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  1. Since i'm seeking to make more comprehensive versions of my Israel scenarios, I'm looking to use games like PMI or CI to simulate said elections, but how can I do it? with the Parliamentary system of PMI or with the indirect campaigning system of CI?

    Israel uses a system of proportional representation.

    my plan is to divide the total votes into 120 and make 120 seats with said number in hopes of simulating an election.

  2. On 12/17/2018 at 2:34 PM, vcczar said:

    One of the more what-if what-ifs is that Jimmy Carter is playable from 1964-2000. Donald Trump from 1984-2020. Bill Clinton from 1984-2020. Gerald Ford from 1948-1988. GHW Bush from 1968-2000. Richard Nixon from 1948-1988. A Kennedy dynasty could hold the White House from 1936-2020. The 1980 election includes an extremely long shot run by a young socialist Bernie Sanders (shows how old he is). 

    These what-ifs and more will be included for anyone wanting to link all the elections together or pretend that term limits didn’t exist. 

    finally, please add more what if candidates to the 1930's and 1940's election, it's really hard to do alternate history without FDR since he is one of the only Dem candidates

  3. On 12/1/2018 at 6:50 PM, Patine said:

    Your lack of perspective, proportion, and context is so completely off and askew. And then, you tell people who objectively know better about certain situations from experience that their wrong in their statements compared to yours. Like the time you told me, as though you actually empirically knew better yourself, that I was wrong, a indeed Ronald Reagan HAD received JUST as much constant, intrusive, pernicious, tiresome, endless, and banal media attention, focus, doting, and day-in-and-day-out news stories on every little thing as Trump, and there's "no possible way a President like Reagan" could have been otherwise, and I was wrong. Or, like the time you said that media overexposure in general was something "that's always been there," and that I was whining about nothing, again, as though you empirically knew better than me. Well, you were very wrong. And you're view of pre- and post-1996 is also very wrong. Like I said, you utterly lack perspective, proportion, and context, and can't even accept that fact as being remotely possible, itself, either.

    Patine, sometimes i don't wanna argue with you

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