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  1. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Liberal Minority Leader in the House, Rep. Paula Reur (IA-2), condemns the Socialist stance that the US is "acting like a terrorist". Left-leaning voters should be outraged by this kind of rhetoric that the Socialists are advocating. They condemn our own nation's actions to push their own partisan platforms. They call our nation "terrorists". Is that what Americans want to vote for? Reur delivered the statement at a press conference on Capitol Hill
  2. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Senate Minority Leader Lucas Brown (L-NH) sends a private letter to the President on behalf of Liberals in the Senate. Liberals would not, under any circumstance, back a surveillance bill that would include Republics like Austria and Mexico. Liberals also warn that it is a matter of National Security not to be at war in Asia and in Europe at the same time. Sen. Brown also warns that Germany just gobbled up Denmark, and now want Poland as well. There is reason to believe that Germany is war-like and wanting more land. Liberals would support arms dealing with the Germans, but would not support declarations of war on Italy and Greece until Japan has been dealt with first. Any declaration of war on Greece or Italy following a declaration on Japan would not be supported in Congress by Liberals. It is out of the question of a declaration on Austria, which would be vehemently opposed.
  3. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Gov. Little is excited at what lies ahead for the Liberal party, as she outperformed her expectations for the election. She congratulates the President-Elect and promises an open mind towards his new term. It is expected that Gov. Little will run for Senate in the upcoming midterms in New Jersey.
  4. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Name and office: Gov. Kayla Little (White Woman) Age: 58 Party: Liberal Resident state: New Jersey VP nominee: Sen. Adam Hutchinson (L-Florida) Platform (see State of the Union): National Strength: We have been on a plateau here. Selling arms to the Filipinos can help us increase this standing, but neither the Socialists or the Conservatives see the means to do that. We had a favorable deal to help the Filipinos gain independence, but be patrolled by the American army. Military Strength: It is a wonderful thing that we have been able to keep a hold of all of these different territories for the US. More will likely join in the future. Foreign Affairs: The President's clear victory was on the Mexican civil war. Sending battleships was the right move, which I supported from the Governor's mansion, and my running mate helped shepherd through Congress. Military: We break from the past administration on their Puerto Rican fiasco. They should've sent in soldiers from the get-go, and he made a colossal mistake there. If I were President, I would've sent in soldiers as soon as there was even a possibility of someone getting hurt. Economy: We need to rev up the economy by having an audacious trade plan with the rest of the world. We've started it with the past administration's trade with the Dutch, Portuguese, and French, but we can do more. Free trade plans help, and if we can secure some with Nordic countries, it could help our economy grow rather than stagnate. In addition, we propose to increase tariffs by a little bit on countries who cooperate with radical ideologies. Trade: We are glad that we have diversified our trade, and we want to do more. We want to form trade plans with some of the Nordics, and our friends to the north in Canada. Cross-border trade between us and Canada would flourish if we could find a preferential trade deal with them. Budget: The past administration has diversified our trade and in addition, has moved the goal posts on this issue by ten years. We are proud that as Liberals we have opened the government up for everyone, and we have still held the economy in good shape. Social Harmony: Puerto Rico was a tragedy, and the President was much too slow to act. While we can agree that the Presidency has its difficulties, the President should have known that something was brewing down there. I would've invited the Puerto Ricans to the meeting that the others got, rather than exclude them. Immigration: Nothing really to say here. Mood of the people: Liberals have had victories in our last administration, but the President made some costly errors that cost him the peoples' trust. I would work to restore their faith in the Liberal promise. Party Power: Liberals down ballot need to win to prevent a Congressional takeover by the Conservatives. Even if we don't win, we have another great shot in 4 years, and a Liberal Congress could hamstring a Conservative President's efforts, as well as if we do win, could help us usher in a new decade of growth. Popularity of the Incumbent: We diverge from him where we must and stick to him where we can. He still holds power in places that we cannot afford to lose, so our criticism can't be overly harsh.
  5. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Yeah that was a big oops on my part haha.
  6. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    Rep. Marina Erickson has won an open Senate seat in New York. Buoyed by heavy turnout in NYC, she managed to get a plurality of votes, 40% L, 39% C, 21% S.
  7. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    First off, it was a mistake that I overlooked that. My numbers were off and I was trying to figure it out. It sounded like it had been a small uprising and had been put down. My mistake. Yes, the President sends forces in for help against the Communists. Good. Hopefully that will resolve tensions. It seems Conservatives won’t come to the table and that’s fine. We won’t be held hostage on this issue.
  8. Hestia11

    New Historical President RP

    1) That's too bad. Hopefully we can raise awareness for these miners through legislative action to push companies to be held accountable for their failures. 2) Invite prominent Cuban leaders to the US, those that want independence, to see what kind of a deal they would be able to sign with our government, if it were to be favorable to our nation. 3-4) Nothing more here. 5) Commend the Dutch and Portuguese for their efforts to help American workers and jobs. Our economy should be on the upward trajectory thanks to these Western European nations. 6) The President officially supports option 1 as the best option, but would be open to options 2 and 4 as well. 7) We need to alert the Dutch to this, as they have just signed a free trade agreement with us. Perhaps they'll be willing to buy American arms... 10) As Conservatives seem unwilling to support Filipinos in their right to a state, perhaps a negotiation could be set up between the Conservative Senate Leaders and the Liberal President. The President proposes a semi-independent Philippines state, but with heavy American involvement (this is behind closed doors of course). There would be no Filipino army, they could serve under the American flag if they wished. The Philippines would effectively be governed as a territory in all but name. We would of course offer large sums of weapons to the Filipinos and military advisers. OOC: My numbers may have gotten confused so if I missed any let me know.