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  1. The success of the Bloc eliminated any chance at a Liberal majority. Not as good as what they'd thought, but good enough to end the chance.
  2. I don't think the Liberals are likely to win a majority outright. CBC said that minority or majority is possible. Opposition currently leading them by 7 according to my count. Western Canada is unlikely to be kind to the Liberals.
  3. Anyone else gonna play the 2019 scenario to celebrate?
  4. We accept and will begin working on the ambassadors when possible
  5. *me at a marching festival and coming back to see the entire government overthrown* Alright, very cool.
  6. Hestia11

    Gabbard 3rd party

    This is honestly disgusting. Just let the woman reside in peace for her retirement. These aren't her proxies. Get a grip.
  7. When I do not reply, that's what I mean, yes. Also inquisition should be not capitalized as otherwise it means a condescending term
  8. We vote Aye for the tax as well, knowing that we need to balance the budget as soon as feasibly possible.
  9. We vote aye on both! Statehood for the great people of TN and KY!
  10. The thing is, you were claiming someone on this forum was being condescending, when you in fact have done the same thing to other posters here, notably Ido.
  11. And you claim to be not self-righteous or condescending?
  12. I think I said that yesterday that my picks were outdated. I've been a tad busy, but I'm getting to it now.
  13. I haven’t been able to get time to fill out the form. If it’s not an issue yet, keep going without it. Competition today
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