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  1. Historic Scenarios Map Thread

    For consistency's sake, I'd say go with the 1788 and 1792 style until at least 1808. The compromise projection looks good for elections from 1812 to 1848, though the appearance could be made to better fit the style of the earlier maps.
  2. create own game

    I think you need to turn the polls off (under Polls or Polling); they override the party preferences under Regions.
  3. There are multiple events (February 1, both February 22 events and an event in early March) that call up the same error as the Crawford stroke event.
  4. I have seemingly fixed this error by removing all the delegates from GA, SC, LA, and DE (states with voting populations of <50 due to legislative vote). EDIT: Never mind. The error was the same error as for the Crawford stroke event.
  5. You're welcome. For reference, I had all nineteen (including Electors) candidates on.
  6. I'm doing an observer run of 1824 with the Massachusetts Electors. There are some issues causing the game to crash when starting at the Oct. 1, 1823 start: November 10: The Crawford stroke event gives the leadership position "left" +1 momentum. The Leadership issue is on a level of very weak to very strong, so "left" is not a valid value. I put it on "very strong +1 momentum" as a placeholder. January 22: The Monroe and Wirt conventions take place before any primaries occur, so there are no delegates allocated. When the game tries to figure out what candidate to send Monroe's one automatic delegate to, the game crashes. I set these two conventions to occur a month later so as to actually have most of the delegates allocated. February 1: Upon the first primary, the game crashes with this error. I have no idea what could be causing this.
  7. I'm trying my hand at modding PI for the first time by attempting to split the 1788-1800 map between presidential and vice-presidential regions. However, when I edit the fill positions for one set of states, it edits the fill position for the other set. This also applies to names and abbreviations.