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  1. MysteryKnight

    Democratic Nominee Preference

    1. Bernie 2. Gillibrand 3. Yang I debated whether to put Warren or Yang at 3, it's a close call on that one.
  2. MysteryKnight

    Beto O'Rourke to announce presidency Thursday

    I don't think he will be the nominee and I hope he isn't. He would have been a good senator for Texas but not to be the dem nominee for president. He already showed today that he'll be an ally of the establishment, incremental change, and the message of "working together to get things done" based on his answers at his event in Iowa.
  3. MysteryKnight

    Democratic Primary Poll (February 2018)

    If Bernie runs I definitely will vote for him. If not it'll be between Warren and Gillibrand, haven't decided yet.
  4. MysteryKnight

    Should Ilhan Omar have apologized?

    She did nothing wrong. Calling out influence that a lobbying group has on politicians is just true. Yes, AIPAC has a lot of influence on politicians and their views on Israel, that is their goal. What she said was not anti-semitic. Trump probably said something 100x worse this week that the media brushed over and didn't demand an apology for. However, since there were people offended by her comments, it was not wrong for her to apologize. She didn't need to, but it showed good judgement, and I'm fine with her doing it but I'm glad she stood by her original claims about AIPAC and the influence of lobbying groups on congress.
  5. MysteryKnight

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    John Hickenlooper  Bernie Sanders Sherrod Brown Joe Biden I don't think any of the others will end up running
  6. MysteryKnight

    2020 Scenario Update: Klobuchar (2/10/19)

    I think all of the senators announced so far are better than her, both on policy and charisma. First, Klobuchar is lacking bold proposals which every other senator announced has some sort of bold proposal or something significant they are known for that is unique to their platform. Overall I just find Klobuchar to be a boring candidate, she won't have the enthusiasm that many other candidates are going to bring. She would help democrats in the midwest, but there are other areas where they could be hurt in return. Plus, I don't think it's a neccesirty for dems to have a nominee from the Midwest to be able to take back those states.
  7. Gillibrand hasn't been remotely moderate since like 2013 lol. She's been a top 10 most progressive senator every year after that
  8. MysteryKnight

    What About Andrew Yang?

    He's been included in a couple polls so far and he's been included in some graphics on news sites highlighting all the candidates running. I really like his platform but he won't make it far, especially with so many other well known and established politicians running.
  9. MysteryKnight

    Jeff Flake and Eric Garcetti

    If Harris were to win the presidency, I could see him filling her seat in the senate
  10. MysteryKnight

    Jeff Flake and Eric Garcetti

    I think Garcetti will run in 2024 or 2028 (depending on if dems win in 2020). Kasich will run if polls start showing that people would actually support him and be a legit challenger to Trump, right now I don't see that.
  11. MysteryKnight

    Bernie is running.

    His advisor says otherwise, but i'd think this just means it'll probably won't happen until next week
  12. MysteryKnight

    2020 Scenario Update: Harris & Buttigieg (1/23/19)

    Playing through as Gillibrand. Here's what the end of dem primary is. Interesting to see the different areas that Gillibrand and Biden thrived in, seems relatively realistic (if these were the frontrunners, I doubt Gillibrand will actually do this well). Bernie dropped out one week before the end despite never actually doing very well in any states except Vermont. Trump won over 80% of the vote in the republican primaries. He lost the first few states to Kasich/Hogan, but easily won everything else
  13. MysteryKnight

    Democratic Primary Poll (1/21)

    Right now, I think Harris has a better shot. She seems to be perceived better by voters initially, but I think as more people look into her they may end up liking Warren better, especially the progressive wing of the party. Harris has some red flags from when she was AG (which some people see her being an AG a problem in general). Warren on the other hand has a consistent progressive record
  14. MysteryKnight

    Don't Count Out Gillibrand

    I really like Gillibrand. If Bernie doesn't run she will probably get my vote in the primary. A lot of democrats probably see her conservative past as problematic, but I think her answers to that have been really good and I feel that she genuinely believes in all the things she supports now. Her strong record on sexual harassment and the #Metoo movement is something I also really admire. She likely won't win the nomination, but I think she would be an excellent choice for VP, especially if it is a male who gets the nom
  15. MysteryKnight

    2020 Primary Democratic Debates

    I like that they are having a lot of debates and that if they need to have two stages they will be selected randomly, unlike republicans in 2016 who made a separate stage for those who polled lower. This gives everyone a fairer shot at getting their message out.