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  1. The sticky issue here is that al-Qaeda isn't a Geneva signatory, and has nothing to do with Nuremburg. TIme and time again international courts have confirmed that Geneva doesn't apply to non-signatories, be they states or nonstates, unless both sides have agreed to it. Nobody on their side has ever approached an American representative to ask that the Convention be honored. Even signatory states aren't always held to their actions. If they were, Ho Chi Minh and Le Duan would have been tried for their use of torture on American troops and their mass murder of civilians. William Calley, Ernest Medina, and the rest of those troops would be in prison for their mass murder at My Lai. Saddam would be sitting in a Swiss prison rather than six feet under for his mass murder of Kurds. It would be a better world if Geneva applied to and was excercized upon everybody, but it simply isn't. That said, I wholly disagree with the use of torture to get information from terrorists, at the very least because it often leads to incorrect information.
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