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  1. Daily Political Times, Saturday, March 25th, 1848 A territorial battle in Northern Germany with the Kingdom of Denmark has been reported.
  2. Hi, folks, this is the new version of the series that I promised yesterday, first election updates should be some time soon.
  3. Daily Political Times, Sunday, March 19th, 1848 There has been a revolution in the Kingdom of Prussia. The population have forced the King to appoint a liberal government amid violence.
  4. Daily Political Times, Saturday, March 18th, 1848 Nathan Clifford has resigned as Attorney General.
  5. Daily Political Times, Thursday, March 16th, 1848 There has been a revolution in Hungary. Hungarians are demanding autonomy from the Austrian Empire.
  6. Daily Political Times, Tuesday, March 14th, 1848 Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Prince von Metternich-Winneburg zu Beilstein, famed opponent of Napoleon Bonaparte, has resigned from the positions of State Chancellor and Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire.
  7. Daily Political Times, Sunday, March 12th, 1848 The Province of Canada has gone for two joint Premiers to lead their government.
  8. Daily Political Times, Saturday, March 4th, 1848 Former President Martin Van Buren has announced his opposition to slavery. "The Magician" is to run for President once again. Rumours say that the Whigs are considering General Zachary Taylor, who has never even voted, for their Presidential Ticket.
  9. Daily Political Times, Friday, March 3rd, 1848 Social unrest is on the increase in the Kingdom of Sweden.
  10. Daily Political Times, Thursday, March 2nd, 1848 A Public Library in Boston is to be built by 1852.
  11. Daily Political Times, Monday, February 28th, 1848 Rumours say that "the Conqueror of Mexico" General Winfield Scott a known Whig is considering a run for President.
  12. Daily Political Times, Friday, February 25th, 1848 King Louis Philippe I of France has abdicated. Alphonse de Lamartine has declared the establishment of the Second French Republic. Charles Francis Adams, while mourning the death of his father, is considering a third party run for President.
  13. Daily Political Times, Thursday, February 24th, 1848 French Prime Minister François Guizot of the Resistance Party has resigned amid mob violence. Former President John Quincy Adams has died at the age of 80 after collapsing in Congress.
  14. Daily Political Times, Tuesday, February 22nd, 1848 An interesting new book called "the Communist Manifesto" has been published in London which was authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
  15. Daily Political Times, Sunday, February 6th, 1848 Rumours say that Gold mines may have been found in California.
  16. Daily Political Times, Saturday, February 5th, 1848 The Mexican-American War has ended. America will expand to the Pacific Ocean under the terms of a new Treaty.
  17. Daily Political Times, Thursday, February 3rd, 1848 Construction has begun on the Washington Monument.
  18. Daily Political Times, Wednesday, February 2nd, 1848 President Lewis Cass has ordered the court-martial of John C. Fremont.
  19. Whig Party Convention Candidates Gen. Zachary Taylor. Sen. Henry Clay. Gen. Winfield Scott. Sec. Daniel Webster. Sen. John M. Clayton. Assoc. Justice John McLean. Rep. Abraham Lincoln. Democratic Party Convention Candidates Pres. Lewis Cass. Sec. James Buchanan. Assoc. Justice Levi Woodbury. Sen. John C. Calhoun. Fmr Sen. Franklin Pierce. Free Soil Party Convention Candidates Fmr Pres. Martin Van Buren. Sen. John P. Hale. Rep. Joshua R. Giddings. Mr. Charles Francis Adams. Liberty Party Candidates Mr. Gerrit Smith (With Mr. George Washington Julian as his running mate).
  20. 1848 United States Presidential Election "The Mexican War had secured Manifest Destiny but has slave and free states at each other's teeth. Who can secure peace?" - Conventions Blurb. "Manifest Destiny has been secured through the Mexican War, but regions of the United States are nearing Civil War. Who can secure peace?" - General Election Blurb.
  21. Lewis Cass (Democratic), 13th President of the United States of America, 1st Term: March 4th 1845 - March 4th 1849 George Mifflin Dallas (Democratic), 14th Vice President of the United States of America, 1st Term: March 4th 1845 - March 4th 1849 Cass' first term is nearly identical to Polk's first term as they agreed overwhelmingly on the issues.
  22. Results The colour blue denotes the States won by Sen. Cass & Fmr Amb. Dallas; the colour red denotes the States won by Fmr Sen. Clay & Fmr Sen. Frelinghuysen.
  23. Daily Political Times, Tuesday, November 26th, 1844 Rumours say that Gag Rule is to be rescinded by a group led by Former President John Quincy Adams.
  24. Daily Political Times, Thursday, November 21st, 1844 Rumours say that President John Tyler is going to renominate both Reuben Walworth and Edward King to the Supreme Court.
  25. Daily Political Times, Monday, September 2nd, 1844 Henry Clay has flip-flopped by now saying he fully opposes the annexation of the Republic of Texas.