer, I'd vote for him. Cause experts != politicians, and we've had enough incompetent politicians running things from both parties. I really think both parties are incompetent on almost all of the issues, although republicans slightly more so on some of the issues. Top Issues for Me: 1) Structural - Government Competency (Corruption, Incompetent Government Services/Employees, Partisanship, Lack of Trust in Government, Voters Without Education/Time to Vet Candidates) 2) Structural - Long Term Economic (Debt, Loss of Reserve Currency, Robot Industrial Revolution, Inequality, Changing Climate) 3) Structural - Long Term Demographic (Education, Healthcare, Incarceration) Reason for issue priority: 1) Without a competent government you cannot fix other issues. 2) Long term economic structural problems is not being paid proper attention by politicians who focus on social or identity issues. This will cause severe problems down the line, if not resolved I will be fleeing the USA by 2040 as we will see a Greece like collapse with a potential for hyperinflation. I believe 2020 is the last realistic date for structural reforms to be taken while minimizing pain involved for all parties. Social issues can be litigated anytime. 3) Number 3 prevents issues like number 1 from being resolved.
  13. IonicAmalgam

    I'm not dead

    I think the problem with democrats and republicans is many people have ideologies with a mix of both, so there's no real party that represents us. Then both dems and republicans end up pandering to the alt-right (nazis) or far-left (tribalism) and we see bizarre things like abolishing borders, legalizing heroin, separating families, or saying facts are fake. "I most similarly align to John Rockefeller's school of thought, balanced budget, Moderate to liberal social policies, and common sense economics. Neither party embrace's any of that, and I'm left to choose between the folks reenacting history, or a bitter compromise for me. " Sounds like a Massachusetts Republican, of which there are those still around....in Massachusetts. ___ "which is not actually true, and is a bad stereotype of only the most extreme brands of the ideology." This is true but if you see the type of things the local DSA - Democratic Socialists of America - are spewing they are playing into the stereotype. I consider myself a centrist and "democratic socialist" (in the European/Scandinavian style of a mixed market) but I cannot support what the DSA peddles (which is class warfare and other catchy Soviet era slogans).
  14. IonicAmalgam

    Why is this happening?

    I added a new "Partisanship" Issue in my campaign and assigned values for each state based on Dem/Republican voter registration and voting history (as well as number of independents, so if a state is a safe dem but has high independents I made it slight dem instead, if a state has no lean but high independents, I made it centrist, however if a state has high "independents" but never voted for the other party recently, I made it safe, used 4 sources to get the data). This issue represents the importance of partisan politics in a given state (the "vote for our team" dynamic, or how open individuals in the area are to messages when coming from a candidate of the other stripe). I then tested different issue importance values. Having the importance be High or Very High makes it MUCH less likely for there to be unrealistic results. If you make the issue a scandal + VH start, basically no ahistoric results will happen. This is because the AI would focus nothing but ads on Partisanship (as it tends to be very effective). This is probably not the intended behavior at campaign start. Instead, I start the issue on Low/Medium and have scripted events as the game approaches the GE which bumps up the issue importance. Low in Primaries, Medium when the first Conventions happen, High once GE starts, and Very High once in October. It had very good results. This issue works really in the primaries too for '16 since both Bernie and Trump are more independent on Partisanship than their other primary candidates in '16, so Trump naturally gets an advantage in liberal states (like NY and CA) while getting a disadvantage in conservative states. It also works well in the general election as a natural backstop in momentum, simulating "out of reach" states and parties rallying around their candidates once the primary is over. ____ In order to squash third party votes, I added negative momentum events as GE approaches for third parties. They are recoverable if a player is in a good situation as a third party, but it helps to prevent really large voteshares by the AI...most of the time. Other times I've found if a mainline candidate gets a bunch of scandals they can't recover (their CP drops to 1-3) and a third party may win some delegates.
  15. IonicAmalgam

    Game Randomly Decides to Write Blank Files as Savegame

    As a workaround, would it be possible for the game to attempt to write a savefile to a tempfile (eg append a ~ after the file name), see if it is successful, and then if so, overwrite the intended file by copying the contents over, and if not, showing the error message and not touching the old file? This would ensure that there is at least a savegame to recover from (the previous functioning autosave). _____ As another note on save games, I wish the change save game directory thing was permanent or I have some way of configuring that permanently. My C drive is very tiny and the save games can get huge in size, I have the game on my D drive and I want to save there instead all the time but it's very annoying to have to re-navigate over every time.