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  1. Hestia11

    US Map for PMI

    Okay. I guess a different question then lol. How do you get one from PI to PMI?
  2. Hestia11

    US Map for PMI

    Anyone know of something like this?
  3. If you would like, otherwise I was just going to have an independent. Or if you wanted to run an independent and have your party still exist that would work as well.
  4. I encourage you to do so! I will leave this open until Saturday 3PM Central Time for anyone to join for the first election, as far as parties go.
  5. I'm hoping we get a third party to make it kind of a farther left Federalist-esque, your National Alliance is kind of a middle of the two, then a more Jeffersonian-Republican one.
  6. You can make your own or use historical statesmen. I am not that picky.
  7. I'm hoping the time requirement will be smaller than before, but I understand if you decide not to participate.
  8. And when posting parties, please specify name, founding member, and (main) political ideology.
  9. State of the Union Military: Lacking, still largely volunteer-based since the Revolutionary War Economy: Very weak. Much of New England's base was hurt in the war, and the South has no real economy beyond farming. Trade: No tariffs, but limited Budget: Very constricted Harmony: Some apprehension between states following the war about how to direct the new nation Mood: Positive for now Partisanship: For now, independents reign in both houses of Congress, modeling George Washington. However, party politics is about to explode onto the scene... Background The year is 1796. George Washington has fulfilled both terms of his presidential cycle and has decided to retire back to Mount Vernon, Virginia. The good feelings of his presidential term is beginning to wear off as genuine concerns about the country's direction begin to take shape. Several figures from the revolutionary war and beyond are plotting a path forward that would best see them able to take significant power in the country. Directions 1) Form a Political Party if you wish. Use a name either from history or one closely resembling them. Use something that will make sense. 2) Presidential Election of 1796 (and Congressional) takes place (submitting characters) 3a) List of events for the President and resolving them 3b) Elections for party leaders - Senate Majority, Senate Minority, House Speaker, House Majority, House Minority - determines % for factions inside of parties 4) Legislative term 5) Next election cycle (midterm or presidential) and declaration of candidates if Presidential So first off - form your political parties. If you would like to join one formed by someone else, simply say so and that's fine with me. If you want to hop between parties, that's also okay with me. I'll create a mechanism for that. If there's too many parties, I'll winnow them down @Edouard @WVProgressive @MBDemSoc @Herbert Hoover @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero and anyone else interested.
  10. I'm not sure a purely historical one could work (just because of the changes that people make going through), but I'd be open to people trying to use it.
  11. @WVProgressive @Kingthero @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @Edouard @Rodja @Herbert Hoover @jvikings1 @Actinguy @Jinsu Kim @guythatsacentrist @TheLiberalKitten I'm sorry if I've missed anyone, and they want to participate, go ahead and reply. If you don't want to participate, that's totally fine as well. Just gauging interest
  12. I was feeling a bit of nostalgia lately, and was missing the bigger projects we were working on here. I know @vcczar is busy with the other project, but I wanted to gauge people's RP interest. It would still be RP, but I think the main idea would be to get the forms to a manageable level where it isn't whole paragraphs long. I would be willing to GM if necessary, but I think others would be better at it than myself. The last question is really what I want to talk about. The last time, we started with the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, but I wanted to see if people wanted to do made up parties as the first go, maybe make it a parliamentary democracy, see how that turns out, etc. Please let me know. I will be pinging those that I thought enjoyed the last one and may have joined since and may like the idea. The link to the previous one is below if you want to read about it. I would try to mirror the earlier results rather than the later. I just really kind of miss this project and wanted to see if others wanted to start it up with me.
  13. I think honestly this is a no big deal for either side and both the Warren and especially Sanders camps are overreacting. I don’t think this will change much at all.
  14. I think he won’t end up mattering because people will be focused on those winning in IA, NH, NV, SC and he doesn’t have a shot to do so.
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