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  1. of course the game designed to simulate PR is best at this, but imo K4E isn't versatile enough to simulate Israel or Portugal though (such as not being able to really simulate demographics which is very important in Israel or not being able to change the threshold) @Patine
  2. Ido

    New Project Israel

    Israel 2019 2.zip Yet another version, I added 2 new issues, Relations with the West and the Housing Crisis
  3. @Patine well you can always make blocs less stable than I made them out to be in Israel, where blocs are rather solid
  4. @Entrecampos My system was designed to simulate seat distribution in a D'Hondt system, so I guess that it can work as is. To implement the system you have to make several estimations on what each "Bloc" of voters is worth in seats, let's say that Urban leftist voters are worth 20 seats, the important part is identifying how many seats swing voters constitute, this workaround is good at simulating sectorial heavy politics like Israel's, I think that Portugal can work on this too though. The only downside that I know of is that popular vote doesn't correlate with seat count You can always ask me for help if you need to
  5. Honestly I wasn't planning on saying anything, my system can't really work on non pure PR elections if we're honest. But I guess that it's possible to modify it to suit Portugal. (Also I tried to code and Israel scenario into K4E only to figure out that I can't change the threshold from 5% which will just ruin everything) @Patine
  6. Ido

    New Project Israel

    Israel 2019 2.ziplatest version, probably the final version, I did some rebalancing and changes all around
  7. Ido

    New Project Israel

    http://campaigns.270soft.com/2019/09/14/israel-september-2019-election/ check my latest version here
  8. Correct, but I was talking about the current dynamics
  9. As it stands in Middle Eastern realpolitik, the biggest threat is Iran, so the biggest superpower in the world having your back is always good
  10. This still doesn't take into account the fact that Israel really wants to be America's ally, ever since the 1940s, Israel refrained from getting too much on America's nerves in 1956 when it, the UK and France attacked Egypt, when the US issued a demand to stop the whole thing, Israel stopped in the 70s, when America pressured Israel to develop an agreement with Egypt, Israel didn't argue too much in the 90s, when America again pressured Israel to talk with the PLO, while hesitant at first, they did Basically, Israel didn't want to get on America's bad side and see Israeli-American relationships as vital and frankly good, it's more of a relationship between "Friends" rather than an overlord and a vassal
  11. The Uzi was made and marketed before the 1979 treaty that started this whole thing, and so was the Kfir and even if they were exported, I think the exact ban was on exporting "newer" weapons, so the Uzi and Kfir were out of the umbrella
  12. Honestly the aid thing helps America more than Israel, it prohibits Israel from selling weapons abroad, if America ended aid, Israel could potentially gain much more money by selling weapons to other countries.
  13. And that connects to my point because....? Even if Israel has the military might, no reason to isolate itself from the world
  14. Ido


    "Criticized" ah well you basically went "kids today have no respect for K4E and don't listen to these idiots, they're just teens who always flock to the newest game", which I think is pretty personal. Also from a technical standpoint, I freaking tried to simulate Israel on your K4E, but I can't change the fucking threshold to be lower than 5%, which means that I can't do it the justice you want me to give it so much I am not an "ASS", I just wanted to help, without arguing with you
  15. Honestly as an Israeli, I look at our apparently "greatest ally" debating our existence and future like it's a toy to be played with and it being a partisan issue, just makes me sad. Also I kinda have to point out, when a lot of people style themselves with this new hip title "anti-Israel", they tell me that they're just against the government. Ah yes, I'm against Netanyahu too, he's a corrupt piece of shit and I'm glad he lost the vote last Tuesday. Still doesn't make me "anti-Israel". People flinging the title "anti-Israel" around just makes me sad.
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