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    What is this sim result?

    I was using the simulator for the official 2016 election and somehow got this result If i understand this correctly, Trump won 483-49, meaning he won California, while losing the popular vote 41-49. Is this the largest difference anyone has seen. And what could this map realistically look like?
  3. avatarmushi

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    Thank you for at least not using Don Jr.'s amateur photoshop.
  4. avatarmushi

    I hope this scenario doesn't play out

    How did MN vote?
  5. avatarmushi

    Your News Sources

    I Rarely use any one source very often. Really the only sites that would be 5x per week would be Political Wire and 538 Places like the Washington Post, and the Economist are more what I go to for info on topics, as opposed to for them directly. PBS, CBS, and BBC for the more "watching the news" kind of thing(though not 5x per week) I do go to more obviously biased places like the Daily Kos and various subreddits for either just a quick look at current events or things like polls, activism, etc.
  6. avatarmushi

    App to redraw the states

    1 County (La in Texas)
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    Still needs to pass the House and Trump, unfortunately.
  8. avatarmushi

    Election Difficulty

    I have been thinking about doing an Election Play-by-Play but I was wondering what difficult others had done
  9. avatarmushi

    Political Would you rather?

    1. Given my political beliefs I highly doubt that i'd have any real chance as a red state Democrat, even as an incumbent. 2. I lean more towards Parkland because they're more concretely aligned with legislation(Gun-control). 3. This would depend more on the state or area, but generally i'd run with the base because i'd probably have trouble appearing moderate.
  10. avatarmushi

    Can you draw a Congressional map?

    I feel so dirty right now. Blue; R+29.4 Green: D+5.3 Magenta: R+27.6 Red/Orange R+22.03 Yellow D+5.12 Teal D+3.95
  11. avatarmushi

    1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    My only concern here would be if naming the March for Our Lives and the Women's March would be seen as political, and talking about rallies.
  12. avatarmushi

    1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    Things like -"Be the change you want to see", or another nonpolitical call to activism -I'd consider asking if you could add a moment of silence, either toward the end or after -Possibly touching on how gun violence has affected you or someone you know(along as they're okay with it) I'm not really great with writing speeches, especially with next to no time to prepare but I hope this helps some.
  13. avatarmushi

    How do I get good? (President Infinity)

    One thing that I didn't realize at first was that rally's power in a state is largely based on your momentum in a state. So in states that I have neutral or positive momentum I usually barnstorm once or twice and rally twice, while in states with negative momentum I try to use ads, barnstorming, and speeches to try to swing momentum back. At the select leader screen you can hover over the attribute icons for info on what each one impacts, and, although they are mostly the same for each leader, also see the campaign attributes which can be upgraded especially during the primaries. One thing I always try to do is when, prepping for the debates, look at my opponent's debate and info familiarity scores. If they aren't doing much prep and their scores have decayed below mine I'll switch my debate focus from me to them and go on the offensive, possibly giving them the "X Debate Gaffe/Disaster" headline. Another thing to pay attention to with ads and speeches is individual states' policy stances so that you don't end up accidentally promoting your pro choice stance in Georgia, or free trade in California. I'd also say that one of the most important things that docent really stand out at first is your theme. It will not only give bonuses to your ads and other campaign activities with those topics but also help generate headlines with those topics.
  14. Collins actually votes with Trump as often as Utah's Mike Lee(80%) and more often than Rand Paul(74%) https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/?ex_cid=rrpromo
  15. avatarmushi

    Can you draw a Congressional map?

    Pennsylvania 5 Pvi Dem 6 Competitive Less than +5 Pvi 7 Pvi Rep