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  1. Miss some more female candidates you could like go with Gillibrand in the democratic primary and maybe Hayley or Palin in the republican.
  2. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    Secretary Charles Winchester last campagin Speech at Central Park togther with his whole family inculding his father in a wheelchair. Hello everyone!! How happy it makes me to see you all here. We are done to the last days of this election and this campaign. Its been a hell of a ride i want to already thank everyone of you that have supported me this time. I have been up and down this state for most of my time now and met some very good peopel and peopel that dosent have it so well that i had in my upbringin. But like most of the media has said and i dont deny it i have been very disrespectfull to the vice president and i want to apalogize to Vice President Harry Erring he is a good man and yes we dont agree on everything but ho does i dont agree with my wife on everything. The media has been speculating that i am making myself ready to run for president but i can tell you i am not i stand by my party and my president. And that is also why i am saiyng that regardless if i win this election or not i will not run for president in the 1972 election i will give my support to either President Thorne or Vice president Erring. But i will if i am elected work to make this state a example on how great this country really is. I am going to work for alle New Yorkers and with them. I am also telling you that if i win this election i am inviting State senator Bill Buckley to become my Lt. Governor so that we can work together to make New York the best place for the peopel living in it. Senator Elinor Blake at a town hall meeting in Los Angeles. Today i have been answering question and that i love but now i want to ask you the peopel some a question and that is? Havent we all had a great time under our current governor? Yes i think we have and if you want to countinue this you should vote for me i have fought for the peopel of California all my time in the senate now i want to fight for you here where i can help you more directly and it will also be fun to see my husband and childeren more as well. But i will work every day and night to prove myself if you put your trust in mee. Good night and good bless you and everybody living in Claifornia. Mr. Leon Fitzroy hosting a rally in his family ranch outside of Dallas. Welcome every one to my home hope you enjoy my food. I want to say to all that listing to me that the next days i hope you vote not for me but for the future you want for Texas and ofc the future you want you childeren to grow up in do you want your childeren to grow up i an Liberal state i dosent. We have to show every one that Texas is a good conservative place and i will say to you if you choose me as your next governor i will personally build a fence across this border to Mexico and i promise you no more taxes no more. Have a good night and rember vote Fitzroy.
  3. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    New York Gubernatorial: Sec. of State Charles Winchester long time member of the Liberal party and a member of the loyalist faction but is not happy with the VP. Have served as senator from NY for 3 terms before becoming Secretary of State. His family is hugely popular in the state his father is former governor Henry Winchester Sr. and his brother is Rep. David Winchester that is part of New Way faction of the Liberal party. California Gubernatorial: Sen. Elinor Blake a memeber of the conservative party. She is a very conservative woman from LA did serve as both Lt.Governor and state attorney before running for the senate has served two terms in the senate now. She is a huge critic of the president. Texas Gubernatorial: Mr. Leon Fitzroy is running as an independent in Texas. A billionaire who made his fortune in oil and his family ranch. He is not memeber of any party but you can feel that he is most close to the conservative party. (OOC: Hope is okay that i made candidates from differents parties and a independent.)
  4. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    (OOC: Little information about the secretary and Winchester has in more or less given a ultimatium to the president so he wont run if the VP resign) Secretary of State Charles Winchester is member of the wealthy Winchester family. His father did serve as governor and was very popular and his popularity helped Charles getting elect to the senate where he did serve 2 terms before he was announced as new Secretary of State. His familys huge popularty in the state will benefit him and rumors is that his father will help him on the campaign trail that will also help him. But the Secretary has told the press that if the preseident wants him to stay she know what to do.
  5. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    Secretary of State Charles Winchester(L-NY) announces his intent to run for Governor of New York in the midterms election. The rumors that are flowing is that the Secretary is unhappy with the Vice President and he has already voiced his opinons and concern to the President. Winchester has been seen as one of the president biggest supporters inside the party but has been less supportive of the Vice President. This might be Winchester first step to a presidental run. (OOC: Hope this is okay)
  6. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    This will be my first try. Secretary of State and former Senator Charles Winchester(L-NY) will endorse President Thorne but will not support Erring as VP.
  7. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Ok i understand thank you
  8. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Thank you so i will contact Hestia11 but if not can i be like a Senator. And why not Governor
  9. Alexak1209

    New Historical President RP

    I want to play too so i understand that we are in 1966 but can i just like create a character that is for example like gorvenor or secretary of State or do i need to check with sombody first