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  1. Turns out the most qualified debater would be an auctioneer.
  2. 1. Warren 2. Buttigieg 3. Sanders/Harris, (the one who has a better chance against Biden)
  3. Although this video talks about the 1912 election instead of 1916, I feel like it is apt for the topic of Wilson.
  4. 1.Williamson is really the only democrat that could would make me somewhat undecided against Trump. 2. As for Biden, there is a point where electability starts to out way policies, which is why I would go for him over AOC, Kucinich, and Clinton. 3. Warren is my first choice, with Obama really the only one close
  5. Yep, we can't have them pesky minorities voting now can we! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/07/29/the-smoking-gun-proving-north-carolina-republicans-tried-to-disenfranchise-black-voters/?noredirect=on
  6. To increase your candidate's spin points during the campaign you would go over to the profile page and click on the icon next to spin. You can spend command points over time and it will increase the attribute's rank like issue knowledge and debating would. You can do this for almost all of the secondary attributes which can have major effects. Command will increase your number of Cps, Fundraising the money you raise, Spin will increase your spin points and percentage, etc. I only really do this when starting during the primaries however because of the time and cost to increase them.
  7. Selecting "save as" instead of save should create a separate copy to work on.
  8. Not in the official scenarios. I have seen that in a custom scenario where Maine was divided into 2 districts/states, 1 with 3 EVs and 1 with 1 EV. Similar for Nebraska.
  9. https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/680169?unlock=7374M4I508C3PZUD "In total, 33 freshman Democrats raised at least $500,000 from April to June, more than twice the number who crossed that threshold in the first quarter, according to National Journal analysis of Federal Election Commission filings. And 23 of them began July with $900,000 or more in the bank. For comparison, just five of the 30 Republican incumbents who lost to Democrats last cycle raised more than half a million in the second quarter of 2017. The DCCC itself has also proved popular with small-dollar donors and has consistently bested its Republican counterpart in monthly fundraising. The committee brought in $29.2 million in the past three months, more than any Democratic presidential candidate." "Roughly a dozen Republican challengers also brought in $400,000, though nearly all of them failed to keep pace with the freshman members." "Top Republican recruits—including Wesley Hunt, an Army veteran running in suburban Houston, Michelle Steel, an Orange County supervisor, and Tom Kean Jr., New Jersey’s state Senate minority leader—all raised more than $500,000. None surpassed the members they hope to oust. The National Republican Congressional Committee still had slightly more in the bank at the end of May, but its resources could be stretched thin by Democratic offensive plays." "At least six Republican incumbents were out-raised by a Democratic challenger last quarter: Reps. Rodney Davis of Illinois; Pete Olson of Texas; Tom McClintock and Paul Cook of California; David Schweikert of Arizona; and Denver Riggleman of Virginia. The latter two also trailed their challengers in cash on hand. (Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, who is under federal indictment for misuse of campaign funds, had not filed his report by Tuesday morning. His opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, raised $382,000.)"
  10. avatarmushi

    Who is your VP?

    Of those not running: Tammy Duckworth Of those running: Harris, Warren, and Klobuchar
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/justin-amash-our-politics-is-in-a-partisan-death-spiral-thats-why-im-leaving-the-gop/2019/07/04/afbe0480-9e3d-11e9-b27f-ed2942f73d70_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.43add36e000d Representative Justin Amash leaves the GOP and becomes the House's first independent member since Bernie Sanders.(Gregorio Sablan is currently an independent but is the non-voting delegate from the Northern Mariana Islands.)
  12. https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2631
  13. Quinnipiac poll now has Biden at 22%, Harris at 20%, Warren at 14%, Sanders at 13%, and Buttigieg at 4% Compared to their June 11 poll Biden is down 8, Sanders is down 6, Warren is down 1, Buttigieg is down 4, and Harris is up 13.
  14. Obama 73% W. Bush 21% B. Clinton 81% H. W. Bush 23% Reagan 24% Carter 81% Ford 19% Nixon 31% LBJ 83% JFK 68% Eisenhower 31% Truman 82%
  15. Warren 90% Sanders 90% Gillibrand 90% O'Rourke 90% Harris 90% Castro 89% Buttigieg 88% Gabbard 88% Booker 88% Yang 87% Klobuchar 86% Williamson 77% Biden 77% Delaney 72% Johnson 56% Katich 40% Trump 15% Democratic 88% Socialist 87% Peace and Freedom 84% Green 83% Libertarian 37% Republican 13% Constitution 10%
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