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  1. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    ____________________________________________ Name and office: Sen. Alden Harris Age: 42 Party: Liberal Resident state: Pennsylvania VP nominee: Gov. Liliana Ford (L-MI) Key Issue to Defend in Theoretical Debate: Platform (see State of the Union): Strength: There is no reason we cannot go up on this list. Military Strength: Over the past 4 years the Conservatives haven't been able to even finish building the base in Germany? Seriously? There's no way it should take this long. We critique their largely reactive policy in regards to Russia and China. We have seen little outreach by the Conservatives to nations in Latin America and Africa. The more nations we have on our side the better. They have failed to pressure our European allies into forming a more cohesive block. If I am elected, I will go over there personally and lobby them to change their ways. Foreign Affairs: Honestly, the League of Nations alliance failed to protect Persia because of the unwillingness of Europeans to protect a fellow independent nation. This must not be our policy. We cannot let Russia and China have their way with the world while we simply watch. Military: The last Liberal President had issues with the military, and it was largely because the military failed to modernize. The navy is seeing the same issues. I believe that under a Liberal administration with a proactive policy, they will come around and start to modernize. Economy: Conservative administrations have done nothing to slow the decline until now. It is sad that we had to go through the slowdown at all. A Liberal administration will revive our economy and prepare it for the modern age. We commit ourselves to the principles of Classical Liberalism, a balanced budget and a growing surplus. Conservatives like to cut things so much, allowing our debt to rise. Our administration would be able to steward our economy, especially as we commit further into global affairs. We must ensure that the majority of weapons bought are from here in America, which would help our economy get running again. Trade: This is good. We would like it to be that our allies purchase 50-60% of their military goods from the USA. Budget: An unbalanced budget leads directly into debt, and everyone knows this. Liberals would return us to solid monetary policies. Social Harmony: Despite our many differences with the Conservatives, we are all Americans. Immigration: As they are declining naturally, there is really nothing to say for this. Mood of the people: We have set our lines in the sand for the Russians and the Chinese. It is up to them whether or not they cross them. We have worked on the economy, and we pledge to help where we can. Party Power: The fact that the President calls us "a rock in the boat" suggests that he doesn't believe Liberals are aiding our nation. This is an offense to our party and we will campaign on the fact that the President doesn't believe a credible opposition is good for the nation. President Popularity: Above.
  2. Hestia11

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    Honestly my top one isn’t on this list. Sen. Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota is by far my top choice. Smart, pragmatic, bipartisan, Midwestern, she would be the one that could win an election.
  3. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal leaders in the House and Senate call for full investigations into why the president was murdered. They point towards Russia or China, as domestic discourse was not high. They all offer to be at her funeral and will all wear blue to commemorate her
  4. Hestia11

    TX/TN Senate 2018

    I think it’s just statewide races aren’t as fun if you didn’t live in those states
  5. Hestia11

    Game idea

    Are there ways to improve their different aspects?
  6. Hestia11

    Game idea

    I'd deal with vcczar on making templates. He's in charge here.
  7. Hestia11

    Game idea

    Currently don't have access to that email until tonight. I'll check on that. Actually, yes, I got the emails. Do you need more Dems? I can look for some if you need them. Yeah, that should work for me. If you get the Dem card template ready, I could start making some. If you need any ideas for Dems, I could think up some as well. Ag. Sec. Tom Vilsack comes to mind. To make the cards, I'd just need a screenshot of it so I can paste it onto the pixlr thing.
  8. Hestia11

    Game idea

    Just send me a PM when I can start the work haha
  9. Hestia11

    Game idea

    Okay. I tried sending a PM earlier but it didn't work.
  10. Hestia11

    Game idea

    1. What exact parts would you want me to do - I ended up snipping tooling McConnell and doing it that way. If there's a different way, that'd be helpful to know now. 3. Font - what size and what type it is. I think I got size figured out, but type is harder. 4. Images - if you want me to do some images, that wouldn't be a problem, I'd just need to know how to do it. 5. How many you want me to do - I can do pretty much what you need. I'm more familiar with Democrats, but some Republicans I can definitely help with. The more recent Republicans are much easier for me, basically from 2010 on, with some exceptions.
  11. Hestia11

    Game idea

    It depends on how many you want me to make haha. I'll try a card with maybe Sen. Lisa Murkowski sometime and show you to make sure I've done it right. I'll look into pixlr. I'll check out the video too. What did you use to make the card as it is, starting from scratch? I guess that's the biggest obstacle for me right now. Okay I'm editing this a lot, but I've figured that out a little. The images probably will be what I need you to do and stuff. If there's any part of it I shouldn't do, just tell me and I'll leave it blank.
  12. This perhaps could be one of the closest split results in UK politics. The results were... If you live in Brighton, Pavilion, Bristol W., Bath, Portsmouth S., Isle of Wight, Norwich S., Bristol S., Sheffield C., Holborn and St Pancras welcome your new Green MPs! Miliband nor Cameron reached out to anyone. Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Greens formed a bloc together to assure a majority if one of us would be approached.
  13. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    I'd say that in general, it's fit closer to modern day than you'd think. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are close to the center on most issues. Social issues are to the left of normal, with both agreeing broadly on anti-discrimination legislation. Though this was much more apparent in the 1840s-1890s. Military I'd say has shifted to the right of center, with Liberals taking hawkish stances as well as the Conservatives. Economy is a fairly divided issue, but not an altogether divisive one. Foreign politics is much different. Monarchies are largely still in existence in Europe, and WW2 was largely skirted because WW1 and other events went differently than in our timeline. If you make a little mistake, it won't be that big a deal, we'll help you get on track. Currently there are 3 major parties, the Conservatives, Liberals, and Socialists. Socialists are largely kept to congressional races, but they've been close before to making it into round 2. There is 1 minor party in the Libertarians, who has not really broken through yet. My best advice would be to read the past like 6-10 pages to get a good feel of how history has been altered. It's not that bad a read as you'd think Hope that helped!
  14. Hestia11

    Game idea

    I would be interested in helping a bit, but I'd need some guidelines, and I'm not sure how many I could do. Just in general, might need more info.
  15. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal leaders slam the proposal to have the 10 commandments in every government building. Have the Conservatives even seen the 1st amendment? Fmr. President Ellis delivers a speech from the Governor's Mansion in Montana, pledging to lead the charge against the bill at the state level. Liberal governors are already taking stances in their own states. Liberal leaders rally against the immigration bill, calling it discriminatory to those that aren't from Europe. Either make it a universal law, which we would support, or don't make it at all. We would like an actual date that it expires, not just an eventual pledge, as it rings hollow to Liberals. The Liberal Senate Leader asks for the President to take a strong stance on an invasion of Romania. We cannot let the Russians get to the gates of Berlin before we decide to act. Small nations should be protected just as fervently as we would protect our own.