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  1. 5 minutes ago, Patine said:

    Well, you're ASSUMPTION made you look like an ASS. And, that same assumption was used to attack and try to discredit me outright. I only actually criticized your solution - you launched an attack on me, and ASSUMED EVERYONE ELSE on this forum, by default and with no actual knowledge of the full facts, agreed with you outright and that you spoke for all.


    ah well you basically went "kids today have no respect for K4E and don't listen to these idiots, they're just teens who always flock to the newest game", which I think is pretty personal.

    Also from a technical standpoint, I freaking tried to simulate Israel on your K4E, but I can't change the fucking threshold to be lower than 5%, which means that I can't do it the justice you want me to give it so much

    I am not an "ASS", I just wanted to help, without arguing with you

  2. Honestly as an Israeli, I look at our apparently "greatest ally" debating our existence and future like it's a toy to be played with and it being a partisan issue, just makes me sad.

    Also I kinda have to point out, when a lot of people style themselves with this new hip title "anti-Israel", they tell me that they're just against the government. Ah yes, I'm against Netanyahu too, he's a corrupt piece of shit and I'm glad he lost the vote last Tuesday. Still doesn't make me "anti-Israel". People flinging the title "anti-Israel" around just makes me sad.

  3. 1 hour ago, Patine said:

    But your flaw of logic here is thus. You're ASSUMING it's unfamiliar to @lizarraba, and, in general, assuming a general unfamiliarity across the board, and only I whose still posting have familiarity with it or see any value in using it, or see it as being more eloquent than a crude hackjob. Although I admit, I may be a bit pushy with this particular issue, you, in that last post, basically claim to all but speak for every other poster here, by default, and your also pushing which solution YOU see as objectively and irrefutably (as your going on about) more "practical" and less "clumsy." So, before you get self-righteously upset at me for statements here - LOOK IN THE MIRROR, as it were.

    Well I have no idea if lizarraba actually played K4E, so yes I'm "ASSUMING" that there's unfamiliarity with it

  4. 3 hours ago, daons said:

    Hi @Ido how did you work out what percentages you gave to each party in the 'demographics', as some of these blocs have different seats favouring multiple parties. It looks to be an interesting work around and i'd like to know how you calculated them.


    I think I need to update that, I took the total votes from the 2015 elections and divided them by 120

  5. @Patine Honestly, I don't know what you're smoking by saying that I condemn the Forever games because of "old games", honestly I have more games from before I was even born than I have new games so idk how that plays into your narrative.

    Secondly, I was just trying to help @lizarraba with a more practical solution than ditching the whole thing and starting it again on a new and frankly unfamiliar engine, which I would call clumsy for not having a true editor that is easy to use like the Infinity games, so perhaps, don't bully everyone into developing for Kanzler Forever if they don't wanna

  6. @lizarraba me and you share a similar problem, we both try to simulate PR countries, I went for a workaround (much to Patine's chagrin) that was like this:


    redistribute seats based on demographics, it can be Catalonian Nationalists, Basque nationalists, rural people, city people etc and make them the new regions with an appropriate number of seats, I suggest taking a look at my Israel 2019 scenario to understand the workaround, but all around I recommend going for it.


    Ask me if you have any questions, always happy to help :)

  7. ISideWith is a pretty bad measuring method ngl. I gave it moderately left results and got matched with Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Warren (even though I'm more of a Biden guy).

    not to mention how it claims to simulate a lot of countries but in all countries's quizzes it uses American questions (Abortion in Israel for example, an irrelevant issue there) and sometimes get parties completely wrong (ISideWith classified the centrist Yesh Atid as "Progressive" and "Socialist")

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