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  1. Caprice

    On going to a party meeting

    I have returned. Highlights: The biggest debate is whether or not to give the Federal House candidate $500 or not. The decision was yes. The chairwoman said "Blue Wave" at least five times over the course of the meeting. They had Perrier. Drinking it was probably a mistake. The State Senator showed up. He motioned to give the county clerk candidate $1000. This motion passed. Said clerk candidate had to leave early due to her children getting antsy. I was, surprisingly, not the youngest person in attendance. That award would go to one of her kids. I am apparently eligible for an intern position in the gubernatorial campaign.
  2. Caprice

    On going to a party meeting

    I live in a county that went for Trump by nearly 30%. A few months ago, while running around town for a school project, I came across the county Democratic Party office. They'd taken out a storefront downtown and covered the entire window in campaign posters and one gay pride flag. They didn't even have the entire slot; there were a couple of lawyers who had their relevant info on the door. I went inside. The Democrats' room was locked for security concerns, but I could see a bunch of chairs and lawn signs left leaning against a desk. So yeah, I'm going to their meeting today to see how it goes. It starts in about six hours. ...I fully expect to hear from Patine regarding this.
  3. Caprice

    Conclave Infinity: Map Needed

    There have? I only saw the one for Benedict's, I think.
  4. Even then, I feel like the 1789 and 1792 elections were more for electors.
  5. Caprice

    270Soft Forum Hall of Fame of Great Americans

    Sorry; thought I'd already voted.
  6. Caprice

    I fear for Americas future as a free country

    https://xkcd.com/1357/ I think this comic is relevant.