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  1. The final version of it will use popular vote
  2. Natalie

    UK Predictions

    Please post your UK election predictions (using Electoral Calculus below), then vote in the poll. I'll start. Wild, I know. The Tories blew a 20 point lead under May though, so anything is possible.
  3. So I have an idea... I just need a little bit of help first with the candidates. Would really appreciate it! Emmanuel Macron = Andrew Yang or Pete Buttigieg Marine Le Pen = Maybe Marsha Blackburn? Sarah Palin? Ivanka Trump? François Fillon = John Kasich? Mitt Romney? Jean-Luc Mélenchon = Bernie Sanders Benoît Hamon = Elizabeth Warren? Nicolas Dupont-Aignan = Idk Jean Lassalle = Idk Philippe Poutou = Idk François Asselineau = Idk Nathalie Arthaud = Idk Jacques Cheminade = Idk... Alex Jones? I leave you with this for now. My idea of how the second round would look.
  4. I should mention all candidates are fictional (except Mark Herring and Cliff Hyra, who I have not changed yet)
  5. Of course. That Castro is a great-grandson of Fidel Castro, he is not Raul Castro. He is not the incumbent though. The incumbent was term limited.
  6. The Liberal Union Party is center-right in this scenario btw. Odd, I know, but there's a backstory I may or may not be working on.
  7. Would appreciate help on the issues!
  8. As you will see, it is not very complete at the moment. Expect the final version before December. Until then, play around with this as much as you like. (Yes, I did use the 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial scenario for this...) 2052 - Cuba.zip
  9. California Republic From yet another AH.com thread.
  10. Now on my agenda as well... Mexico map (pre Mexican American War borders) "Republic of California" map and possibly scenario Hong Kong map and possibly scenario
  11. Next on my agenda: Italy map and scenario North Korea map and possibly scenario (yes) El Salvador map and scenario Stay tuned for these maps tomorrow!
  12. United American Provinces This is based off of my NS nation, which is based off of this great thread on AH.com! I am working on a scenario. If I ever finish it, I will do so before the end of the year.
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