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  1. Nope, but since we have attack ads and stuff like that, the person with the record would be screwed unless if it is last minute.
  2. Ishan

    Your News Sources

    CNN MSNBC/NBC NYT Politico Fox for meme ideas and what the fuck their doing
  3. Ishan

    2016 US Election updated

    and Patiki
  4. Ishan

    2016 US Election updated

    Will you add Jim Gilmore
  5. Ishan

    How do you manage ads in Congress Infinity

    Mark Kirk is overrated in the campaign
  6. Ishan

    How do you manage ads in Congress Infinity

    Political Ads such as attacks and boosting Bayh, he fell even though I had like max footsoldiers and in the end Bayh won by like a couple thousand or hundred votes
  7. Read the Title It feels so complicated and when I had like 4 ads in Indiana Bayh's campaign fell even after like a couple ads and in the Congress campaigns is intense
  8. He isn't part of it and that Party runs candidates against him
  9. Ishan

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I'll take 2016 Maggie Hassan 2020 Chelsea Clinton
  10. Ishan

    TX/TN Senate 2018

    Could you share it with the 2010
  11. How do you do that @Patine