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  1. Quebecois

    Catalonia Independence Referendum

    It is unfortunate that the Spanish government will not recognize the referendum. While i am not well versed on the independence movement in Catalonia i do believe, that if a a region and the people in that region desire a referendum on sovereignty they should be able to have it in a fair and democratic manner.
  2. Quebecois

    Politicians you've met

    the only politician I have met was Justin Trudeau. when he was in the Vaudreuil Soulanges riding after we experienced bad flooding in May
  3. Twyin Lannister. Feared, extremely wealthy (in the books anyways) and probably the most politically intelligent person in Westeros. Otherwise I think Renly out of all of the options would probably do the least amount of damage.
  4. Quebecois

    Ranking the 2020 Potential Candidates

    If i was American, outside of Sanders i dont agree with many of the candidates, although l ike John Kaisch as a person. Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT Fmr VP Joe Biden of DE Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA Gov. John Kasich of OH Gov. Terry McAuliffe of VA Sen. Al Franken of MN Sen. Cory Booker of NJ Pres. Donald Trump of NY Sen. Rand Paul of KY Sen. Ted Cruz of TX
  5. Quebecois

    Map Help

    It is not really much of an issue now the, movement to boycott Israeli goods was in the news for a little while. The reason i put it in was beacuse i wanted to have some foreigin policy topics.
  6. Quebecois

    Map Help

    Awesome thanks, also thanks to patine.
  7. Quebecois

    Map Help

    Thanks for your help, do you have any tutorials on how to make a map? i looked but i cannot find any. if not i would take any tips you would be willing to give on how to create a map. Thanks
  8. Quebecois

    Map Help

    I am in the process of finishing the parties, the Conservative Party(all who ran for the leadership in 2017 not very familiar with Vermont and Maine politicians so i will likely have a high profile Republican from Vermont or Maine), the Liberal Party(Trudeau is running for reelection but after breaking his promise to legalize marijuana before the next election he will face opposition from an Senator from Nathaniel Erskine-Smith), the NDP (all who are currently in the leadership race + Bernie Sanders and the option to turn on Tom Mulcair) , the Parti Francophone which will only run in provinces with a french majority (Martine Oullet, Pierre Karl Peladeau starts as off and Giles Duccepe will also start as off ) and the Green(not finished only have Elizabeth May right now). i was thinking of making First Nations rights advocacy party that would run in provinces with large First Nations populations. and i will make various parties for the Bahamas, west indies, Barbados, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos Islands, in the style of the Parti Francophone. if you could think of anymore issues that would be great, so far i have the Election will be in 2019 so future issues are also more than welcome. Quebec Sovereignty, Jamaican sovereignty and West Indies Sovereignty Funding for Reserves Farm Subsidies Alberta Oil subsidies Trans Canada pipeline Increased funding for the Caribbean Provinces Support, Israel or Palestine? Saudi Arms Deal Electoral Reform Marijuana legalization
  9. Quebecois

    Map Help

    Hi, i am making a fictional Canadian Republic scenario and while i have most things figured out i am having trouble creating the map, i am very bad with paint and computer graphics in general so if anyone could help me create the map or give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.