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  1. That's probably a good idea, and it's not like the RP was exactly active before hand anyway. This RP is officially in hiatus, until we can find more players to make both primary races competitive.
  2. In @CentristGuy's defence, the NAZI's demonized, and scapegoated people who didn't have a lot of societal power, jews, romani, homsexuals, and the like. What he's talking about is one of the world's only two hyperpowers, coming in, and fucking his country for its own gain, it's perfectly justified for him to hate the Chinese for what their doing to his country. It's more tantamount to a 19th century Rwandan, hating Germans for colonizing his homeland, which brings me to my next point. While yes, not ALL, Chinese people support the CPC's actions in the Philippines, the vast majority do, much as the vast majority of germans, supported African colonization, and viewed Africans as subhumans. To sum up, my point is this; It's perfectly natural for the colonized to hate colonizers, and what China is doing is tantamount to colonizing the Philippines.
  3. Which president is the best president of your lifetime? Obama Why? He expanded protection for sexual, and gender minorities, he helped pass the Credit CARD Act, and though I'm no fan of some of the ACA, the ban denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions is something I'm all for. Which president is the worst president of your lifetime? Bush Jr. Why? Two wars, and he deregulated the economy, which led to the Great Recession, which led to the rise of right leaning populism seen in the Tea Party movement, which gave us Trump. Who do you think is the best president before you were born? FDR Why? From the FDIC Social Security, his New Deal programs continue to affect America, for the better, in my opinion. Who do you think is the worst president before you were born? Andrew Jackson Why? Indian Removal Act. Need I say more? Who is the most overrated president? Reagan Why? Voodoo Economics, Iran-Contra, Funding Third World Death Squads, Star Wars, the list goes on. Who is the most underrated president? LBJ Why? The Vietnam War was awful, but in my opinion, his Great Society overshadows it. Who is your favorite nominee that has ever lost a race for president? George McGovern Why? Who is your favorite candidate that has ever lose a race to be party nominee? Bernie Sanders Why? I can't deny the massive influence Bernie's 2016 run had on my politics, nor would I want to. What current politician do you hope runs in 2024 or 2028? Jeff Merkley Why? He reminds me of Bernie Sanders, in many ways, both stalwart progressives from deep blue states. Who is your favorite international politician of your lifetime? Why? Would Tony Benn count? He left electoral politics in the 90s but only died in 2014, technically putting him in my lifetime. If not him, then probably Jean-Luc Melenchon
  4. Thank you. @BetOnBeto @Reagan04 @Hestia11 @Mr.Blood @Cenzonico Now that all active candidates have chosen a scandal number, you all can begin campaigning. Please remember to PM me with backroom dealing, endorsement requests, and interview requests.
  5. I still need @Cenzonico to pick a scandal number, but in the meantime this the polling for the first turn. Dated January 1st, 1968 Republican Primary: National Polling Nelson Rockefeller 44% Barry Goldwater 34% Undecided/Other 22% Hypothetical National Polling With Richard Nixon Barry Goldwater 20% Nelson Rockefeller 25% Richard Nixon 45% Undecided 10% With Edward Brooke Barry Goldwater 35% Edward Brooke 15% Nelson Rockefeller 30% Undecided 20% With George Romney George Romney 20% Barry Goldwater 35% Nelson Rockefeller 25% Undecided 20% New Hampshire Polling Barry Goldwater 45% Nelson Rockefeller 35% Undecided 20% Wisconsin Polling Barry Goldwater 35% Nelson Rockefeller 45% Undecided 20% Democratic Primary: National Polling with Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson 43% Robert F. Kennedy 45% Undecided 12% National Polling when Johnson is excluded Robert F. Kennedy 85% Other 5% Undecided 10% Hypothetical National Polling With Hubert Humphrey Hubert H. Humphrey 40% Robert F. Kennedy 45% Undecided 15% New Hampshire Polling with Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson 40% Robert F. Kennedy 40% Undecided 20% New Hampshire without Johnson Robert F. Kennedy 78% Other 12% Undecided 10% Indiana Polling Robert F. Kennedy 35% Lyndon B. Johnson 15% Birch Bayh 40% Undecided 10% General Election RFK vs Barry, and Wallace Robert F. Kennedy 45% Barry Goldwater 38% George Wallace 12% Undecided 5% RFK vs Rockey, and Wallace Robert F. Kennedy 36% Nelson Rockefeller 34% George Wallace 20% Undecided 10%
  6. I probably won't include it, if I'm being honest.
  7. My plan is to break campaigning down into two sets, Primary Campaigning, and Backroom Wheel-Dealing. Primary campaigning will work just like it would in any other RP, but Backroom Wheel-Dealing will be slightly diffrent. Backroom Wheel-Dealing will be more akin to meeting with the party bosses of a given state, in an attempt to convince them to give you their state delegates, and will be done in PMs rather than in the thread. How does that sound?
