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  1. He isn't part of it and that Party runs candidates against him
  2. Ishan

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I'll take 2016 Maggie Hassan 2020 Chelsea Clinton
  3. Ishan

    TX/TN Senate 2018

    Could you share it with the 2010
  4. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    Oh I get it
  5. How do you do that @Patine
  7. Ishan

    Vermont 2008

    I wish that this was in PI
  8. We could do this because of the 2018 Map
  9. That is great and we need to have people doing 2 scenarios a week
  10. That would be awsome and fun
  11. I want to make a Florida 2010 Campaign inspired by @Patine but I don't know how to do stuff and make Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio, and Kendrick Meek Could Someone give me a tutorial
  12. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    I'm surprised Canadians voted for Doug Ford
  13. Ishan

    Zimbabwe Presidential election 2018

    They use the Dollar
  14. Ishan

    WIP - 2017 Virginia Governor Election

  15. Ishan

    NY-14 congressional election 2018

    Where is the campaign