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  1. He isn't part of it and that Party runs candidates against him
  2. Ishan

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I'll take 2016 Maggie Hassan 2020 Chelsea Clinton
  3. Ishan

    TX/TN Senate 2018

    Could you share it with the 2010
  4. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    Oh I get it
  5. How do you do that @Patine
  7. Ishan

    Vermont 2008

    I wish that this was in PI
  8. We could do this because of the 2018 Map
  9. That is great and we need to have people doing 2 scenarios a week
  10. That would be awsome and fun
  11. I want to make a Florida 2010 Campaign inspired by @Patine but I don't know how to do stuff and make Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio, and Kendrick Meek Could Someone give me a tutorial
  12. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    I'm surprised Canadians voted for Doug Ford
  13. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    They use the Dollar
  14. Ishan

    WIP - 2017 Virginia Governor Election

  15. Ishan

    NY-14 congressional election 2018

    Where is the campaign
  16. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

  17. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    No and where is it
  18. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    Ask Anthony
  19. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    Most likely not
  20. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    I got it 60% off and it would be great
  21. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    I meant like in Steam where there are like a 50% discount on base Hoi4 in Summer and like that
  22. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    Summer Discounts and you know like sales
  23. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    Ok and will you have deals?
  24. Ishan

    2018 PA Gubernatorial Eleciton

    Where is the game
  25. Ishan

    Advice for Anthony

    Sure and give me the mod