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  1. Ido

    beating Reagan in 1980 (VCCzar)

    no, i meant i was being an observer and i was hoping for a Dem to win but the Republicans always win by a huge landslide, Reagan or not
  2. Ido

    beating Reagan in 1980 (VCCzar)

    well i am trying to do a simulation, and even without Reagan the Republicans constantly win by a huge landslide
  3. nice, gonna try that
  4. Ido

    beating Reagan in 1980 (VCCzar)

    I tried, the Republicans still won by a landslide (380 seats in the Electoral College) wtf
  5. let's say i want to create an election in 2080 and i want it to include fictional characters, is there any place i can find portraits for them?
  6. i wanted to make a Ted Kennedy playthrough but i can't seem to beat Reagan and the Republicans in general, i mean even in simulations they always win, what can i do?
  7. Ido

    Israel Poll

    also for Patine, well i hope that Israel will stay susceptible to extremism, the last thing the region needs is an extremist Israel
  8. Ido

    Israel Poll

    well i meant that genociding palestinians isn't a mainstream thought
  9. Ido

    Israel Poll

    well i hope the sides will compromise for once, if it will keep the peace then i'm all for it. i am as neutral as it can be as someone who lives there,
  10. Ido

    Israel Poll

    as someone who currently lives in Israel, (moving to Canada soon tho) i don't think that it's fair to show examples of fringe extremist politicians to show Israel as a genociding state, just look at the Gaza Strip, an area controlled by a flippin' terrorist group (Hamas) P.S also Israeli politics is controlled by two major parties, the Right Wing Likud and the Leftist Labour Party (Havoda), while third parties are more powerful than let's say the US but the main fight is usually between those two. feel free to ask me questions
  11. Ido

    1968 Election: Poll

    -Robert Kennedy -Slow Withdrawal -anti draft
  12. Ido

    A Frightening Vision Just Hit Me

    oh fuck i'm moving to Canada this month and as someone who pays attention to politics it seems like the worst time to move
  13. Ido

    how to add observers

    Nevermind, i found it
  14. Ido

    how to add observers

    where do i change their support in the ballots?
  15. Ido

    how to add observers

    can i take them off the ballots via the Campaign Editor?