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  1. Those three were quite good! Have you considered doing 2010, as well?
  2. PunPun

    2015 - STV Beta

    So I've been working on and off at an alternate history scenario where AV won the referendum, and while the version in PMI isn't perfect, it's what I've got to work with! Would appreciate feedback as it's still very much a beta, and any suggestions on parties to add, or adjustments to how the vote flows, would be greatly appreciated! United Kingdom - 2015 STV.zip
  3. Super excited, sneate scenarios are a lot of fun!
  4. Nobody has, and I'm not sure if there's a German Imperial map, but you'd certainly have more luck with Congress Infinity than President Infinity!
  5. By all means go for it, I'd buy it. Reading this thread had me reinstall K4E, and while it's not the prettiest looking it is still the only thing like it that I'm aware of.
  6. I would argue the 1925 Presidential election, where the KPD threw it to Hindenberg because defeating 'social fascism' was more important than 'actual fascism' was one of the most fascinating and closely run elections in the Republic's history, given it was just a handful of points between Wilhelm Marx, the Weimar Coalition candidate, and Hindenberg, the 'broad right' candidate. Making the proportional system work in anything but Chancellor Forever (which is very old and not super intuitive to play imo) is basically a non-starter as CI and PMI both can't handle PR style elections, and would likely explode if you tried to bodge a solution as far as I'm aware. But then, I'm not a coder so what the hell do I know?
  7. In any head to head Hindenburg is the strongest candidate, mostly because even at this stage there was a shrinking but still substantial portion of the German population that was terrified of Hitler and would vote for anyone short of Satan himself(or Ernst Thalmann), but you'd probably want to have the big industrialists as endorsers as they were the ones who underwrote the campaigns, and were a big part of Hitler doing so much better in the second round.
  8. You'd probably have a lot more success and more fun doing the 1932 Presidential election, though I'm not sure how the game would handle the multiple round system. As for Candidates you've got four in contention. Paul von Hindenberg, the incumbent President endorsed by the by basically every non-Nazi group that wasn't the Stahlhelm (Who weren't even anti-Nazi, more Nazi-ambivalent) and the KPD, who is by far the strongest candidate in terms of sheer vote share, money, name recognition, and personal popularity. Adolf Hitler, the NSDAP's candidate, historical second place finisher and future chancellor of Germany/worst thing to happen to Germany since the black plague. Ernst Thalmann, the KPD's candidate, here to try and split the vote so the people have to chose between Communism and Nazism (No prizes for guessing how that turned out) Theodor Dusterberg, the Stahlhelm candidate and initial rival to the NSDAP, only to collapse in ignominy when the NSDAP revealed he had jewish ancestry. This completely destroyed his credibility in the eyes of the German far-right, and he withdrew from the second round.
  9. PunPun

    1910 UK Election?

    The biggest problem for me, personally, would be the map. I only have maps of the modern borders of the UK, not one with the full ireland. If you can make one compatible with PMI, then shouldn't be a problem.
  10. The Old Republic stuff is quite fun! There's stuff that needs some fixing like names and such, but my first Valorum campaign was exciting and difficult.
  11. Here's what I've got so far. Done: Major Candidates and polling for Alabama - Arkansas and Minnesota - Wyoming Libertarian and Constitution Candidates and polling for Alabama - Arkansas and Minnesota - Wyoming To Do: Candidates and polling for California - Michigan Other third parties (Independence, Greens, Reform, etc.) as well as independent candidates Issues and Events Any help would be appreciated! House - 2010.zip
  12. Unfortunately not, at least not that I'm aware. I've been plugging away at my own 2010 House scenario for what feels like forever. California being the really big hang up I ran into. That said, if you want some help, I'm happy to share some of the burden with you.
  13. PunPun

    East Germany - 1990

    That'd be great! This is a really interesting and under-covered election.
  14. Had some good fun with this one, though am wondering if you'll update it based on all that's happened? I could give you a hand if you'd like, regarding candidates, and who's running where.
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