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  1. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    I get 997-999 voters in each region.
  2. Uh, yes. http://campaigns.270soft.com/p4e4/ @Derran Click the download link in the third paragraph.
  3. Thunder

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    I'll note https://www.270towin.com/maps/0NRE9 is likely a more realistic tie map, to be honest. Also agreed, although alternate voting methods likely have more promise for multiparty systems.
  4. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    I reset all the percentages, but nothing happened. If it helps, I'm spectating with Bloomberg.
  5. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    Here was where each state stopped updating in a rerun of the scenario.
  6. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    Version 2.8.2.
  7. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    I set up a version of the 2016 election where all states had only ten people voting, and here was what I got in Arkansas when 9 voters had voted (it never moved after that). Vaguely curious why this happens, and why it gets stuck there.
  8. Not really an expert, I've just posted frequently. I'm interested if your strategy has you maxing out anything that's not Debating Skill, Issue Familiarity, Spin, or Command Strength. Haven't tried strategies with more than just those.
  9. They should (you can see the nationwide bonuses in your platform screen by clicking to change but not changing). It’ll say in your notes something like “Your barnstorming in Alaska has given you an insight into Integrity (+1 issue bonus).
  10. I'm assuming you're switching around your platform to get maximum bonuses on issues, right? I would say mostly study in the beginning, increase your candidate's Command and Spin strength, and barnstorm for the remainder of the time to get random barnstorm bonuses. Once you get several issues high on bonuses, spending a significant amount (half or more) on internet ads can get you a large amount of momentum quickly, helping with endorsers (which allow one-time boosts to get large amounts of organizational work done).
  11. Thunder

    Top Three

    1. Universal Home Care referendum (leading in the polls despite all 4 gubernatorial candidates opposing it). 2. Maine gubernatorial election (tied 39-39) 3. ME-02 race (seeing if Golden can pull off this close race).
  12. @Patine For the rump US you might want to add an Acadian party active in northern Maine.
  13. Thunder

    One Nation; Fairly Drawn

    It appears you have to use Internet Explorer.
  14. Thunder

    Why is this happening?

    You might also want to make losing voters harder as the vote share decreases (cutting closer to the base). Also, with the Favorability update are you just adding voter preference numbers, or will voter issue centers be a part?