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  1. I think it is a party that takes elements of both the Feds and Dem-Reps so it is neither.
  2. Theodore Page (Born C. 1737) a journalist born in Southern England is another notable member of the newly formed ARP.
  3. I was actually going to ask the same question and make pretty much the same party LMAO.
  4. Dem biggest gripes for me are a mix of economic, foreign and military policies and the party leaders. GOP biggest gripes for me is everything.
  5. MBDemSoc

    Ancestry Poll

    My great great grandfather was Irish and worked in a munitions factory in 1917 for the British he was likely killed in an explosion at the munitions factory which may or may not have been an accident other theories are that the Germans attacked the munitions factory or Irish Nationalists sabotaged the factory (family theory), his son, my great grandfather and some of his siblings moved to the UK after losing their father, I know nothing of my paternal family before my great great grandfather as I don't even have any names of what his father or mother may have been called.
  6. Irish PV droughts - Cumann na nGaedheal or Fine Gael, 1932 to 2011, 79 years. Fianna Fáil, 2011 to present, 8+ years.
  7. I am going on wins whether plurality or majority.
  8. I have removed that section completely it was a mistake on my part to treat them as the same thing, they are separate parties hence removal.
  9. Australian PV droughts, Labor, 1917 to 1929, 12 years. Labor, 2010 to present, 9+ years.
  10. Canadian PV Droughts - Liberals, 1878 to 1900, 22 years. Conservatives, 1900 to 1911, 11 years. Liberals, 1911 to 1921, 10 years. Liberals, 1925 to 1935, 10 years. Conservatives / Progressive Conservatives, 1935 to 1958, 23 years. Progressive Conservatives, 1963 to 1984, 21 years. Progressive Conservatives, 1988 to 2003, 15 years.
  11. UK PV droughts - Conservatives, 1847 to 1886, 39 years. Liberals, 1886 to 1906, 20 years. Liberals or Labour, January 1910 to 1945, 35 years, (Labour won most seats in 1929 but the Cons won the PV). Conservatives, 1945 to 1955, 10 years, (Cons won the most seats in 1951 but Labour won the PV). Labour, 1979 to 1997, 18 years. Labour, 2010 to present, 9+ years.
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