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    PA Gubernatorial election poll 2018

    I was surprised I won. wolf had a seven point lead leading into election night.

    PA Gubernatorial election poll 2018

    This was my play-through. (I was Santorum)

    Forum Constitutional Convention Proposals and Discussion

    I think it would be better if term limit for senators are down to two. six years is a long time.

    2008 Scenario (Continues from 2008)

    I think you mean 2000. Right?
  5. Played as Bill Weld in the closest Election I've ever Played. This is the first time I played a Senate Scenario Since I never really thought they were as exciting as a presidential one, but this was really well made! I think once Endorsers are added it will make it a much better experience!
  6. I promise that this is my last name change.


    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Welp, After trying to clean my folders on my laptop I think I might of bump something and my 2004 File that I was using was corrupted and unable to be used. Sadly this has ended my 2004 Projections Style thing I was trying to do. I will however, do something like this in a future play through and in much simpler format because this ... was painful.

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Welcome back to another Primary Day! Tonight Virginia and Tennessee are voting, and we are gonna go straight to the Projections. We Project That...t

    beating Reagan in 1980 (VCCzar)

    That's weird. Because anytime I simulate a Bush vs Carter Election, Carter always wins.

    I am Sorry,Hillary

    I feel that if the Electoral College is tied, or no one meets a majority. It should go to the person who won the popular vote. I know that's not how it is, but that is what I wish it was.

    Illinois 2010 Senate

    Why were they talking about a 2010 senate scenario when they were still in 2008?

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Welcome back to another Caucus night. Tonight is the Maine Caucus, but before wee go straight to the projection lets take a look at the general election. 47.9% of the country are planning to re-elect George Bush and 45.8% are planning to vote for a democrat. right now there is 5% total of people who are undecided. Big battleground states coming up in the general election is Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Connecticut. And now we are ready to show you the results of tonight's Democratic Caucus. We Project that... Another Contest won by John Edwards! We will now count up the total of delegates and Contests the Democrats have won. John Edwards (4) Howard Dean (2) Bob Graham (2) Richard Gephardt (1) Joe Lieberman (1) Wesley Clark (1) John Kerry (1) Current map of the contests so far. Delegates so far.

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Welcome back to another Primary Night! Tonight two states will be voting for the nominee of the democratic party. Washington and Michigan. Michigan is worth 155 delagates Washington is worth 95 delagates both big states the candidates are gonna want to win. And now we are ready to project tonight's winner. We Project that... A huge win for Howard Dean tonight by winning by a large margin in Michigan, asserting him self to be a powerful for against John Edwards. However, John Edwards also won the Washington primary in a close battle and is the considered still to be the front-runner. We will be Back in a couple days for the Maine Caucus where we will reflect on the Primary so far and take a look at the total delegates the candidates have and need to lock the nomination.

    1988- Playthrough- Democratic primaries

    I know you haven't posted in a while, but is Louisiana really worth 241 delegates in the republican primary?

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    I just use PowerPoint.