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  1. Played as Kennedy\McCarthy against a Rockefeller\Reagan unity ticket (as was at one point considered against Nixon) and Wallace\Chandler (his original VP choice before irreconcilable differences on segregation). Full Results: BobbyK.csv
  2. WVProgressive

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    Fmr. Rev. and current Vice-Sconlair George Whitfield announces Sconlair run with Theodore Abner. Platform focuses on christian influences on policy (socially Conservative, economically Left-Wing).
  3. WVProgressive


    Played as Kennedy\Stevenson Vs. Eisenhower\Nixon in 1952. Full Results: Kennedy'52.csv
  4. WVProgressive

    Presidential Growth Campaign

    Growth Party announces a national convention to organize a platform, and select candidates for Sconlair Vice-Sconlair, and Council. @FrancisXKennedy@Illinois Moderate Illinois Moderate ×
  5. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    What the hell does that even mean!?
  6. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    And sadly many Americans .
  7. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    But they aren't socialist.
  8. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    What about how the how the Nordic Model made Scandinavia the happiest region in the world.
  9. WVProgressive

    New Historical President RP

    Alexander Bunt Jr. while visiting family friends in Providence endorses his friend Federalist RI Governor William Davies. Davies releases his platform Slavery: Protect slavery where it exist currently and below the Mason-Dixon line but ban it above as per the Missouri Compromise. Slave revolts threaten national stability and should be dealt with as such. War of 1811 and Military: I lost my only son in that war and it changed me, I can not support sending boys to die in a politicians war. Economic Policy: Protective tariff to encourage economic expansion. Find ways to quicken economic recovery from war. Slightly increase taxes to pay off debt quicker, look for ways so this won't hurt workers. French Relations: They now surround us and were the only reason were still independent and as such we need to be on good relation with them, but we should try to enhance ourselves so we wont need them again. British Relations: They have a powerful presence in world affairs and we should tread lightly with them, we should seek to bring in more trade with them. Immigration: Encourage skilled immigrants to come to america to offset war losses. Army: A volunteer army used only for defense. Expansion: We need to expand everywhere we can to increase our national power, but only peacefully. @vcczar
  10. WVProgressive

    It's about time

    At first he was grateful for a security update, then we talked about ransomware attacks, then he pointed me to his resistance game, and most recently it became about his goofball governor.
  11. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    I agree I didn't respond like I should've, but I've learned and grown since then, you'll be facing a much stronger Progressive opponent than last time.
  12. WVProgressive

    It's about time

    What do you mean by this?
  13. WVProgressive

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    I'll play Ricky. Never watched the show but I'd be willing to watch it to get into character better.
  14. WVProgressive

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    Thank you.
  15. WVProgressive

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    How do I upload a campaign?