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  1. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    OOC: yikes, hope rngesus looks more kindly on the next guy.
  2. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    Oswald Witte now deeply depressed by the loss of his only son, and saddened by the failures of his term declines to run again. “I’ve always been wary old men who cling to power for its own sake, and that’s what I’d be if I tried to run again. I still believe in my ideas, but maybe it just wasn’t their time. All I ask is that the next leader doesn’t take the tasks at hand lightly. God bless Gott-Stein.”
  3. FrancisXKennedy

    New Historical President RP

    While I accept the results of this free and fair election, I am disappointed in the outcome. I will continue to serve in Congress and represent the people of North Carolina. Congratulations to the President and Vice President.
  4. FrancisXKennedy

    New Historical President RP

    Representative Mitchell will run for the Federalist nomination. Expansionism: We must seek to find a way to expand while avoiding wars of conquest with the Great European powers, especially France. Given our current deals with them, it’s my position that we might have to be willing to trade their generous assistance on our war loans in exchange for land which will be much more valuable in our nations future. Relationship with France: we must obviously continue to support our ally in ways that are mutually beneficial to both nations. We must attempt to strengthen our own might so that we can stand on our own two feet and become an ally on equal footing with Napoleons Empire. Internal Improvement: While we must remain prudent with regards to budget, I do believe that proper roads and the maintenance of those roads will strengthen the bonds of the Union. While roads will be a great binder of North and South I think we should consider a canal to hasten trade between the eastern coast and western territory with an eye towards Lake Erie. We should hire the proper surveyors to explore this option. The National Bank: I am fundamentally against the very idea of the National Bank and can see only room for abuse. Size of Military: We should continue to grow our standing army and also facilitate conscription for desperate times. My goal is to make sure that America is more trouble to strike against than she is worth. Slavery: We must fight against pressure from our French allies to take measures that might damage our Union with regards to Slavery. We must conmit to keeping the union in balance at all costs to avoid external threats.
  5. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    I am quite pleased to have been elected, and I intend to do as much work for Gott-Stein as possible. I want to thank all of the great and hard scrabble citizens of our tough nation for giving Growth a chance and for allowing me the honor to serve. D1. We will pursue our goals in a manner that prevents our people from being pushed too far. The projects will be staggered so as to ensure that manpower and resources can be allocated responsibly. This is elaborated upon in decision two. D2. For the first five years we will be focusing on the establishment of the messenger service and the building of the smokehouse. Males above the age of thirteen, and below the age of seventeen will be hired as messengers for the town routes and older males will be hired to trek messages to the rural settlements and to captain the messenger squads. We will hire all necessary males with building experience to become our public works construction brigade. They will be hired to complete the smokehouse and upon completion move to building an aqueduct should the appropriate fresh water source be located. I will task my son, Oscar with building a team and seeking out the proper water source, I will fund the expedition from my own coffers. Along with these works, I would propose a separate ministry of sanitation that would be charged with keeping our waste out of the streets and away from the wells. The collected compostable waste should be made available for fertilizer by our farmers. Again, these projects should be staggered to avoid over exerting our populous. The first projects (smokehouse and messengers) will be for the first five years the second (aqueduct and sanitation) will be for the second. D3. In addition to providing jobs beyond just sustenance farming and hunter gathering, the above programs will boost the economy through increased employment. Our citizens will be in a better position to trade with one another. External trade will also be a major focus, I would like to send our Vice Sconlair to speak to our native trading partners and procure an agricultural expert and to open our markets so that we can trade any surpluses for goods we can’t produce on our own. B14. A bill to form the Gott-Stein Ministry of Public works and a permanent public works brigade to build the Smokehouse and Aqueduct as well as the Ministry of Sanitation. B15. A bill to form the Postal Ministry tasked with establishing the Gott-Stein messenger service. B16. A bill to establish the Gott-Stein Judiciary Court for the settlement of all disputes between individuals, as well as between individuals and the state.
  6. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    GROWTH PARTY TICKET Sconlair Candidate is Oswald Witte Vice Sconlair Candidate is George Whitfield 1. Arthur Webley Position: Growth Party party leader 2. Alexander Ivanov Position: Growth Party deputy leader 3. William Bunt Position: Growth Party secretary of birth rates 4. Fredrick Weber Position: Growth Party secretary of weaving 5. Richard Brown Position: Growth Party secretary of economics and incumbent councilman 6. Brigam Scott Position: Growth Party secretary of agriculture (son of William Scott) 7 . Alexander Drudge Position: Growth Part secretary of justice (former deputy-leader) 8. Harry Mercer Position: former ambassador to the crow nations under William Scott 9. David Polk Position: Growth Party secretary of trade 10. John Birney Position: Growth Party secretary of equality 11. James Kerry Position: Growth Party secretary of culture 12. James Jones @Illinois Moderate Position: Growth Party undersecretary of economics 13. A. Edward Clark Position: Growth Party secretary of defense  The Party agrees a platform Drafted by Witte - The establishment of a centralized messenger system so that citizens from the city can communicate more easily with rural settlers. - The construction of an aqueduct system to allow access to clean water for all of our citizens. - The construction of a large smokehouse and granary so that we can store fish, meats, and grains for longer periods of time. This will allow us to make it through bad weather periods more easily. - The creation of a public works department to hire a crew of citzens to take on the above tasks and future public works task - The establishment of a waste removal program for the city itself whereby horse manure and biological waste will be cleared from the streets and compiled for use as fertilizer. - Negotiate with the natives to have them send an instructor who can train our people in the farming of local crops. Drafted by Brown -Economic stimulus package to return economy to growth Drafted by Abner - Government subsidies for art and culture to promote their growth on Gott-Stein ( to be done through the starting of a historical record keeping position, creation of a library, and a monument in the towns center to the founding fathers of Gott-Stein) Drafted by Webley -Establishing a judiciary system to settle disputes between citizens -Adding a system of checks and balances to government As a party all members have voted and had input in creating the platform, sections drafted by Abner and Brown will be implemented along side of Witte's agenda.
  7. FrancisXKennedy

