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    1 minute ago, Patine said:

    A PC victory in 1993 would have been a Herculean labour, frankly. Like a Republican victory in the U.S. in 1932 or 1936, or a Democratic victory in 1984, or a Labour victory in the UK in 1983. Theoretically possible, statistically speaking, I suppose, but a REAL feat of strength.

    as I said, it requires a lot of skill to cheese the game enough to make the PCs even win a minority, let alone a majority. Don't come to PMI or in fact any 270soft game expecting so much in depth analysis of votes, since the game is super exploitable

  2. @darkmoon72 electoral lists are being finalized today, so I can work on the scenario proper finally. So far it looks like



    Joint List

    Labour-Gesher-Meretz (hoping here that they get a better name)

    Yisrael Beitenu



    New Right-National Union (hoping for better name)

    United Jewish Home (Jewish Home and Otzma Yehudit)

    Green Movement (edit: they just dropped out)

  3. @Patine I'm mostly talking about Canada in the past, today it's less really of an empire but you can't deny that Canada's actions may be viewed as empire like, just because Canada is a "good" country doesn't make it less imperial


    P.S don't try to wade me into arguing by bringing Israel into the equation

  4. @Entrecampos My system was designed to simulate seat distribution in a D'Hondt system, so I guess that it can work as is.

    To implement the system you have to make several estimations on what each "Bloc" of voters is worth in seats, let's say that Urban leftist voters are worth 20 seats, the important part is identifying how many seats swing voters constitute, this workaround is good at simulating sectorial heavy politics like Israel's, I think that Portugal can work on this too though. The only downside that I know of is that popular vote doesn't correlate with seat count

    You can always ask me for help if you need to

  5. Honestly I wasn't planning on saying anything, my system can't really work on non pure PR elections if we're honest. But I guess that it's possible to modify it to suit Portugal.


    (Also I tried to code and Israel scenario into K4E only to figure out that I can't change the threshold from 5% which will just ruin everything) @Patine

  6. 1 minute ago, Patine said:

    Well, the Iranian Revolution would never have happened if the U.S., UK, and Israel didn't strongarm the Shah into selling out his nation and all of it's resources acting flagrantly against his people's and nation's interests, and needlessly antagonizing the religious vast majority community, with such a show of contempt and derision. Of course, what came after the Revolution was far worse, and I am definitely not in support of it, but the cause of it is very clear indeed. The "meddling" thing I was talking about.

    Correct, but I was talking about the current dynamics

  7. 1 minute ago, Patine said:

    Still, there's a broader thing. I believe big powers like the U.S., France, Britain, Russia, etc. should stop meddling entirely in the damned Middle East! Such meddling has never, in the long-term, done any good and only harm. In fact, the whole institution of "Islamic Terrorism" and "Islamist Fundamentalism Politics," as they are manifest in the Post-WW2 world, did not exist in Islamic history prior to the end of WW2, going all the way back in that history to Muhammed. It is a very new phenomenon, historically speaking, and is purely a reaction to Western and Soviet (and later Russian) interests, in the region - and thus nations are - as Ron Paul, indeed, pointed out in 2008 - the instigators of these movements and the ones who stirred up "the hornets' nest" against themselves.

    This still doesn't take into account the fact that Israel really wants to be America's ally, ever since the 1940s, Israel refrained from getting too much on America's nerves

    in 1956 when it, the UK and France attacked Egypt, when the US issued a demand to stop the whole thing, Israel stopped

    in the 70s, when America pressured Israel to develop an agreement with Egypt, Israel didn't argue too much

    in the 90s, when America again pressured Israel to talk with the PLO, while hesitant at first, they did


    Basically, Israel didn't want to get on America's bad side and see Israeli-American relationships as vital and frankly good, it's more of a relationship between "Friends" rather than an overlord and a vassal

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