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  1. Title: Governor of New York, former Mayor of New York CityName: James RockefellerParty: RepublicanPolitical Influence Points: 20State: New YorkStarting Funds: 40,000,000Description: James Rockefeller from a very young age groomed to be President of the United States. After Uncle Nelson's failed attempts to gain the highest office in the 1960s, the Rockefeller clan has bided its time and groomed a candidate to through into the fray once more. James was that candidate from a young age, being enrolled in the highest schools and universities in the States, and quickly becoming the point man for a Rockefeller return to the national stage. at age 30 he was able to win the race for mayor of NYC and the back of massive outside money and a vigorous campaign. 2 years later he crashed into the Governor's mansion in one of the best Republican results in state history, on the back of Eliot Spitzer's massive scandal. He has, however, been no regular Republican. James Rockefeller is known as a strong supporter of gay rights, and has strived to lead an era of tolerant, youthful, "Kinder Republicanism." while he receives many attacks from social conservative stalwarts, he is a proven fiscal conservative and has attempted to stop every tax increase that has reached his desk. While he is painted as a out-of touch elite and a Republican in name only. Governor Rockefeller is injecting a new generation into the aging party of Reagan. Can the "New Republican" lead his party into a new millennia, or will the old school conservatism be able to stand the wave?How Well Known: 4Established: 4Leadership:3Integrity: 1Experience: 4Issues: 4Charisma: 5Stamina: 4Debating:4Basic Political Views: Fiscal conservative and social moderate to liberal, strong interventionist Notes: as a "liberal" Republican, Rockefeller is very strong in the more moderate strongholds of the northeast, but is of course politically blacklisted in the more conservative South and Plains. He is also very charismatic, and is very respected among independents and moderates, and would mainly be a candidate for young, educated, and modern Republicans. I generally see him as a liberal republican who will have some difficulty with the primary, but extremely well suited to fight a general election, especially with a far left democrat. You could also put him as a third party Bloomberg-esque candidate if a more extreme conservative wins the nomination, under a reform like third party. Love the idea, cant wait to see how it turns out!
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