    New Historical President RP

    Representative B.D. Mitchell (F-NC) is willing to accept a Vice Presidential nomination on the Federalist ticket if it is offered.
  8. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    OOC: Just wanted to do a little world building/flavor enhancement. Name: Oswald Witte Born: August 9th, 1396 Died: March 10th, 1471 Occupation: Lumberjack, Carpenter, Gott-Stein's largest producer of wooden building materials. Political Positions: Former Candidate for Sconlair Secretary of Lumber, Growth Party Blurb: Oswald Witte was an important figure in the early colonial period of Gott-Stein, coming to the island as a child and growing up to become a skilled lumberjack and carpenter. Oswald founded the Lumberjack Guild mentoring many young men on the island in the trade, directly employing the majority himself and creating a near monopoly on raw lumber. Oswald is known for his large size on an island where most don't put on much weight, already of a large frame, his large appetite combined with his prosperity have made him a noticeably plump man. Though mostly a political figure via his position within the Growth Party, he still manages to make time to perform manual labor along side of his workers from time to time. To most, Witte comes off as a friendly man, even if somewhat brash and blunt. He has been known to have great feasts and invite his political rivals and allies as a way to keep the leadership of the island on friendly terms. Family: - Spouse: Elizabeth Lambeau Witte - Children: Oscar Witte (son), Elizabeth Marie Witte (daughter)
  9. FrancisXKennedy

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    I'm interested. I'd probably be Santos.
  10. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    Understandable. By waiting until later to update, you don’t mean early June do you? Lol. Not sure how well the rp would survive.
  11. FrancisXKennedy

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Yeah that was actually the first scenario where I noticed the game lacked that mechanic.
  12. FrancisXKennedy

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Yeah I wish there was a way in general for candidates to switch parties and continue their campaigns as circumstances allow. For example a what if scenario where Bernie Sanders accepted Jill Steins offer to run as a Green Party candidate after losing the dem primary.
  13. FrancisXKennedy

    My upcoming debate

    As a socialist I tend to distrust legislation that will (like drug laws) almost certainly be used to target poor and minority gun owners. Poverty and disenfranchisement are the number one causes of all forms violence, I see any “liberal” gun reforms as being a bandaid on a carcinoma. Just my two cents, but those are arguments coming from a radical left perspective.
  14. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    OOC: What branch can limit the reach and authority of the Sconlair? Can the position only be self-regulated?
  15. FrancisXKennedy

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    Oswald Witte offers to donate half of his raw lumber supply to the Catastrophe Help Fund, Witte's son (aged 17) will also lead a team of builders to assist with any building or ship repairs as necessary. Oswald Witte encourages the other business leaders and leadership of the Growth Party to do everything they can to assist with the disaster relief efforts as well. "The Council, Sconlairship, and even the island itself are nothing without the people. Our motley nation has always done it's level best to survive with little material riches, and if we work as a community we will continue to do so. Gott-Stein demands that you pitch in."