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  1. Congress Infinity

    The page for congress infinity says that I can by it through paypal like PI, but doesn't have a link to it. And the problems with mycommerce that I'm worried about less about refunds and more about overcharging.
  2. Congress Infinity

    I've been thinking about buying Congress Infinity, however the only options for buying it on the page are through Mycommerce. After looking online it doesn't seem that Mycdommerce is what I'd call trustworthy https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.mycommerce.com https://digital-river.pissedconsumer.com/complete-waste-of-time-money-after-purchasing-misleading-product-201706101058994.html I was wondering if there was an alternate route like PI has.
  3. 1 seat majority

    Actually, it's tied now
  4. 'Tis the Season :S

    Ahem. Happy Holidays. *Grabs popcorn

    Have you seen this yet?
  6. Going from Mac to PC

    I was able to get it from the contact page. Thank you @Patine and @NYrepublican for your help.
  7. Going from Mac to PC

    I was able to download it, but the registration key is for mac. Who do I contact for a PC one?
  8. Going from Mac to PC

    The only link the email has is the download for the mac version (the download link has expired). The email says that I can download it from the updates page but I don't have a registration key for pc, only Mac. Or would the key work for both?
  9. Going from Mac to PC

    In the email or the updates page?
  10. Going from Mac to PC

    the email only has 1 download link
  11. Going from Mac to PC

    I bought and have been playing PI on a Mac for a while, but have recently built a gaming PC. The page for PI says that owners have access to both versions, but i haven't seen how to get access to the Pc version.
  12. Disgusting Manipulation

    Is anyone else going to point out that the article mentions literally 1 account? it mentions a "Campaign" but gives literally 1 example, from 1 account
  13. 2016 House: The Sequeling

  14. 2016 House: The Sequeling

    The problem, right now at least, is that because of gerrymandering and just general city size baltimore has a district that goes in every direction, illinois has districts that are contiguous by a street and other districts have half of one city, a third of another, and a hand full of rural areas and suburbs thrown in. Unless compactness is taken into account with redistricting I don't see how this is possible nation-wide here
  15. 2016 House: The Sequeling

    the problem is that if you go geographical we'll be talking about the dozen districts around LA or Chicago or New York and then have to go back to numbers again or use local level areas that would probably end up being more obscure.