  8. Every two days irl will be a week in the RP. How Favorite sons will work is that, unless a player selects them, they will be “Controlled” by me, and will act as more high power endorsers that can deliver the delegates of their state to their endorsed candidate, than actual candidates. When you select a candidate please also select a number between 1 and 200, which is how I’ll determine who, if anyone, gets hit by a scandal. The Candidates: Italics = Favorite Sons Democrats: Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson Sen. Eugene McCarthy Sen. Robert F. Kennedy @BetOnBeto Gov. Lester Maddox Sen. George McGovern Vice Pres. Hubert H. Humphrey Economist Ken Galbraith Rep. Don Edwards Sen. Frank Church Ret. Gen. James M. Gavin Rev. Channing Phillips Gov. Mills Godwin Gov. Richard J. Hughes Gov. John McKeithen Sen. George Smathers Gov. John Connally Gov. Buford Ellington Gov. Robert E. McNair Sen. Edmund Muskie Sen. Birch Bayh @Mr.Blood Sen. Stephen M. Young Gov. Harold Hughes Atty Gen of California Tom Lynch Gov. Warren Hearnes Gov. Rodger D. Branigan Rep. Joe Resnick Republicans: Fmr. VP. Richard Nixon Gov. Ronald Reagan Gov. Nelson Rockefeller @Hestia11 Fmr. Gov. Harold Stassen Rep Bob Taft Jr. Sen. Chuck Percy Sen. Mark Hatfield Gov. George Romney Sen. Edward Brooke Fmr. Gov. Bill Scranton Sen. Barry Goldwater @Reagan04 Rep. Everett Dirksen Amb. Henry Cabot Lodge Mayor of NYC John Lindsay Sen. Thruston B. Morton Sen. Frank Carlson Sen. Clifford Case Sen. Hiram Fong Gov. Jim Rhodes Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller Gov. Daniel J. Evans Gov. Spiro Agnew Gov. Dewey F. Bartlett Gov. Claude R. Kirk Jr. Sen. John Tower Gov. Wally Hickel Sen. Howard Baker Gov. John Volpe Sen. Strom Thurmond American Independent: Gov. George Wallace @Cenzonico Other: Eldridge Cleaver – Peace and Freedom Party Henning Blomen – Socialist Labor Party Fred Halstead – Socialist Workers Party E. Harold Munn - Prohibition Party Charlene Mitchell – Communist Party
  9. I think I need to post my events for this turn, if not, please ignore this post @Mr.Blood The PPA launches a new ad in New England "Accomplishments". Male Narrator: "The Unity Party is encouraging voters to think hard this November, and the Progressive Party Agrees. This November we want you to ask the question; What has Olympia Snowe ever done for you? Did she help expand access to healthcare? Nope, she voted against Obamacare, and opposes further efforts to fix the American Healthcare system. Did she work to protect immigrants? No, Snowe voted against the DREAM Act, and voted to make English the official language of the United States. What about abortion rights? In 2005 Olympia Snowe helped push Samuel Alito into the Supreme Court, one the most conservative voices on the bench, and a routine opponent of a woman's right to choose. Elizabeth Warren meanwhile, has a history of fighting for everyday people. She was the brain behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which helps hold banks, and other financial institutions accountable. In the Senate, Warren has fought for continued regulations on the financial industry, to prevent another economic crash like we saw in 2009, and worked to expand America's social safety net. Vote for Elizabeth Warren, and the Progressive Party on November 3rd, there is no alternative. Elizabeth Warren campaigns in Seattle Washington, talking about the PPA's plan to eliminate student debt through quantitative easing, which would also help boost gross domestic product, narrow the widening racial wealth gap and liberate millions of Americans from a financial albatross that previous generations never had to contend with. Richard Ojeda gives a speech in Houston, Texas. "I'm very proud to be co-leader of the Progressive Party, because this is the people's party, and next January, we will restore the government to the people of this country. One of our first priorities when we get into office will be to construct full employment economy, that doesn't require constant war. If we have to depend on war, we're in sad shape in this country. You know, that's really the argument that the Communists make. They say our society won't work unless we have a war going on. Now, frankly, I don't believe that. At the end of WWII, we had full employment after that war. And the reason is that we set about doing the things we needed to do that we couldn't do with the war on. Now, those problems are still here. We need new housing, new environmental protection programs, and if we stop the waste that's going on due to our constant state of war, we can provide a job for every man and woman who wants to work. And we pledge to pursue that. Let the opposition collect their $20 million in secret money from the privileged few, and let us find one million ordinary Americans who will contribute $25 each to this campaign, a million-member club with members who will not expect special favors for themselves, but a better land for us all. Thank you.
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