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  1. WVProgressive


    The wreath thing is a non issue, no apology needed. He shouldn't have apologized for the Holocaust memorial event. the IHRA guidelines are just used to shut down criticism of Israel and the labour party was right to ignore them. Attacking Zionism isn't an attack on jews especially the way Jeremy Corbyn used it, simple as that.
  2. WVProgressive


    I's this about him criticizing Israel, because that's not anti-semitism, that's criticizing a state committing humanitarian travesties, unless you mean to say we can't criticize the house of saud or North Korea.
  3. WVProgressive


    If he resigns, let's not sell Mr. Corbyn out he could very well be prime-minister.
  4. WVProgressive


    To be fair wasn't the Labour party founded as explicitly a Socialist party with clause 4 and all?
  5. WVProgressive

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    There's also the putting kids into concentration camps detention centers, so it's a bit more than saying mean things.
  6. WVProgressive

    Political Parties

    1: What! How are Democrats moving left, they're ineffectual flailing in the wind babbling about Russia, and failing at every semblance of being an opposition party. 2: Yes it is, you only need to look at the IMF and how it forces countries to serve it and it's people to the interests of capital. It's a global economy, America and the west rely on the exploitation of the thirld world.
  7. WVProgressive

    Political Parties

    We are in a global economy, most of the world runs off the exploitation of third world peoples. Really? Most Liberals I see decry Antifa as the real fascists, and cling to a perceived need to be civil and remained united. Well to be fair the Republican party is in many ways a Liberal party.
  8. WVProgressive

    Political Parties

    No they don't, what Liberal is arguing for worker control of the means of production, what Socialist is calling for continued imperialism, the answer is none.
  9. WVProgressive

    Political Parties

    You should really spell check your articles before publishing them, it's "Islamophobic" by the way. Your wording makes it seem like you think of socialists as another offshoot of liberalism, rather than a totally separate and opposing ideology.
  10. WVProgressive

    Political Parties

    So, communists? Or are you using "far-left" to mean social democrats and some further left liberals...
  11. WVProgressive

    What Would be Your Platform If You Ran for President

    These are two year old post, I'm sure @Reagan04's beliefs have changed.
  12. WVProgressive


    Here's mine, seems I'm in good company.
  13. WVProgressive

    New Historical President RP

    Name and office: Harry Grant owner of Militant a far-left newspaper Age: 42 Party: Socialist Labor Resident state: Minnesota VP nominee: Ted Hardinge Key Issue to Defend in Theoretical Debate: Anarcho-Socialism as a viable alternative to capitalism. Platform: National Strength: This list is nothing more than an attempt by capitalists to pit the peoples of the world against each other. Military Strength: The military is a tool of the bourgeoisie, it must be abolished. Foreign Affairs: Support anti-colonial rebels around the world. Pursue a doctrine of pacifism, war is a fundamental evil against mankind. Military: Remove all US foreign bases immediately, this is horrendous imperialism! Economy: The means of production should be nationalized, temporarily and devolved directly to the workers. Trade: Free trade enriches capitalists at the detriment of workers, it has to be stopped. Budget: Capitalism needs a state to survive, begin a process of devolution to local communities. Repudiate the debt as it is capitalist exploitation. Social Harmony: No comment Immigration: Borders are an artificial construct of a capitalistic state, abolish quotas and vetting. Immigration is a natural outgrowth of imperialism and the forced uneven economic development of nations. "Free trade" agreements have eliminated national borders to enrich the capitalists, while the capitalists have erected borders against humans displaced by the effects of global capitalism. Mood of the people: The capitalist propaganda machine has manipulated, and deceived people into believing that the current state of affairs is actually beneficial to them, instead of the reality of the situation being one of capitalist exploitation of the proletariat. Party Power: Campaign for fellow Anarcho-Socialists even if I do not win the nomination. Popularity of the Incumbent: No comment.
  14. WVProgressive

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.
  15. WVProgressive

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Got it Sanders 2016, and Gabbard 2020.