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  1. US Presidential History RP

    @vcczar I'm interested. How's this? Name: Jefferson Bunt State: VA Political Party: Independent Age: 58 Current Profession: Judge Short term goal: To become an Assoc Justice Long term goal: To become President Background: Jefferson Bunt was born the son of Alexander Bunt a justice of the peace in Essex county and Elizabeth Watkins in Essex county. Choosing to follow in his fathers footsteps he began studying law at an early age. He is now a justice on Virginians supreme court of appeals. A stoic and reserved person he has a longing for power and is eyeing the Supreme Court as a stepping stone possibly to the presidency.
  2. UK 1950 as Labour

    I didn't make the campaign, @JDrakeify did.
  3. UK 1950 as Labour

    Played as Labour and got a landslide. Full results: results.csv
  4. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    Oh. https://www.paulajean2018.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paula_Jean_Swearengin
  5. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    LOL. Seriously though you have heard of Paula Jean Swearengin right?
  6. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    I am a registered Mountain Party member but this might change if a certain coal miner's daughter wins the democrats senate nomination this year .
  7. Civics education sucks

    Asking children and foreigners about U.S history is extremely sketchy and shows Praguer U. can't be trusted.
  8. Official Made in America website

    Which bills did she vote with him on.
  9. Official Made in America website

    No she labels herself a democrat but I haven't looked at her voting record in depth yet so I'm not sure about her ideology.
  10. 2016 Austrialia

    Played as Nick Xenophon Team and got 2 seats. Full results: results.csv
  11. Are you Democrat or Republican?

    I got a 100% Democrat even though I often side with the Mountain Party when it comes to elections. They seem to be conflating Democrat with left wing even though the majority of high ranking in power ( Tom Perez Joe Manchin Jim Costa etc.) are center-right.
  12. 1994 HOR election

    Played as Democrats and even increased the vote total. Merrill Cook won her seat in Utah. Full result: 1994.csv
  13. NDP Cullen Majority 2015

    Played as the NDP and got this result. . Full results: results.csv
  14. SDS on Diplomacy

    For the New Left I think this refers to a resurgence of American Communism focused on Maoism but I'm unsure about New Right.
  15. Greatest Political Speeches

    My favorite speech is probably Tony Benn's impassioned plea for peace before the vote to bomb Iraq in the House of Commons in 1998. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfXmpJRZPYI