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  1. Ido

    Project Israel

    @NYrepublican nevermind, they approved the Balad-Ra'am list
  2. https://www.alternatehistory.com/wiki/doku.php?id=timelines:fear_loathing_and_gumbo_on_the_campaign_trail_72 Here's a chapter list for Gumbo
  3. Ido

    Project Israel

    weird thing @NYrepublican just realized that the Balad-Raam list got barred from running in the election, I will see what I can do
  4. Ido

    Project Israel

    my scenario? @NYrepublican not really a lot new, just waiting for events to "happen" IRL so I can include them currently I have: Beresheet Launches AIPAC condemns Netanyahu Mandeblit indictes Netanyahu 2 Rockets fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza
  5. Ido

    Project Israel

    @Patine some far right folk, Otzma Yehudit, in my scenario they are a part of the Union of Right Wing Parties
  6. Ido

    Project Israel

    btw somehow this happened
  7. @Wiw regarding Israel, I can help you with parties/history
  8. Ido

    Taking a Break

    Sorry for the late response but take care of yourself
  9. Ido

    Project Israel

    i don't know why everyone is sharing Otzma Yehudit ads @NYrepublican just a bunch of tards I'm giving the scenario more events and what if parties (such as the Zionist Union and Hatnuah)
  10. Ido

    Project Israel

    Even if he was overrated, I wish we had politicians as honest as him, when Peres died, pretty much the last 'great' Israeli politician has died
  11. Ido

    Coalitions of more than 2 parties

    Yeah that part works @admin_270 but I mean in the offers screen when negotiations come, I really wish I could use coalition instead of Confidence and Supply because it'll represent Israel better imo, like giving Deputy Spots to people and whatnot, I can't get a coalition of more than 2 parties in the offers screen
  12. Ido

    Project Israel

    who doesn't?
  13. Ido

    Project Israel

    Both TBH @NYrepublican
  14. Ido

    Project Israel

    @NYrepublican at this point I don't care if Kachol Lavan even gets a coalition with the Likud, Bibi has to lose though, he can't fucking win now
  15. Ido

    Project Israel

    again, I will try and make stuff for K4E too, I don't have the game yet, but still, I'm trying to do whatever i can with the resources I have