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  1. 1884 production will likely start tomorrow after I finish something for a personal project.
  2. I likely have 0 American Blood in me not just because I am British but because my family seems to have been not well off enough to really go anywhere.
  3. One of the candidates in 1876 and 1877 House Election was broken so I have uploaded the fixed version in the original download post,
  4. There were Socialist Candidates in the 1880 House Election so I just assumed they were Soc Lab as the Socialist Party did not exist at the time,
  5. 1880 (Parties Included are Rep, Dem, Greenback, Readjuster, Prohibition and Socialist Labor): House - 1880.zip
  6. 1876 and 1877 (Parties included are Rep, Dem, Greenback, Prohibition and Colored Republican): House - 1876 and 1877.zip
  7. I have fixed the 1872 and 1873 Scenario as Michigan's 3rd district's percentages was off (the new fixed version has been put in the original version's post).
  8. 1876 and 1877 is nearly completed but it will be slightly delayed as I am going to play the Last of Us Part 2.
  9. 1872 and 1873 House Election (Parties included are Rep, Dem, Con, Lib Rep, Prohibition and Straight-Out Dem): House - 1872 and 1873.zip
  10. Percentages fixed for 1868 and 1869: House - 1868 and 1869.zip
  11. Percentages fixed for 1864 and 1865: House - 1864 and 1865.zip
  12. Yeah I thought you had, wasn't sure whether you had forgotten any or not or something.
  13. Percentages fixed for 1860 and 1861: House - 1860 and 1861.zip
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