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  1. Here are the files in the folder, if that's what you're asking.
  2. The game gives me an error when I try to select the mod.
  3. Turns out, I think, I'm just overextending myself with the tracking polling (running it in too many states), and it's running out in one or two days instead of five.
  4. Is there a way to make it so that I don't have to constantly renew polling?
  5. Is there a place where I can set it so that, instead of every Monday, polls are updated daily by default?
  6. Votes Green. Does not believe in climate change.
  7. Did a simulator playthrough from the primaries.
  8. Anthony is already well aware of this; you don't have to ping him each and every time you bring it up.
  9. Will the full update have the Constitution Party? It broke 1% of the vote in Alaska, Hawaii, and South Dakota.
  10. I ran the primaries from January 1, 2016, with all the candidates on, using the new sneak peek update.
  11. The results of a simulator campaign from the August start. The results of a simulator campaign from the September start, with Bloomberg running.
  12. I ran a spectator campaign from June 2019 with default candidates on. Here's the state of the polls over the course of the campaign. The Democrats nominated Sherrod Brown on the 11th ballot, and Brown's running mate was Gavin Newsom. Kasich got three delegates and Flake none. Here are the final results.
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