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  1. Thunder

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    I felt Leadership also had the concept of "devotion from your party", which bumped the score up significantly.
  2. Thunder

    Request for scenario

    I did not know that. Sorry. All I heard was that in a comment somewhere it said he had a good scenario, and I saw in a few playthroughs. Thank you, however.
  3. Thunder

    Request for scenario

    The expanded 2016 election scenario.
  4. Thunder

    Request for scenario

    Can anyone find Jonathan Kudkela's scenario? It appears to have disappeared. A defunct link is below. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2016/11/25/2016-general-election-daily-poll-updates/
  5. Thunder

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    Assuming "most preferred for me": 1. Warren 2. Sanders 3. Clinton 4. Harris 5. Booker 6. Biden 7. Gillibrand 8. Castro 9. Avenatti 10. Trump
  6. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    OK, thank you.
  7. Thunder

    New Historical President RP

    @Hestia11 Since I'm considering creating a character, what are the differences from OTL in this timeline (and what positions had the Overton Window been shifted around on)? You seem experienced so I might ask you. If it's too much to summarize it's OK.
  8. Thunder


    Placed in brackets above. Mostly guesses, you can check ideology charts here.
  9. Thunder


  10. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    I get 997-999 voters in each region.
  11. Uh, yes. http://campaigns.270soft.com/p4e4/ @Derran Click the download link in the third paragraph.
  12. Thunder

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    I'll note https://www.270towin.com/maps/0NRE9 is likely a more realistic tie map, to be honest. Also agreed, although alternate voting methods likely have more promise for multiparty systems.
  13. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    I reset all the percentages, but nothing happened. If it helps, I'm spectating with Bloomberg.
  14. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    Here was where each state stopped updating in a rerun of the scenario.
  15. Thunder

    9 divided by 10 is not 82%

    Version 2.8.2.