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  1. Final Update: US 1828

    What about the "last winner of this state" things? I imagine the Democrats will inherit from Jackson and the Nat. Reps. will inherit from Adams.
  2. Final Update: US 1828

    What parties are they in?
  3. Calling for someone to bug fix a lost election game.

    I did download the compiled game and did a couple of test runs. It's fun, but it does keep bugging out and/or crashing, though not as badly as I expected. I once saw someone polling -1%, which should not be possible.
  4. Political Party BOARD Game

    Perhaps PP tokens could be round as opposed to the square...squares. Also, the cards count as pieces. The year cards, region cards, and era cards are on the board, while I don't quite remember what cards are in the hand.
  5. Political Party BOARD Game

    Not really; all I need to do is finish the board and get all the pieces together.
  6. Political Party BOARD Game

    Those bits are separate parts of the board, with the map being the most intricate part. Also, you're welcome, and thank you for coming up with this idea! I may or may not be planning a Tabletop Simulator version of this.
  7. Political Party BOARD Game

    How's this for the map proper? It doesn't include the external parts yet, of course, but that'll be around this.
  8. Political Party BOARD Game

    Maybe there could be separate maps, at least for a PC version: one for governor, one for senator, and one for President. Though, with a physical game, something like that would become rather unruly unless you have a big enough table or just used the floor.
  9. Political Party BOARD Game

    My biggest problem is that either half of the states can't fit all three boxes or the boxes are too small.
  10. Political Party BOARD Game

    @vcczar Working on a map update. First will be just the bit on your notebook sketch that says "MAP", but then I'll add the things around it. Also, regarding the Year and Era cards: Is there anything on them other than the year and the era? If so, the Year card can just be a sideways card.
  11. Political Party BOARD Game

    Feel free to draw your idea; I don't know where to put the things I forgot, anyway.
  12. Political Party BOARD Game

    Like? Maybe I could put "G", "S", "H", and "P" into the state squares.
  13. Political Party BOARD Game

    I put together a mock-up of what the game board might look like.
  14. Inspired by vcczar's Hamilton vs. Burr series, I decided to do a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump series. In the current vcczar series, it only goes from 2008 to 2020 (though Trump is a candidate in 2000, he's under the Reform party, and thus doesn't stand a chance). 2008: Trump/Huckabee def. Clinton/Obama 276-262 Clinton won the popular vote 51% to 49%. 2012: Clinton/Warner def. Trump/McDonnell 315-223 Clinton got 51.2% of the popular vote 2016: Trump/Pence def. Clinton/Kaine 398-140 Clinton won the popular vote 47.3% to 43.1%. Johnson (L) got 6.3% 2020: Trump/Pence def. Clinton/Warren 333-205 Clinton won the popular vote with 50.7% to Trump's 48.4%.
  15. Historic Scenarios Map Thread

    For consistency's sake, I'd say go with the 1788 and 1792 style until at least 1808. The compromise projection looks good for elections from 1812 to 1848, though the appearance could be made to better fit the style of the earlier maps.