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  1. Ido

    Alex Jones Poll

  2. Ido

    Alex Jones Poll

    fuck i misvoted, in the second question i wanted to click no
  3. good idea, also recommend that corporations have a significant influence in Mars
  4. do you have your own lore for Moon/Mars? can't find it in this thread
  5. they want to be essentialy a Dominion of Earth, the left want to separate (independence stuff is less defined by left and right)
  6. nice, wanted to cover some of the more interesting nations here also i don't see Nunavut having more than 2 parties, it just isn't developed enough
  7. I have one for the Moon and Mars Moon Parties: Conservative Party: a pro business pro Earth party (pro Earth means that they want to have trade with Earth and stuff) Liberal Party: a socially liberal pro colonization of the dark side party who want to gradually become more independent of earth but also keep good relations Our Moon Party: a nationalist party that promotes complete and utter independence from Earth Utopian Party: a party that believes that the moon is Humanity's chance to finally achieve Utopia Mars: the Grand Coalition: a coalition of Centrist Parties who want to keep the status quo but also are social liberal to a degree Tharsis League: a Right wing "evangelical" party that says that according to the bible, humanity was destined to be among the stars Socialist "Red" Party: a Socialist Party that wants Martians to be more independent of Martian companies such as mining companies like RedStar Corp. Martian Utopian Party: the Martian branch of the Utopian Party
  8. Ido

    Conclave Infinity: Map Needed

    who are the candidates?
  9. Ido

    Conclave Infinity: Map Needed

    what should be used as flags?
  10. Ido

    Conclave Infinity: Map Needed

    i thought Conclave Infinity was a joke, now look where we are
  11. Ido

    Most Popular Nominees by State 1856-2016

    yeah, i will start it tommorow or something
  12. Ido

    Most Popular Nominees by State 1856-2016

    you confused me for a second since you stated it was for President Infinity and not President Forever (gotta make this up by myself i guess) i want to start with 20th/21st Century candidates and then move to the 19th century and the 18th century