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  1. 2020 Scenario Update

    Booker and Gillibrand just announced last month they will stop accepting donations from corporate PACs to try to push for campaign finance reform. And there has been a lot of talk about the problems with politicians who are taking money from organizations like the NRA. While it certainly isn't being talked about as much as it should, I don't think it necessarily is being completely ignored to be removed as an issue.
  2. 2020 Election playthrough

    In the end, Gillibrand was not able to take the White House from Trump. But she did manage to win the popular vote by over 4% (6 million+ votes!). Blue states went even more blue this time (Dems got over 70% of the vote in Cali, NY, VT, and RI, as well as 60+% in a number of other states). Republicans barely held onto PA, WI, MI, and squeaked out a victory in MN too. Interesting win from the Dems in Indiana though. I attached the results file also if you want to see all the state results ree.csv
  3. 2020 Election playthrough

    A little let than a month until the election. Trump currently leads (though Gillibrand would likely end up winning popular vote). The Midwest is turning quite red, while areas like the Southeast may be turning out in favor for the democrats.
  4. 2020 Election playthrough

    At the convention, Brown gave his delegates to Sanders, while everyone else gave them Kirsten Gillibrand. It now comes down to Sanders. Whoever he gives his delegates to will become the nominee.... Sanders delegates go to Kirsten Gillibrand and Gillibrand is the democratic nominee. Tickets: Trump/Gingrich Gillibrand/Brown
  5. 2020 Election playthrough

    Trump easily won the Republican nomination early on (I believe March 17 was when he officially secured the nomination). Joe Biden did very well for Democrats, but progressives in the party clearly wouldn't let him run away too easily as there will be a contested convention.
  6. 2020 Election playthrough

    March 4 delegate count Biden: 635 Garcetti: 400 Holder: 154 Hickenlooper: 149 Sanders: 127 Booker: 111 Gillibrand: 71 Brown: 49 Delaney: 26 Guttierez: 15 Booker and Delaney withdraw one day after Super Tuesday. And then the next day, Paul, Corker, Hickenlooper, and Holder all withdraw. Trump: 678 Kasich: 129 Corker: 118 Paul: 41 Trump and Biden are the clear front runners right now. Garcetti is actually only polling at 3%, but he won California so he got a lot of delegates from that (similar with Holder, who won Texas but nothing else)
  7. 2020 Election playthrough

    Not looking too great for him. but he is leading in Iowa January 1 polling Democrats: Biden: 33.8% Sanders: 21.1% Gillibrand: 9.1% Booker: 8.9% Garcetti: 7.4% Hickenlooper: 4.9% Sherrod Brown: 4.8% Holder: 3.1% Guttierez: 2.8% Delaney: 1.2% Republicans Trump: 51% Kasich: 23.4% Corker: 9% Paul: 6.5
  8. 2020 Election playthrough

    I'm about to play through the scenario again, here's how everything looks October 1st, 2019 (i'm playing as Gillibrand) Democrats: Biden (undecided): 21.5% Sanders (undecided): 12.4% Booker: 9.8% Gillibrand: 4.6% Garcetti: 4.3% Sherrod Brown: 2.4% Hickenlooper: 2% Guttierez: 1.8% Holder: 1.3% Delaney: 0.5% Republicans Trump: 41.1% Kasich: 11.4% Paul: 5% Corker: 1.2%
  9. Andrew Yang 2020

    Andrew Yang has announced he is running for the democratic nomination, the core of his platform is to implement a universal basic income to tackle automation. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/10/technology/his-2020-campaign-message-the-robots-are-coming.html https://www.yang2020.com/ Thoughts? Also, @vcczar perhaps you can include him in the next update for your 2020 scenario.
  10. 2020 Election playthrough

    I'm going to start another game probably either tonight or tomorrow with a different combo of candidates, so I'll post the results here like I did with the past
  11. 2020 Election playthrough

    2020 Election results Overall some interesting results, for the most part seems resonable. Montana going strongly blue is obviously very strange. Also attached is the state results file. Some other strange observations: Alaska and Kentucky were actually very close, despite being known as a republican stronghold. Democrats just barely held onto Minnesota, and PA, MI, FL, NC were all very close just like 2016 (these results seem very plausible for 2020). results.csv
  12. 2020 Election playthrough

    1 day before election, this is gonna be a real close one
  13. 2020 Election playthrough

    1 week...
  14. 2020 Election playthrough

    Some of these numbers are a bit ridiculous especially when no ads are being run, though and I'm not sure what causes it.
  15. 2020 Election playthrough

    A little over two weeks left until the election and it looks like it will be a close one. McAuliffe has a decent lead in the national polling, but many states are very close and could go either way