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  1. I don't think it's appropriate to compare bad with awful. The midwest as a whole failed. At least NE, IA, SD region.
  2. Today we had the 2nd most # of cases total so far. We've been significantly higher the last few days/week.
  3. She never locked down the state fully. She entrusted testing to a Utah start up rather than one of the prestigious universities. She only did that because Ashton Kutcher recommended it (not exactly an expert....) She's ignored advice from the University of Iowa about what to do to in the crisis (I can't remember the exact thing but it was bad - something with masks or testing or something). Her daily press conferences became less and less frequent until they stopped happening at all - even while cases climbed. She refuses to let local officials mandate masks, even though it would probably help in some areas for a certain amount of time. No new guidelines have been given by the State Education Department for school reopening.
  4. I'm glad Reynolds is taking a hit. Her mismanagement and bungling of this crisis has resulted in loss of life ever since this has started. Her pride, disdain for experts, and general incompetence has left our state burdened with the second highest case count today of the whole coronavirus pandemic. Iowa is still a swing state. We won't forget this.
  5. Seriously as the admin of this forum you could do better on keeping it polite.
  6. I don't think @admin_270 is arguing that the US would do that, moreso that he believes that that's what should happen.
  7. Labour needs to act like Scotland matters - they have one paltry Scottish seat in Westminster, not exactly a glowing endorsement from their former heartlands. I think that if Scotland leaves, the Tories will have a short-term advantage. Eventually, it will go away because governing parties always take hits, and they will have to make unpopular decisions that will balance it out.
  8. We'll see. It seems to just be England, for all the attention he shows Wales, NI, and Scotland.
  9. I agree with all, as I like to keep a look at Scottish politics However, you don't mention the downright hostility that Westminster shows to the SNP politicians and to Scotland in general - e.g. allowing only 15 minutes of conversation on devolution during the Brexit debate, throwing out Ian Blackford in parliament when he pressed for it, the SNP walkout that followed, the jeering of them by their English counterparts and also the seizing of devolution matters during the Brexit debate for at least 7 years. As well as downright ignoring Holyrood, the Welsh Parliament, and the Northern Irish devolved government during Brexit negotiations. The UK is beginning to tear apart because of the lack of respect towards devolution. Also, your COVID argument may prove to be true, but it is flawed. England is already seeing a rise in cases - and has had more than five times lower the infection rate than their English counterparts. https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-scotland-recap-scotland-infection-rate-five-times-lower-england-2902552
  10. He said theoretically if the SNP and Greens manage to get 50+1% in Holyrood that he would allow a referendum. That looks assured right now (50% SNP 8% Greens last poll). Cameron allowed a vote as a Conservative PM.
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/07/can-democrat-defeat-joni-ernst-iowa/613765/ I'm watching with glee as my home state appears to be ready to send Joni Ernst packing. Theresa Greenfield is running the best campaign a statewide Democrat has run since Harkin retired. She led Ernst by three points in the last Register poll about a month ago. If you want a good in-depth look at how she's doing it, check out the article above.
  12. Uninspiring, sure. But not disliked - and that will be the difference.
  13. But there aren't any Russians in Eastern Ukraine
  14. Yeah - unfortunately. There are obviously actions to take, whether or not they'll actually work is another thing.
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