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  1. OMG same, it is so hard to find good games to play the Eastern Romans! I had to mod EU4 a bit just so it was not such a quick end LOL. Victoria 2 is always fun also to reform the Eastern Romans but is challenging.
  2. I just visted the Iron range of Minnesota where ive had strong connections and the amount of Trump signs have tripled since the 2016 election when I would go to my familys cabin. I am amazed at how red our state has turned over the last few months, and Comrade Walz is certainly not helping Joe here in the state. The amount of republican congressional yard signs is also incredible with how many switched people who I know up here that voted democratic in 16 except for trump have fully crossed party lines.
  3. Honestly she was the first denocrat ive ever donated to and I voted for her in the primary.
  4. I didnt know al franken was still tweeting? He did nothing for my state. I think the speech is much better than what passed for a speech by biden, which basically was lets he if he doesnt stumble or gaffe.
  5. So you are saying that in total the 14 unarmed black men killed in 2019 and the 9 unarmed black men currently this year is enough for BLM and Antifa to burn down cities and destroy the livelihoods of all the people there? When 25 white unarmed men were killed in 2019 and in 2020 there have been 11. So i am just confused when it is okay to riot and destroy property? https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigations/police-shootings-database/
  6. The other issue with all of these "protests" are the complete disregard for other peoples property. My father who owns a company near minneapolis his company is comepletely destroyed. Where is my justice when my family has nothing left! A 3 generation company gone. Wheres my justice when now I have no ability to go to higher education? Wheres my justice when my family has to leave the state we have been in for 3 generations? Wheres my justice when the insurance companys check only goes so far to replace our company? What is going to happen when for sure 3 of the officers are going to get off b
  7. Sweden did something that is very commendable. They didn't shut down and yes people died, but guess what people died in all the nations that had this horrible plague. You 100% cannot trust China's numbers because when have they ever been honest? Sweden is very close to achieving herd immunity because heard immunity is close to 20% to 25% it cant be anything higher on the herd immunity percent because if it was then many more disease would have killed many more people. New York and New Jersey have the most incompetent Governors that put people who were positive back into nursing homes and then
  8. @Reagan04 What has he said that is racist?
  9. @servo75 I totally agree that the president of the united states has been called horrible and false names because people do not like his policies or what he says which may I remind everyone that in the US we can say waterever we want due to the first amendment. If conservatives or anyone for that matter called 44th president Barack Obama anything near what liberals decry the current president as, then we would be called racist. Everyone must stop calling each other names that are false because the more you use a word like racist the more it dilutes the meaning of that word.
  10. @Wiw Is there a quote that shows he supporrs white supremacists? If so please cite it.
  11. Mahlerman2000 a montana scenario would be awesome!
  12. First thing that I noticed is that Healthcare should be Very High in 2014 especially but also in 2018. Yes the polling numbers like in 2016 Tammy Duckworth should have like a 5 point advantage and it should be split 50/50 in new hampshire between hassen and ayotte.
  13. Super excited to try them out!
  14. I think Trump will win re-elect as it sits right now. A big thing is the criminal justice reform he passed and aquittal by the Senate. Yes, it was a trial but a different kind of trial, can anyone point to specific language requireing there to be witnesses? This is only the third impeachment trial in history. There is no precendent and quite frankly if this trial set any sort of precedent its that impeachment has become purely political. The Senate is NOT the evidence finders just jurors to listen to the facts that the House gathered. The fact that the house did not call all relevant witnesses
  15. @ThePotatoWalrus Austin is by far my favorite city in the US. I spent 5 days and it was very nice and is the most beautiful city I have been to. Im planning on going back soon.
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