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  1. Socialist Geek

    Colombia Prez Election First Round

    Access violation error for the first round. Ugh, my progress might be wiped out again.
  2. Socialist Geek

    1912 Election Glitch

    There is a glitch for the 1912 Election in these three states. I was leading in Pennsylvania by a big margin and ended up losing by 30 or so points. Sad!
  3. Socialist Geek

    1960 Election Glitch

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. The scenario that I have been playing is not created by the Historical Commission.
  4. Socialist Geek

    1960 Election Glitch

    Inaccurate. Washington DC was not part of the Electoral College until 1964
  5. Socialist Geek

    1960 Election Glitch

    I was playing the 1960 scenario and there were these odd faults with the election counting and results, as if they had been rigged. Please fix.
  6. Socialist Geek

    HELP! How to Gain Support (and win) as Sanders?

    So basically don't put too much attention on Iowa or New Hampshire? Because if I win them I get more national attention.
  7. Hi everyone! I've played many user-created scenarios these past few weeks and I have managed to win multiple times. But when I implement my strategy of targeting states, running ads, going to almost every region, fundraising etc when running as Sanders (in primaries), I have not been able to overtake Hillary. Does anybody (Sanders players, non-Sanders players) have any good campaign strategies that you could tell me so that I can win the primaries? Thanks!
  8. Socialist Geek

    Arkansas - 2002 (Governor)

    It would be great if you could update the scenario once more with other Democratic politicians in Arkansas at the time. I am pretty sure that Arkansas had a lot of capable people at the time. Also, I wanted to ask about undecideds. I'm playing your scenario as a Democrat, and it seems that in both Republican and the General Election, the undecided numbers are over the top (I have Fog of War on btw). In the Republican primaries, undecided voters are 67.7%. In the General Election, 28.3%, more than the GOP candidate Huckabee. Any ideas why?