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  1. They also had favorable political environments, with HW being the VP for a popular Reagan administration and LBJ leaving office with a 50% approval rating.
  2. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    I am very proud to be part of our first president's cabinet. While I do realize that I would definitely would have liked to see more of a balance between Anti-Federalists and Federalists, I will work to the best of my abilities to serve my country.
  3. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    On a further note, I would like to announce my candidacy for the United States Senate, differing from my original plans to run for Governor of South Carolina. It the absolute number one priority to get Anti-Federalist representation in Congress, so we can set forth the future of this country.
  4. America usually elects the more charismatic candidate because that candidate can connect with voters more
  5. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    It is a shame that we could not get any Anti-Federalist representation in the White House. Although we know little of the political ideology of the President-elect Jefferson Blunt, we hope that he can lead this country with dignity and honor, and consider the political views of not just his allies, but opposition as well, along with Vice-President elect Mr. Lewis.
  6. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    I mean, he's casting his vote as Richard Taylor, who seems to be pretty Anti-Federalist
  7. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    Gen. John Jacob Rutledge casts his votes for Gov. James Dayton of New Jersey, and Gen. John Jacob Rutledge of South Carolina.
  8. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    @vcczarI'm assuming we can vote for ourselves?
  9. Joshen

    Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    Love the Ron Paul for Treasury pick
  10. Joshen

    Forum Political Compass

  11. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    Name: John Jacob Rutledge State: South Carolina Political Party: Anti-Federalist Age: 53 Current Profession: Shopkeeper, former General Short-term goal: South Carolina State Governor Long-term goal: President Background: Coming from a poor-as-dirt family, John Rutledge gained fame as a pub manager, and riled up the bar often with thunderous speeches filled with hatred of the British. As his pub gained fame, he was a hot heated figure, and had multiple duels with rival pub owners, which he all won. He fought in the Revolutionary War and was known for his valiant efforts when the Americans were badly outnumbered. He is very popular in South Carolina, and created a large shop which attracts many visitors each day. He believes in very small government, very little taxes, and is pro-slavery. @vcczar
  12. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    @vcczar if ok I would like to change my guy. I want to try something different, that will be more fun and step outside of my normal self.
  13. Joshen

    US Presidential History RP

    Name: John Harper State: Virginia Political Party: Independent Age: 45 Current Profession: Lawyer Short-term goal: State governor Long-term goal: President or Senate Maj. Leader Background: John Harper was born in a middle class family. He quickly rose up ranks from working hard and reading books. Graduating college from Yale University, he became a lawyer, and gained a large fortune. A veteran who fought in the revolutionary war, he is known as a hero in his hometown. He is articulate and a good speaker. Ideologically, he stands for small government, low taxes, free trade, and is not very religious.
  14. Joshen

    1988 Roleplay

    iirc hw's approval rating spiked up by 20% near the gulf war. maybe if he doesn't get hit by the economy downturn as bad, his approval rating stays pretty high
  15. Joshen

    1988 Roleplay

    Well for RP purposes we can assume that the impact on the economy wasn't as bad as it was with HW, and then there are various foreign policy successes