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  1. Caprice

    1852 Election Update

    On it! Also, if I remember correctly, you were some ways through 1840.
  2. Caprice

    1852 Election Update

    Third-Party Bids to Add: George T. Troup (Southern Rights): Got 5% in Alabama; could also appear in Georgia for the Independent Democratic slate that got 9.3%, but given the precedent set by 1832's lack of a Barbour slate across the South, this will likely go under Democrats. Daniel Webster (Union Whig): Got 8.5% in Georgia, 1.3% in Massachusetts Jacob Broom (American) got .9% of the vote in New Jersey, falling below the 1% inclusion line.
  3. Caprice

    App to redraw the states

    Two counties changed.
  4. Caprice

    The resistance game

    Liberal Crime Squad. By the bloke who did Dwarf Fortress IIRC.
  5. Caprice

    1840 US Election update

    Here's a contemporary picture of Smith.
  6. Caprice

    1840 US Election update

    Birney's candidacy seems to have been decided by 1839, though I did find a couple other what-if candidates: William Lloyd Garrison (34 at time of election, 35 on Inauguration Day): What if the radical anti-constitutionalist and president of the American Anti-Slavery Society sought the nomination? Gerrit Smith (43 in 1840): What if one of the main organizers of the Liberty Party decided to seek its nomination earlier than in reality? John P. Hale is too young and currently a Democrat.
  7. Caprice

    1840 US Election update

    Any Liberty what-ifs, or is it just Birney still?
  8. That sounds amazing. A contest between VPs more than anything.
  9. Caprice

    US Election 1836 Update

    I'm fine with that. I was actually going to try to mod them in when you released this, but I no longer have to, thanks!
  10. Caprice

    US Election 1836 Update

    So there will be primaries?
  11. Caprice

    US Election 1836 Update

    What about the Anti-Masons as a what-if? They were planning to renominate Wirt, but he didn't want to be renominated (and also died), so they nominated Harrison.
  12. Caprice

    General Historical Scenarios Update

    Thank you!
  13. Caprice

    General Historical Scenarios Update

    I listed the candidates per scenario so far, and here are my results: John Adams: 1788-1812 John Quincy Adams: 1804-1836 Samuel Adams: 1788-1800 Fisher Ames: 1800 James Armstrong: 1788 John Bell: 1836 Thomas Hart Benton: 1828-1836 James Buchanan: 1828-1836 Aaron Burr: 1792-1820, 1828 John C. Calhoun: 1820-1836 Lewis Cass: 1828-1836 Langdon Cheves: 1824 Henry Clay: 1812-1836 John M. Clayton: 1832-1836 DeWitt Clinton: 1804-1828 George Clinton: 1788-1812 William H. Crawford: 1812-1832 John J. Crittenden: 1828, 1836 Davy Crockett: 1828-1832 Andrew Jackson Donelson: 1836 Oliver Ellsworth: 1796 Millard Fillmore: 1836 John Floyd: 1832-1836 Benjamin Franklin: 1788 Horatio Gates: 1788 Elbridge Gerry: 1800-1812 Alexander Hamilton: 1792-1820, 1828 John Hancock: 1788-1792 Robert H. Harrison: 1788 William Henry Harrison: 1812-1836 John Henry: 1796 Patrick Henry: 1788-1796 Sam Houston: 1828-1832 Samuel Huntington: 1788-1792 James Iredell: 1796 Andrew Jackson: 1812-1836 John Jay: 1788-1820 Thomas Jefferson: 1788-1816 Samuel Johnston: 1796 Richard Mentor Johnson: 1832-1836 Rufus King: 1800, 1808-1824 William Rufus King: 1832-1836 Henry Laurens: 1788 Henry Lee: 1800-1804 Richard Henry Lee: 1788-1792 Benjamin Lincoln: 1788 Nathaniel Macon: 1824 William Maclay: 1788-1792 James Madison: 1788-1820, 1828 William L. Marcy: 1828-1836 Willie Person Mangum: 1828-1836 John Marshall: 1804-1828 George Mason: 1788 John McLean: 1828-1836 John Milton: 1788 James Monroe: 1796-1828 Gouverneur Morris: 1800-1804 Robert Morris: 1788-1800 Harrison Gray Otis: 1812-1836 Thomas Paine: 1788 Charles Wilson Peale: 1788 Timothy Pickering: 1816 C. C. Pinckney: 1792-1812 Thomas Pinckney: 1796 James K. Polk: 1832-1836 John Randolph: 1808-1832 Richard Rush: 1824 John Rutledge: 1788-1792 Winfield Scott: 1828-1836 William H. Seward: 1836 Roger Sherman: 1788 Simon Snyder: 1812-1816 Thaddeus Stevens: 1832 Edward Telfair: 1788 Daniel Tompkins: 1812-1820 Smith Thompson: 1824 John Tyler: 1828-1836 Martin Van Buren: 1824-1836 Artemas Ward: 1788-1792 George Washington: 1788-1800 Daniel Webster: 1816-1836 Hugh Lawson White: 1828-1836 James Wilson: 1788-1792 William Wirt: 1824-1832 Levi Woodbury: 1828-1836 Only four candidates have non-contiguous ranges. Three of them (Hamilton, Burr, and Madison) are due to @jvikings1 doing the 1824 election and having different candidate criteria, but what strikes me is that Rufus King doesn't appear in the 1804 scenario, which was, like most of the rest, made by @vcczar. EDIT 03/28/2018: 1836 added. John J. Crittenden is now non-contiguous, appearing in 1828 and 1836, but not 1832.
  14. Caprice

    Final Update: US 1828

    What about the "last winner of this state" things? I imagine the Democrats will inherit from Jackson and the Nat. Reps. will inherit from Adams.
  15. Caprice

    Final Update: US 1828

    What parties are they in?