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  1. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal leaders in the Senate and House slam Conservatives by asking if getting more money to the farmers in the Heartland is "superfluous?" Liberal governors and Representatives use the words to rally their party in the Midwest.
  2. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    If they don’t respond sim it probably.
  3. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    1: The President celebrates the success at deterring Chinese attacks on our shipping. She celebrates it as inexpensive and cost-effective. 3: Perhaps we can speak with Conservative leaders on paring down some of the costs and focusing on primarily agricultural communities. 1: We are excited at what the space labs can do for our nation! 2: We will hold preliminary talks with companies and the nations interested. 3: Sign it. 1: We are concerned about the loss of life, but it was what had to be done. 2: We will accommodate this for them. No Ottoman colonial land will be given up. 4: Covertly begin talks with this group and different political groups that want to do this. 5: Try to seize the valley by attacking from the tops of the valley. 6: Not quite, we want to iron out the deal with the Ottomans first.
  4. Hestia11

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    I'll check it out soon!
  5. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Nope! If you do want to say something about who you might run, you can do something like this. Fmr. Sec. of State ______ decides to run for Senate in Michigan in the next term on behalf of the ____ party.
  6. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    lol if Liberal is left Conservative is Right. Don't insert your values into it. Either we're both center-left to left and center-right to right or left and right.
  7. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    1: President Thorne believes that we should attach large-scale guns to the sides of our trade ships to be able to blow the ships out of the water if necessary. These can be disguised or seen outright. 2: We should add a part going from Alaska to Washington, if the Canadians wish it. We propose a bill that connects large agricultural communities by way of high-speed railway systems to large coastal ports like New York and San Diego. This would lie extensively in the Midwest and Industrial regions of the US while branching out into the West and Northwest, should we choose to add it in with lumber. 1: We will get it past Congress through lobbying moderate Conservatives, assuming we get the Socialists on board. We need to reach space to beat the Russians and Chinese there - utilizing our full potential as a nation. This could help us research and develop strategies in the future. We propose two research labs first, one in California and one in Texas, and then we will start branching out when we start wanting to launch probes. 2: We would need to know which nations would first want to get these industrial capabilities. We wish to focus mainly on our closest allies - especially here in the Americas. Particularly Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. We would be open to making a deal like this. 1: We need to try and enclose the circle however we can. For another week, fly leaflets demanding surrender or else we will do a massive bombing campaign to get them to surrender. This will give them adequate time to surrender first, followed by a rapid bombing and starvation campaign. 2: We will hear what the Turks desire but we need some ground rules first: all European territory taken will be returned. All of Ottoman Turkey will be returned. The Caucasus as well should be entertained, and Syria. Payment towards Ottoman allies will need to happen as well. 3: We need to use it as fear, we are not going to go blowing up atomic bombs in the middle of the Black Sea, it is simply too much. 4: We need to gauge the kind of support we could get from Russians and other minorities within Russia about a potential uprising.
  8. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    President-Elect Thorne pledges a future that will work for all Americans. She readily submits her plans to Congress to be voted on at the start of the year. She makes cabinet appointments, and prepares to host the Ottoman leaders in Washington for a meeting.
  9. Hestia11

    2020 Scenario for download here

    Something's broken with the Green Party, I believe. All undecided voters pretty much go either their way or to Democrats in the closing days. They won Missouri, and picked up 16% in Georgia as well as 8% in Florida and 10% in Ohio. Same goes with Libertarians getting 25% in New Mexico.
  10. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Lol no thanks
  11. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal candidates across the board begin their attacks on Conservatives and Socialists. They blast the Conservative call that they were the foundation of many alliances, when it was the Liberals who shored up alliances on this continent that make us the safest nation in the world. They say we work with the Socialists - so what? We work to get America working and employed again, and we don't care who is in power to get it done. The Conservatives don't want to work with anyone to get things done. Liberals are working with both left and right to get things done for America. We'd wish that both our other parties would follow our lead. They attack Socialists for what they call the "Year of Difficulty" as the President's approval fell into the low 30s and upper 20s. It seems like the Socialists just want to copy Liberal ideas to try and get elected - they won't get a free pass on that from Liberals.
  12. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Name and office: Sen. Jacqueline Thorne (L-TX) Age: 45 Party: Liberal Resident state: Texas VP nominee: Gov. Harry Erring (L-MI) Key Issue to Defend in Theoretical Debate: Railroads linking agricultural communities Platform (see State of the Union): National Strength: Together with Germany we are likely more powerful than the combined alliance of Russia and China. This is a reason to be happy and celebrate it. Military Strength: We need to be careful with our resources. If the Ottomans need naval volunteers we would be willing to offer some ships to them to defend them more adequately. Foreign Affairs: We can sense that the Russians are on their back foot. We need to take this opportunity to push for an "honorable peace" that will get the war over and to a conclusion that is satisfactory for both us and the Ottomans. Publicly we will make no demands, but in private we will assure the Ottomans we will have their backs in any negotiation. This would need to include all European land taken by Russia being given back to those nations, as well as Ottoman Turkey at the least. Middle Eastern oil fields would, as well, need to be under the watch of a friendly power. If the Russians don't accept our terms, then the war will continue. (We will act as mediators in a neutral 3rd country, perhaps Brazil or Denmark) Military: If we can get the Russians to mediate a peace, we will need to shift our forces to the Pacific, strengthening our allies and our bases there. Economy: Liberals have been out of power for years now, and we have came back with plans. The first is to build a series of high-capacity rail lines running throughout the Midwest, linking them to California and New York, creating thousands of jobs in every place along the way. This would be primarily to help the agricultural community ship their goods faster to the coasts to take advantage of the Asian market opening up. A second idea is the creation of NASI (National Aeronautics and Space Institute), that will aim to get us into space. We would have three headquarters, with states offering where to go. The federal government would help in this, but would not take the lead. Private citizens and universities would help us as well. Liberals have shown we are the stewards of good economies, and we will keep making new ideas to keep America growing. Trade: The ag community stands to benefit by the opening of trade in Asia. We will take advantage of that as soon as possible. We will also work to make railroads linking the industrial communities of the northeast to these as well. Budget: No big things to worry about with the budget. Social Harmony: We are glad the American people are united, and we know they would like to see an end to this war as soon as possible. Immigration: We will welcome them gladly. Mood of the people: If the Russians do not accept our peace terms, we will gladly keep going until they do accept them. We remind the American people we have strength on our side, and we are using it to our advantage. Party Power: We present ourselves as a center option to the leftist Socialists and the rightist Conservatives (and the far-right Libertarians). The Liberal party has been good mediators and finders of common ground in Congress, even voting with BOTH the Conservatives and Socialists on measures. We will use this to our advantage. President Popularity: We will not attack the President directly, except for his failures during the year when his support dipped to just 30%, reminding the American people why their trust in him was so low.
  13. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal policymakers begin to prep for the next election cycle beginning with distancing themselves from Socialist action. They run a wave of radio ads throughout swing states to bolster Liberal turnout.
  14. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    He's an incumbent President. Thorne got hurt by scandals.