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  1. Same for me I still mostly read aggregate news sources.
  2. For number 3 Clinton was definitely a worse candidate and ran a worse campaign than Romney, chose Romney due to his post election actions.
  3. 1. Same as Actinguy. 3. Campaign for the EC's abolition and a two round or IRV voting system for Presidential Elections after leaving office.
  4. Goals? Long term is to become a politician of some description, short term to beat the Anxiety disorder and burnout I have. Drives me? The desire to help people. I am happy? Due to the Anxiety disorder and burnout, no. Dog? No but a 14 year old female cat. Childhood? Not great got bullied in school, was diagnosed with Autism and had only 1 long term friend. Favourite movies? Friday the 13th series, Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, Kizumonogatari Trilogy and others. Juggle? No.
  5. Hoping to do just that, thanks.
  6. I have begun Cognitive behavioural therapy for my anxiety and the course lasts for 7 weeks starting next Monday so if all goes well I should hopefully be more active again on the forum after the 7 weeks are up.
  7. I'm an atheist and have pretty much no money, so there are two major reasons why I would not fall in with the warned about crowd.
  8. My referral to therapy was by my doctor, was also put on medication for it as well.
  9. I would just like to disclose to you all the reason for my recent absence and that is I have recently redeveloped an Anxiety disorder which I thought I had been cured of in 2015, not sure when I will be back but I am going into consultation about therapy on the 15th July.
  10. Multiple different websites, the Wikipedia articles mostly, for ones without vote numbers I just put in 1000 voters, other websites include https://www.ourcampaigns.com/, https://elections.lib.tufts.edu/, http://earlyamericanelections.org/ etc.
  11. This might be the final version of the 1788 to 1789 House elections (credit to @vcczar for the leader stats and descriptions as well as the surrogate stats, election night not ending thing is still there IDK why, works fine aside from that): House - 1788 and 1789.zip
  12. I'll talk to Vcczar as he is good with stats (I think), also thanks man.
  13. House of Representatives 1788 and 1789 Alpha/Beta (Only leader descriptions and stats, surrogate stats and for some reason election night doesn't end if anyone could fix these issues or even just the election night not ending thing I would be grateful). House - 1788 and 1789.zip
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