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  1. Can't wait for California to come in
  2. 5%, alright well here is one state I for sure could have done better in.
  3. Honestly I'm most curious about American Samoa
  4. I knew Gore would help!
  5. I'll give my consensus: We seem to be overperforming everywhere, best result so far in Vermont, managed to beat Beto in some states. Seems like a good night for us.
  6. This is shaping up to be fun!
  7. Terry got more of the Raw popular vote but... Biden did better in percentage by .01%
  8. Quick Question, are we going by poll closing times or is it random?
  9. Mike Gravel travels to Burbank, California for one final word before Super Tuesday. "It's here, the final mark before Super Tuesday! I wish the other candidates godspeed for this pivotal moment in this primary. This will be short and straight to the point. This is our chance to shake this race up! We have gone from nothing to this! A movement of passionate supporters that want to fight for what is right! For full decriminalization and for the end of the War on Drugs, the end to our useless wars, Health Care is an human right, Housing is an human right, Justice For All, and so much more. We might not have the money or the influence, but we have supports all across the country and people on the ground spreading our message. Our platform is centered on a mission of ending all wars, but also not only our murderous wars of choice abroad, but our disastrous war on drugs, the war on crime, and the everyday war on this country’s working class. Our goal is a country defined by peace and justice, not by violence, inequality, and poverty. I am Former Senator of Alaska Mike Gravel, a proud fighter for a message of anti-imperialism and direct democracy, for the working class, for our teachers, our parents, our children, for all Americans! On Super Tuesday, vote, vote, vote!"
  10. Gotta get that act together so Beto doesn't lose his voters to you.
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