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    Trump should be arrested for treason at this point.
  2. 1. Failed PM 2. Johnson 3. Corbyn 4. A Brexit deal does occur
  3. I second this. Also, ranked choice voting
  4. Better Instant runoff system (just for PI). Should just be between the top two candidates. Is there any way I can do this manually? And different electoral systems for CI and PMI like PR and thresholds.
  5. Why does it seem like Sanders is falling in the polls?
  6. This is why Warren is growing on me fast tbh. Two months ago she wasn't in my top five. Warren is in second place at this point, as much as I hate to admit it. I'll be very sad to see Bernie lose yet again (he got me interested in politics in 2015), but I'll be happy if Biden is not the nominee.
  7. I think there are a lot of Republicans that are silent about their opposition to Trump. I'd guess Amash gets at least 5% of the vote.
  8. Oprah Winfrey is on that site? Lol
  9. 1. Bernie 2. Marianne 3. Warren
  10. Thoughts? Ideas? Questions? Al would be much appreciated! Federal Republic of New Alda - 2020.zip
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/01/heres-how-fix-senate/579172/ This works
  12. We should just restart the government at this point, new parties and all. In all seriousness, I think the U.S. should abolish the Electoral College so that one person equals one vote and adopt a runoff system like they have in France. We don't have to get rid of the Senate, but we should definitely fix it so that Wyoming doesn't have as much power as California. As for the House of Representatives, maybe 300 more seats max.
  13. I honestly believe if the Democratic nominee is anyone other than Bernie, Trump will win reelection
  14. Oh come on, I'd vote for Bill Maher over like 19 of the Democrats running
  15. Heard something on Bill Maher's show a few weeks ago like "Everybody is running to be President or to get a cabinet position, Beto is just running because he's going through a midlife crisis and wants to force us all to watch it." Lol
  16. The same as the 2020 scenario at the moment. I could use some help there.
  17. VP Mike Pence - ON (Undecided) Sen. Ted Cruz - ON (Declared) Mr. Kanye West - ON (Declared) Sen. Marco Rubio - ON (Declared) Fmr Gov. Larry Hogan - ON (Declared) Gov. George P. Bush - ON (Declared) Sen. Rand Paul - ON (Declared) Fmr UN Amb. Nikki Haley - ON (Declared) Gov. Ron DeSantis - ON (Declared) Sen. Josh Hawley - ON (Declared) Mr. Ben Shapiro - ON (Declared) Sen. Tom Cotton - ON (Declared) Att Gen. Lindsey Graham - ON (Declared) Mr. Alex Jones - ON (Declared) Mr. Dwayne Johnson - OFF Fmr Sen. Jeff Flake - OFF Mr. Mark Cuban - OFF Fmr Gov. Susana Martinez - OFF Rep. Dan Crenshaw - OFF Gov. Andrew Cuomo - ON (Declared) Gov. Pete Buttigieg - ON (Declared) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - ON (Undecided) Mr. Michael Avenatti - ON (Declared) Fmr Gov. John Bel Edwards - ON (Declared) Gov. Gavin Newsom - ON (Undecided) Fmr Mayor Andrew Gillum - ON (Declared) Sen. Joe Kennedy III - ON (Declared) Sen. Joe Kennedy III - ON (Declared) Fmr State Rep. Stacey Abrams - ON (Declared) Sen. Julian Castro - ON (Declared) Gov. Tulsi Gabbard - ON (Declared) Rep. Marianne Williamson - ON (Declared) Gov. Richard Ojeda - ON (Declared) Sen. Tammy Duckworth - ON (Undecided) Capt. Jason Kander - ON (Declared) Mr. Dwayne Johnson - OFF Fmr Gov. Deval Patrick - OFF Mr. Mark Zuckerberg - OFF Sen. Jeff Merkley - OFF
  18. So the idea here is that Joe Biden is the 2020 Democratic nominee and he loses the electoral college 268-270 while winning the popular vote. Map I am pretty much done with the Democratic and Republican candidates. Next is the Libertarians and Greens. Then endorsers and events. Please comment suggestions! United States - 2024.zip
  19. Ran 10 simulations. Alveraz seems a little too overpowered
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