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  1. Thanks, I do use others for reference, mostly for what alt history Presidents terms may have been like.
  2. I misvoted as I meant to vote no, so you can discount of the votes for yes.
  3. I never played as the candidates during the races apart from scenarios without simulation candidates set up, I hadn't really thought about talking about the elections but I may start doing that with 1804.
  4. 1804 Presidential Nominating Caucuses Democratic-Republican Party Presidential Nominating Caucus Presidential Ballot, Round 1: Thomas Jefferson had 175 delegates. Thomas Jefferson won the Democratic-Republican Party Presidential Nomination for the 1804 Presidential Election. John Breckinridge, a Senator from Kentucky was chosen as Jefferson's running mate. Federalist Party Presidential Nominating Caucus Presidential Ballot, Round 1: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney had 209 delegates. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney won the Federalist Party Presidential Nomination for the 1804 Presidential Election. Rufus King, the Former Envoy to the United Kingdom and a Former Senator from New York State was chosen as Pinckney's running mate.
  5. Aaron Burr (D-R), 3rd President of the United State of America, 1st Term: March 4th 1801 - March 4th 1805 John Adams (F), 2nd Vice President of the United States of America, 3rd Term: March 4th 1801 - March 4th 1805 March 4, 1801: President Burr and Vice President Adams inaugurated March 1801: Burr creates his cabinet, and continues his predecessor's economic policies May 1801: Burr’s Cabinet votes to send naval forces to the Mediterranean to intimidate Tripoli; escalates into Barbary War March 16, 1802: US Military Academy at West Point established in the Military Peace Establishment Act, which also does other things October 1802: Burr calls on states to institute universal white male suffrage Circa 1803: Ohio joins the Union December 9, 1803: 12th Amendment approved by Congress, establishes a new procedure for electing Presidents and Vice Presidents (same as IRL) 1803: Louisiana territory purchased from France September 1803: Burr calls for the end of the slave trade in 1808 May 1804: Burr sends Lewis and Clark out to explore the new territory June 15, 1804: 12th Amendment ratified July 11, 1804: President Burr shoots former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Hamilton dies the day after the duel due to the wound he suffered September 1804: Several more expeditions into various territories are begun President Burr declines to run for a second term due to the murder of Alexander Hamilton by his hand. Vice President Adams declines to run for a fourth term. (This is an edited copy and paste from Bruce Fischer's entire US elections run).
  6. MBDemSoc

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Made some attributes for "Super-Mac" based on some research - Leadership: 3. Experience: 4 or 5. Integrity: 2 or 3. Issue Familiarity: 2 or 3. Charisma: 3 or 4. Stamina: 3. Debating: 3. Ideologue: 2 or 3. Ambition: 3.
  7. MBDemSoc

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    I was actually thinking of doing an "all-star" scenario first with past PMs in it so I can use the stats from that scenario for other UK Scenarios I plan on creating.
  8. MBDemSoc

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    I've looked at the numbers for aforementioned PMs and they all have 2s or 3s so I assume it would have to be a 3 or a 4.
  9. MBDemSoc

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    They do my friend, charisma was one of the things I was not too sure on.
  10. MBDemSoc

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Any thoughts at all would be helpful.
  11. Thought I would give seeing what the community's opinion on what the personal attributes for Harold MacMillan would be a go as he is one of the only if not the only post-war PM not to be in a scenario.
  12. MBDemSoc

    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    If you need any help with party logos or candidate pictures just say as I have experience with both of those sides of campaign creation.
  13. 1800 Candidates John Adams (F) (Incumbent VP). Charles Coatsworth Pinckney (F) (Running mate of John Adams). Thomas Jefferson (D-R) (Incumbent President). Aaron Burr (D-R) (Running mate of Thomas Jefferson). John Jay (F) (1st VP). Results J. Adams: 70 ECV and 24.8% PV (18550 Votes). Pinckney: 58 ECV and 13.8% PV (10287 Votes). Jefferson: 68 ECV and 23.7% PV (17721 Votes). Burr: 74 ECV and 24.9% PV (18614 Votes). Jay: 6 ECV and 12.8% PV (9584 Votes). Presidential Electoral Map Vice Presidential Electoral Map
  14. For me, it has been quite an enjoyable experience as it has actually helped to restore the structure to my life as I am unemployed and have poor grades so I can't really get a job so doing something I enjoy and I find easy even if it's only once or twice a week helps me create a routine, without some sort of structure or routine I become kind of useless as I am a high functioning autistic person.