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  1. I've played this game a bit and really like it. However, I am still struggling to get good enough to play on medium or hard difficulties, or playing as non front runners really at all. My current strategy is to barnstorm 3 times in one day in a state, do some issue knowledge/debate prep as well, then the next day in the same state to hold 3 rallies on separate issues, or 2 and a issue speech. Sometimes, also using this time to blast the state's front runner. I try to build up a good base of nationwide radio ads, start running in states where I have good momentum, and then doing TV ads closer to the election/primaries/etc. In addition, I try to target/org strength/footsoldiers in close and large states. However, I am having issues understanding why I do some of these things, and what their specific effects are. I would love to know what other's strategies are, what balance they strike in various activities with their candidates.
  2. elljawa

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (April 2018)

    this is a hard thing, since there are some trump actions that I sort of approve of, but dont approve of the way he does it. I approve of him ramping up the crackdown on ISIS, but dont believe he will be able to help the area obtain any lasting peace or stability. I approve of using twitter to communicate to the public, but I dont approve with the nature of how trump tweets. I approve of withdrawing from syria, since I never wanted us involved, but still feel bad since the syrian government is terrible. I support some deregulation to encourage growth (especially of new or small businesses, or things in emerging fields), but I feel the deregulation of too many financial institutions put us at risk of another recession.
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    Mueller Support Poll

    Animated TV show about a depressed horse. I forget the exact context, but at one point someone lists that as a famous Ben Franklin quote
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    Mueller Support Poll

    Its a Bojack Horseman quote.
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    Mueller Support Poll

    At this point, I feel that the investigation is unlikely to prove that Trump himself colluded, or that the Russian Government directly colluded. I imagine the worst we will see is evidence that individuals with indirect ties to the Russian Government communicated to individuals with ties to the trump campaign (as we have already seen a bit of), and that several individuals will go down for it or for other crimes uncovered in the process. However, I would be surprised if they ever find proof that A). trump knew or B). He personally ordered it or was involved. Depending on how severe, it will def hurt gop odds in 2018. If anyone too senior is indicted, or if trump tries to shut down the investigation, I would say his chances in 2020 would be hurt. However, if the investigation wraps up enough before 2020 (say, fall 2019, spring 2020), and if Trump is not indicted/only lower level people are/only unrelated crimes, than Trump will get boosted as he claims it was a witch hunt, political hitjob, Clinton cabal sort of thing.
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    I agree. I am new to the game and am getting the hang of it, but I feel like I still lack a core understanding of all the mechanics, what exactly they do, and also feel like I am missing some potential functions I should know.
  7. elljawa

    Three Democrat Tickets for 2020

    I'd love to see Warren in the white house, and politically am closest to a sanders/warren ticket. While we would gain votes from those who voted 3rd party over clinton, we wouldnt likely pick up a lot of centrist leaning republicans, or never trumpers. Biden probably has the best bet to beat trump of all of these, and Klobuchar could potentially mobilize dems and centrists in the great lakes region which went trump in 2016 (I know little of her, except that she in from the north midwest). Kennedy would not mobilize progressives, or non-east coast centrists, so I cant imagine him winning. A Biden-Warren ticket could be interesting as well.
  8. elljawa

    North Korea war

    I mean, its impossible to know. Right now, it feels like NK is looking to move toward diplomacy and away from trying to nuke hawaii. However, if talks go poorly, I could see Trump making this "his war" sometime before the midterms, to rally conservative, "patriot", warhawk mentality.
  9. I wish I had kept better notes during the run. This was my first ever full game on PI, after a few false starts. I played on easy and feel I should have won by a higher margin, though it speaks to the games difficulty that I couldn't do as well as obama irl. Clinton started with a considerable lead in the primaries. 30% of the vote was her floor, but she was never able to gain much above that. Biden won the first 3 primaries to emerge as a surprise third place candidate, routinely picking up delegates in each primary. He wasnt able to rise above 20% or so at his most popular nationally, putting him squarely behind Obama and Clinton. He dropped out shortly before the home stretch, the last 700 or so delegates. While Obama got off to a slow start, he picked up considerably on and after Super Tuesday, winning every single primary by the end of the election. The final tally came out to Clinton at ~1700 delegates, Obama at ~1500, Biden at ~600, and the remaining delegates split between edwards, dodd, and perhaps a few to someone else who is slipping my mind. Meanwhile, Romney easily won the GOP primary, reaching the 50% point sometime in the middle of the spring. In the conventions, Obama won after being endorsed by all of the other candidates (minus clinton of course) and chose Biden as VP, Romney chose Crist. Romney's early win gave him a strong electoral advantage, though he never held the popular vote. I worked to solidify out numbers in the great lakes region, the southwest, and some mid atlantic and southeast regions. We each won one debate. As the election drew near, I held a slight electoral advantage, with a lot of states up for grabs. I used my remaining resources to bomb them with all the ads I had on both me and romney, and crossed my fingers. In the end, Obama won with 300 electoral college votes. this represented all of new england, the great lakes, the west coast, and 2 southwestern states or so. I wasnt able to win any traditional southern states, even ones I had polled well in like VA, NC, GA, and FL all went to Romney. On election night, Texas stayed blue for quite a long time before flipping red, which was a nice surprise. all in all, fun times, and we won, even if it was a disappointing win.