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  1. People are gonna still write Kanye in anyway. It happened to Bernie in 2016.
  2. Yeah he hasn't, if does he will have to work hard on getting ballot access.
  3. Both have a equal chance, but who knows what could happen at this point?
  4. I know, I would have gone into it but I get invested when I comes to typing, it would be a whole wall of text. California would be the most interesting option. We put Schwarzenegger in the Governor's Mansion after all.
  5. I think it's totally possible for Kanye to enter the political scene, when? Who knows. He would probably just jump straight to the primaries and try to the win the nomination. He has the money and the name recognition to do it. If Trump did it, why can't he? Senator West, kinda has a ring to it. Where would he actually run if he went for a Senate seat? I would write more, but I get too into it sometimes so I'll leave it here.
  6. 1. Considering the amount of Left-ist parties in the parliament, It only makes sense for them to make a big coalition, they have a supermajority anyway, so might as well. 2. I imagine the world have mixed feelings to a American legislature that had parties on the left and far-left control over half of it. But in the long-run, I would say no. 3. Considering the make-up of the parliament, no I don't think so. This stems from a ideological stance, but also due to parties on the extreme fringe having more than 50%. I just see it as a recipe for disaster. 4. None of the parties represent my political values so NO, It would not.
  7. Trump dropping out? He wouldn't.
  8. Everybody's favorite segregationist, George Wallace.
  9. The great Resurrection is here!
  10. Mike Garcia and Christy Smith will fight again for this seat in November so this special election will not matter too much. Gavin is making us vote by mail, though this election had a few in-person voting booths here and there. Which, likely affected the outcome.
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