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  1. I honestly think the parties are diffrent enough for them both to exist. In creating the National Alliance you state: "His current post is as the Boston Port Collector, though he has been in talks with men across the nation to form a political coalition to rival the growing opposition to Washington's policies.", and in my mind that would mean the NAP is made up of supporters of Washington's policies, meanwhile the ARP is made up of people opposing Washington from the left. Let us also remember that, besides the tariff issue, and the National Bank question, the two parties don't agree on much, you explicitly state in the NAP description, that it holds no strong stance with regard to the slave issue, which ARP supporters would view as supporting slavery, since apathy is opposition to progress, by way of inaction. The ARP also opposes war on moralistic grounds, while the NAP explicitly states that one of their top priorities is the militant expansion of US borders.
  2. How is this? I'm a bit confused on whether we need to use historical statesmen, or if we can make our own, so if you could clarify that be great. The American Radical Party was founded 1795 by Quaker preacher, William Maitland(b. 1735) of Philadelphia, who is also the party's candidate for president in 1796. It's ideology is highly progressive (for it's time), supporting the abolition of slavery, extending suffrage to all white men, and women, and the creation of a National University. Economically the party is in favor of using tariffs for revenue generation, and is in support of the National Bank. Thank you to @MBDemSoc for advising me to rename the Liberty Party.
  3. 1.Sanders 2. Buttigieg 3. Warren 4. Biden 5. Klobuchar
  4. Melenchon appeals to college students in Toulouse Melenchon campaigns in Marseille, emphasizing his progressive credentials with regards to social issues Melenchon campaigns in Normandy, emphasizing his support for greater funding of France's social safety net. Melenchon attacks Macron for his support of support of the European Union while in Grand Est
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