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  1. @NYrepublican the Scenario is pretty much complete, I will upload it now


    tips: each party has 150 PIP, use that to gain allies as quickly as possible, also if you're Gantz, use your wide support to try and campaign in more vulnerable seats in the conservative bloc, in addition to the centrist and swing blocs. also many candidates have no chance on getting any seat in some blocs, for example you won't gain nationalist votes if you're Avodah (Labor)

    Israel 2019.rar

  2. @NYrepublican I'm working on a new model for Israeli elections, since a lot of parties aren't very clear on policies, I'll minimize the amount of issues in the scenario, but I added a new issue called "Identity" which makes parties that cater to specific groups of people (let's say Russian Jews) more accurate, I'll use PMI for that, and all the parties will be present (even though Patine won't be satisfied because it's only the parties that appear in the polls). my first scenario in this new model will be the 2019 election

  3. I mean it's a scenario of an Independent Texas, that alone sort of throws plausibility out of the window

    I get what you're saying about it using the Parliamentary system but that is usually the best method to simulate elections that involve more than 2 major parties, aside of direct elections of course

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