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  1. Markus

    Modern Government simulator

    Well I'm sure it would sell well, especially if it were marketed and platformed well.
  2. Markus

    Modern Government simulator

    Thanks very much for the reply. Most interesting to hear. I am very keen on seeing a decent government simulation done. Have you ever thought of taking on staff to do this ? Or engaging with a publisher such as Paradox ? I'm not a developer, so don't know the ins and outs, but thanks for the information anyway.
  3. Markus

    Modern Government simulator

    Yes, I gathered that. I was simply wondering if they have thought of going the next step into a government simulator.
  4. Markus

    Modern Government simulator

    I've just found this game, was directed here from the Paradox forums. Just curious as to why you're not on Steam ? For easy access to your games ? I very much like the looks of this and is something I have been after for a while. Accuracy, to sum it up. Have you ever thought of going one step further ? What I mean by this is into actual government. For as long as I can remember I've been after an accurate government simulator with all that entails, politics, the economy, world affairs... etc etc. Obviously, this is no mean feat, but there is very little out there to resemble this. Democracy 3 tries and fails, as the accuracy simply isn't there. It could follow on from the election game. I might envisage this.. You must form a government. Appoint your cabinet ( much like democracy does it, but more detailed with character traits and loyalty/ effectiveness in the post )You implement your manifesto ( or not - the choice is yours, but you will suffer the kickbacks if you don't )You see how the economy and social transformation occurs, if at all, or goes backwards.You deal with daily world events and political shenanigans at home.Every year you set a budget, see how things are going economically and socially - and abroad.So really, to sum it all up. I'm looking for a detailed simulation that feels real.