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  1. Berg2036

    Minnesota Governor 2018

    I was thinking of doing that next. I just wanted to get the most competitive state wide race this cycle for now.
  2. Berg2036

    Minnesota Governor 2018

    Hi All I am starting to make my Minnesota Governor 2018 scenario, what, what-if candidates would you like to see? Berg2036
  3. Berg2036

    Help with a campaign

    So i deleted the county, and it worked magically. I have made sure that there is no missing pixels but a different county is now having the problem.
  4. Berg2036

    Help with a campaign

    Hi, So I am trying to make a Minnesota election game. I have all the counties made and in the right position but one particular county takes up all the space outside of the normal map. I do not know why it is happening. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks Jacob