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  1. Wow! That’s so close, Ted Cruz needs to demand a recount.
  2. Fox News called it for Cruz.
  3. I'm actually a High School student right now.
  4. Born in Dallas and stayed in Dallas all my life.
  5. I wanted to add that we don't have term limits for certain Political positions. that cause problems as well.
  6. I know, but it sucks because all those states were decided by 1% and all I needed was one and I could of won.
  7. I made a promise sometime ago when @vcczar Released a poll on his 2020 Scenario. It mention about promising to play and post a play through I think? I finally got to it so here it is. I'm Trump by the way. Harris/Booker V. Trump/Pence Normal Mode
  8. The Process turn problem is happening. It seems to happen before Super Tuesday.
  9. I hope I don't have to delete Oklahoma to fix it.
  10. new problem has just arisen, now when I try to test the primaries it keeps saying " " is not a real integer value. It happens when I try to go to the Oklahoma primary in campaign editor. How do I change it if it won't let me? P.S I think the TGameengine process problem stopped, so that's good.
  11. I'm in the process of making my own scenario when I notice this keeps happening during the primaries. I also got this right after. Any idea why it's doing this?
  12. How did Biden lose Delaware in the primaries?
  13. I got the Congress Infinity Update. Thanks again, @admin_270!
  14. Its not a problem, I check the blog weekly. I just want to know why I'm being given President Infinity Links when I'm trying to get Congress Infinity Links.
  15. Well I've never been sent emails when the updates were released. I just did it manually.
  16. But why is it giving me a President Infinity Link instead of Congress Infinity?
  17. I trying to download the new Congress Infinity update and I made sure that I SPECIFICALLY clicked on in and when it sends me the download link. Is it supposed to say PI instead of CI?
  18. Is there a Issue Background picture so I can make my own issue images? or if there's a tutorial somewhere i'm fine with that to.
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