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  1. @ThePotatoWalrus Austin is by far my favorite city in the US. I spent 5 days and it was very nice and is the most beautiful city I have been to. Im planning on going back soon.
  2. @Deblano I personally like the updated map. I also believe using the counties/independant cities map would be way to much for playing and for creating.
  3. Sounds good! Thank you! Good Luck!
  4. Hey there, Is there one download link for all the maps of the US states and if anyone has that? Berg2036
  5. @scifiguy really good scenario but as the year has played out a lot has changed in the senate race, any plan on updating it? if not would you mind if I updated it? Berg2036
  6. @deblano It is a great scenario! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if i used it as a base for other scenarios?
  7. Hi there, whats happening is the lines are not 0,0,0 in the color region. Go back to which ever editor you were usuing and make suer all tje pixels are the color value 0,0,0 and redraw the lines. Should fix your problem!
  8. I honestly do not believe there is a democrat who will be able to beat Trump. Heres why, look at 2012 Santorum launched just enough attacks on Romney to the point where Romney couldnt pull the far right to him and win. Now that year there were only 7 serious candidates and the attacks caused a lot of damage. Bring that to nearly 20 candidates and well you have a progressive walk out of the convention and moderates are turned off, a moderate walks out of the convention progressives are turned off. Currently there is no Democrat who will be able to beat Trump, the Muller Investigation is still going on yes, but what have they got so far, two convictions? (Not related to collusion) disclaimer im a moderate republican who wishes trump had run as his party for 20+ years which was the democratic party. I believe hes going to win because of the ugly primary that is waiting for Democrats. Amy Klobuchar who is my senator has probably the best shot at coming close and no one else.
  9. I'm thinking of doing a scenario for MN - 3 because it is going to be one of the more expensive races in Minnesota and be one of the deciding districts for who controls the house of representatives. I made a map but it is not very good because there are some very small towns that are hard to draw in. What do you think, is it worth doing if I cant get all the towns or should I still do it with the populations adjusted in the regions?
  10. I think Mn(2) is closer than 54% - 46% its truly a tossup even though none of the handicappers have it anything close to that. With Tim Pawlenty on the ballot for governor and Trumps Rally in Duluth last month which spurred a huge uptick in fundraising for Pete Stauber and Housely who according to her campaign raised more than a million. Also Tina Smith is quite unknown across that state, as is Housley but who ever gets onto the airwaves first will be the next senator and as for cash on hand that are practically tied, unlike MN(1) where Jim Newberger probably has not even raised more than $200,000.
  11. I would love to do the MN - 3 where I live. My only issue is that I can not make maps for my life.
  12. Hi Jim, I put out the first version, its very rough and was based off my 2014 senate race. I will update the percents with 2016 results and add more endorsers. Also thinking about adding in with drawn candidates but not sure who people want? Berg2036
  13. I was thinking of doing that next. I just wanted to get the most competitive state wide race this cycle for now.
  14. Hi All I am starting to make my Minnesota Governor 2018 scenario, what, what-if candidates would you like to see? Berg2036
  15. So i deleted the county, and it worked magically. I have made sure that there is no missing pixels but a different county is now having the problem.
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