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  1. President Trenton Adams

    Unified States of America.

    It's set in modern day. Sorry, I thought I said that in the original post. And oooh, that could be interesting.
  2. President Trenton Adams

    Unified States of America.

    The Civil War split the USA in two. Centuries later, the Unified States of America has come a long way. Will the Conservative Party win the Presidency? Or will the Progressive Party remain in power? None of the candidates would be the same, all would be fictional characters. The capital is the revived city of Jamestown, reformed shortly after the Confederate States were formed. It's somewhat considered a federal district, much like DC, however, it's within the state of Virginia and its' residents are considered Virginians. It's legally a small county within Virginia. Issues would be mostly the same as present day. LGBT rights are still not established, and the nation is split on the issue, especially considering their neighbors in the United States have just legalized it. Another major issue is the possible secession of Missouri and Kentucky back into the United States. Could this be the fall of the Unified States? Would anyone be interested in this scenario? I'd take submissions for candidates once I decided to go ahead with the scenario.
  3. President Trenton Adams

    Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    Essentially the same. I nearly won Colorado and Nevada as well, I believe that could be the reason for Kasich winning the popular vote. Also, Pennsylvania wasn't nearly as close in votes. But yeah, I thought that was odd as well.
  4. President Trenton Adams

    Panem Elections

    Yeah, I started thinking about that exact thing, and thought it'd be interesting only for fan purposes to explore how the Republic of Panem might be set up after the abolition of the Hunger Games and fall of President Snow. Explore the election of a new President, how the government would form. Who would possibly run? Etc...
  5. President Trenton Adams

    Panem Elections

  6. President Trenton Adams

    Panem Elections

    So, I recently discovered an old project of mine, where I'd actually created a map of Panem (from the Hunger Games) using information from the series. I thought: What if Panem had been more democratic? What if this new society had emerged, and elected it's leaders. Mayors/Governors/whatever for each District, a President, and possibly some type of congress? 17 regions. The 13 Districts, the Capitol, and three fan-made Districts. Or I could even work on it as if it was the formation of the government after Mockingjay? Would anyone be interested if I worked on this scenario?
  7. President Trenton Adams

    Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    I noticed another typo today as I replayed it (I've attached an image.) I started off as playing Donald Trump, I lost the nomination to John Kasich in a 7th ballot vote, due to Trump's unpopularity to many in his own party, and went on to beat Terry McAuliffe in the general election. I found it interesting neither party elected a candidate in the first round of voting. 7 rounds for the Republicans and 5 rounds for the Democrats. When I previously played as Biden, he won the nomination early on, and won the general in a landslide. I thought it was funny that both CPs chose female VP candidates (Jan Brewer for Kasich, Kirsten Gillibrand for McAuliffe). However, both would be solid VP choices in real life. Brewer would most likely safely deliver Arizona, and Gillibrand is popular with women, younger voters, and is a rising star in her party. Other than what I've mentioned so far, my only other criticisms would be cosmetics. New images for most of the candidates, being the biggest. Possibly adding a few more Republican candidates, just for the fun of it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the scenario. It leans slightly Democratic, however, after 4 years of Trump, that's highly realistic. I've played the scenario now 5 times. 3 as republicans, 2 as the Dems. I won both times with the Dems as Biden and then as Booker. I won two times and lost one as the Republicans. Once as Trump against Warren, and then as Kasich. I lost as Romney to Biden.
  8. President Trenton Adams

    Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    I figured you just copied candidates and forgot to change them, but I thought I'd let you know.
  9. President Trenton Adams

    Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    I just might do that. I just finished playing as Mitt Romney. Narrowly beat Donald Trump out for the nomination, and lost to Joe Biden in the general by less than 5%. It was more of a quick play through. I'll go back through and take a closer look at the events and such. Overall the game looks good. A few things I did notice were some of the images looking a little odd. Also, the boost % for VP picks were random. Jeb Bush giving a +5% in Tennessee but not Florida? Carly Fiorina giving a +5% in Tennessee as well, but not in her home state of Florida? Lisa Murkowski giving boosts in New Hampshire and Maine? When she's a senator in /Alaska/? Some of them just seemed odd states for those candidates to give boosts in.
  10. President Trenton Adams

    Joe Kenney screwed up

    I now understand your frustration with him. In our previous exchange, I thought you were simply being rude, but I get why. This dude is a joke lmao.
  11. President Trenton Adams

    Events Poll for my 2020 Scenario

    I think most of the events are fine. I'd say a little more toned down with the Russian issues and some of the more "out-there" events. I'd also suggest changing things like Bannon becoming chief of staff, some of the other cabinet appointments, and things like that. Maybe make Pence distance himself from Trump, but not full on turn on him. All of the Pence related events made him seem still as enthusiastic as he is today, which I don't think will be the case come 2020.
  12. President Trenton Adams

    House of Cards 2016 - V2.0

    I just worked a little bit on the polling. I tested it and won as Conway once, Underwood twice, and Haas (vs. Dunbar) once.
  13. President Trenton Adams

    Fictional Presidential Election

    Title: Term Limited Governor of OhioName: Trenton AdamsParty: RepublicanPolitical Influence Points: 25State: OhioStarting Funds: 5,000,000Description: Governor Trenton Adams is no rookie to the political game. First elected as a City Commissioner of Dayton, Ohio at the age of 20, Adams has held many offices. He went on to be elected Mayor at the age of 24, an office he resigned two years into his term to run for state senator. At the age of 26, he'd already held three offices in the span of six years. He served two terms as a state senator before running for the House of Representatives at age 34. He won the Republican nomination by a slim majority of 2%. He ultimately lost the election to the incumbent democrat. Two years later he ran again, this time winning the election. After only serving as a Congressman for two years, Rep. Trenton Adams was sought out by the Ohio Republican Party to run for Governor. His maverick personality and moderate views made him a viable candidate after one term Governor Jackson Kiltwell announced he wouldn't seek a second term. (possible surrogate?) He won the republican nomination, and won the general election in a landslide. Adams went on to serve two terms as governor, and now, as an outgoing Governor, is running for President. He seemingly climbed the political ladder quickly. (if you want a description to put in for the primaries and the general election, let me know.)How Well Known: 5Established: 4 Leadership: 4, known for his maverick personality, good at uniting the two state factions of the Democratic and Republican partiesIntegrity: 5 Experience: 4, served in a wide array of officesIssues: 3Charisma: 4Stamina: 3Debating: 3Basic Political Views: Socially Moderate, Economically conservative, Supports States rights Additional Notes: Gov. Adams would most likely poll very well in Ohio, along with more moderate states like Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, New Mexico, etc. He would probably pick a conservative as his running mate to secure the core of the Republican party. Possibly a woman however, in order to appease moderates. Candidates like Jan Brewer or Mia Love.
  14. President Trenton Adams

    Neither Candidate Reaches 270

    Okay, I figured it out. Thanks!
  15. President Trenton Adams

    Neither Candidate Reaches 270

    Is there a way to dictate who wins an electoral split? Ex: 269 and 269 or a third party takes some of the electoral votes.