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  1. Caprice

    Historical Scenario Commission is Back

    I can provide aggregate polling data back to 1936, as well as suggest candidates to include. I can also do beta-testing (though I have no idea how to actually play well at all).
  2. Caprice

    List index out of bounds

    President Infinity.
  3. Caprice

    List index out of bounds

    Here's the campaign. The error is generated when the election night screen is supposed to come up, regardless of candidates. Dallas - 2050.zip
  4. Caprice

    List index out of bounds

    This happens if I run the scenario right after launching the game.
  5. Caprice

    List index out of bounds

    What does this error mean? I got it while testing a scenario I'm working on.
  6. Like, something with just one region, two parties, one candidate, etc., for those inexperienced in making scenarios?
  7. Caprice

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I think favorability is the solution to this.
  8. Caprice

    Today I found out. . .

    This happened. This feels rather jankey.
  9. Caprice

    Today I found out. . .

    Apparently Congress and Prime Minister Infinity scenarios can be played in PI.
  10. Caprice

    One Nation; Fairly Drawn

    I heard the news about NC and proceeded to make this in less than fifteen minutes.