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  1. Potential 2020 Scenario

    "Potential". Adding people who might run or people may want to play as, not realistic (tbh I think if Snyder ran, the water crisis would just crumble his whole campaign).
  2. Potential 2020 Scenario

    I'm gonna add more to it over time. This is like version 0.0.1 lmao. I added 2 Republican candidates (Rick Snyder and Rick Scott) and a few issues (Russia, The Hollywood Sexual Assault stuff and the Roy Moore stuff). I'm gonna add a lot more candidates and issues. Its weird how much our political landscape has changed in a year lol. https://www.mediafire.com/file/38azocz99dc6tni/United States - 2020 Potential.rar United States - 2020 Potential.rar