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    Question concerning the game.

    While I've learned c++, I'm more specialized in c#, so that'll take a lot of steps, but I can do it; if NYRepublican doesn't beat me to the punch first lol
  2. bobmart32

    Question concerning the game.

    I like counterstrike, but only because it's the better FPS games out there, and I gotta troll CS fans every once and a while I loved Civ 3 the most, and I play aoe2 on steam. When I was in Dubai, they were still selling the full packaged Warcraft 3 RoC and Frozen Throne for 10.00. I wish I bought it. It seems all modern gaming is is shootem ups and half-baked storylines.
  3. bobmart32

    Question concerning the game.

    (Idk how to delete this post....)
  4. bobmart32

    Question concerning the game.

    lol the 2 most modern games on my computer are Counterstrike and President Infinity. I grew up on older games like Mario and Donkey kong, and I can't stand WoW or most modern games. I love this game because it takes a risk. Politics and board games are usually left to old people, but this game is absolutely addicting and it only gets better every election it seems. As someone who wants to enter politics in my home country, I would love to contribute to this kind of project and I wouldn't even take credit, I would just be happy.
  5. bobmart32

    Question concerning the game.

    Hi, I'm new here, but I've been playing this game regularly since I was kid, starting with President forever 2004, and now President Infinity. I had just gotten my IT certs and recently, after playing one of the newer games, I was curious about learning more about the code. If any of the creators can confirm, PI is written in c++, with data parsing from xml. I would like to contribute to your game, with what little programming experience I have, for absolutely free. I ask for no credit in return. This software has been fun for me for years, and I am passionate about politics and I'm passionate about programming. Also, if you could tell me, what compiler and game engine was used?