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  1. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Well, thing is my roleplay would take that into consideration, but knowing how the media is all anti-Trump, the media would likely be pro-moon, which would prevent that from happening.
  2. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Roleplay Data Year- 2019 Population- 300 (215 M/ 85 F) Government Type- None Current Players @Wiw (Lance McKnight) @WVProgressive (Heather Chandler) @Reagan04 (Jack Paulson) The Scenario The year is 2019, and Trump is still in office. During mid to late 2018, Trump made controversial remarks on how he claimed the moon for U.S research, and mentioned how nobody could stop the U.S takeover of the moon. A bill pertaining to a 'Space Corps' got amended by both the House and Senate, and included a controversial provision to allow for terraformation and human expansion onto the moon. Private companies initially took advantage of the Space Corp bill's passage, but the Government immediately stopped this progress in the name of national security. The Government in late 2018 begun and found amazing success in successfully genetically engineering crops to sustain food on the Moon. This has led to the growth of a 'research' town appropriately named Trumpern, and recently in early 2019 enough people involved with the 'research' were on the Moon to successfully create a petition to have its own governing structure. There are a mere three hundred people living in Trumpern. 215 males, 85 females, all of legal voting age, and no reported couples. As a research town, everyone living here has some form of college degree. If political affiliation were to be compared to the United States, there would be approximately 20% Republicans, 30% Democrats, and 50% Independents. Note: This number is purely a start, and this number would change drastically to go with the roleplay. Issue wise, the first issue would be the United States Government approving such a creation of an independent government. The world has criticized Trump for his actions, but since it is only for research nobody has bothered with anything more than just verbal condemnation. The United States Government, especially after the 2018 congressional election, does bias in favor of space expansion, but they aren't going to just approve a government out of the blue with the many other factors in consideration. Other issues would be developed over time, as the only thing these researchers really care about right now is using their discoveries to show that the Moon is habitable and deserves expansion. The Election At least the first election will be purely illegitimate and represent more of a local culture than a legally binding government. The majority of researchers approve of this informal body, and will use their legal vote to cast a vote in favor of the candidate they deem to fit the role of a 'Mayor'. This will be the only form of illegitimate government on the Moon, and any expansion of the Government would have to be by a voting system that the Mayor creates that the population has to approve of by a majority vote. This mayor will serve for life unless this is changed.
  3. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    This roleplay is defined within realism but exposed to any sort of possibility. Of course the United States is going to want to protect its interests; hell, they already overstepped the free market to make the research completely government controlled. However, do you really think the U.S is going to actually enforce martial law out of the blue? My thoughts are that this roleplay will progress the town so far that they don't need the U.S anymore.
  4. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    @Patine Not true at all; literally anything can happen. I am not speaking fact, rather than possibility.
  5. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: On a meta note, Trumpern is a U.S research base, and while they could receive foreign help, I guarantee the U.S. government would not really like them so much.
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Visits three Colorado Cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora (All 3 push events)
  7. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: Today's issue is agriculture. Make your position on agriculture. Just so you know, crops do grow on the moon, but only very essential crops like beans and wheat. Lots of imports are done from the States. @Wiw @WVProgressive @Reagan04
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Runs Nationwide Ad on Canada To the American People; A few weeks ago, Brian Mulroney endorsed me. As he is Prime Minister of Canada, me and him got to have a lengthy discussion on the current trade relations between the two of our countries. I have worked hard to draft a general plan for Canadian-American trade that would benefit both our People and their People, and finally we have a good idea. Brian Mulroney As Prime Minister of Canada, I can firmly state that if Dole becomes President, the economy of both of our countries will become better! Bob Dole If you want a stronger economy, along with stronger relations with Canada, vote Dole! Gary Stevens Announces Endorsement of Dole in Louisville, Kentucky (Free Event) I have been riding horses for years. Horseback events are important to me; it is both a culture and a sport. I love the horses I ride, and I love the fans that come out and support us at events. Bob Dole has expressed his support for the sport; he has visited Louisville multiple times, and I know for a fact he supports what we do here. To the People of Kentucky; Go out and vote Dole; if he can come out and support our local culture, we should go out and vote for him so he can represent the nation's culture! Constance Morella Announces her endorsement of Dole in Baltimore, Maryland (Free Event) I stand for the beliefs of the moderates of the Republican Party. I don’t stand for a lot of the very conservative things they propose; however, I believe in more conservative than liberal beliefs. That being said, I throw my full support behind Bob Dole. He has proven to be a moderate that can appeal to the whole party base, which I respect a lot. I believe that Bob Dole can unite the country. If a profoundly Democratic district can support me, a moderate Republican, for office, than I firmly believe that the American People can get behind Dole, a moderate Republican. Dole and McConnell Barnstorm on Drugs in Lexington, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The drug problem in the United States is a terrible issue in our society. It is, however, barely the users to blame; it is mainly the criminals behind the growth and distribution of the drugs. We as a Government spend way too much money trying to incarcerate users; instead, we should use this money to end the production of drugs before they reach our users. We will work with State and Local governments to end these criminal acts of drug production! Dole and Rogers Rally on Nationalism in Owensboro, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) It is important to be in tune and respectful of our country regardless of the President or Party in power. It is a shame that in our current society, many people hate the American Flag instead of just the specific people in government. People, for the love of God, realize that the country is a democracy! The democratically elected party in power can not change that! We will always have freedom! So please, keep the pride of your country high, and if you hate the government, hate the specifics, not the whole country. Dole and Spellman Rally on Environmentalism in Seattle, Washington (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The environment is always important to the future of our children. What we do now will always have an effect on our children. This is why we need fair environmental policies in place; we need to preserve the environment, and work with the People to make it happen. It is unreasonable to make unreasonable policies just to protect the environment, but efficient and fair policies will benefit all parties in play. Dole and Morella Barnstorm on Moderatism in Baltimore, Maryland (1 Event w/ Surrogate) Having a moderate viewpoint on many issues is key to the unity of this nation. There will always be two or more sides to an issue, and we must realize this. That is why as moderates, we are in a unique position within the government. It will usually come down to us to make decisions, decisions that are key to the future of our nation. I have had to do many personally, and as President I would keep having to make such decisions. So, vote for the candidate that will represent the most people, vote Bob Dole! Bush and Gates Barnstorm on Technology in Lexington, Kentucky (1/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) Gates is a technological genius; he told me that he will help the Government expand new infrastructure across the country. A strong relationship between the tech industry and the Government right now is key to the growth of our nation. Dole supports new technology, which will greatly help our nation as technology evolves. Bush and Cash Barnstorm on Musical Culture in Louisville, Kentucky (2/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) Most Americans love music; that is just a fact. This is why music moves so many People, the messages, the feels... Having record players in the recreation halls were key to our youth. Music moved us, and helped guide us through our toughest times. Musicians are backing Dole because he is a motivator of the people. He can move the population, move it towards a sense of strong unity. He will be the President that will protect the American People, and try his best to benefit us all. Vote Dole for Unity!
  9. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Party Membership Changes March 06, 2019 Democrat: 94 (-1) Republican: 64 (0) MNP: 4 (+4) CLP: 2 (+2) McKnight: 1 (+1)
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Visits Charleston, South Carolina, After the Hurricane I am here today to express my utmost respect and sympathies for those affected by the hurricane that hit today, March 3rd. It is such a shame that so many good men and women and children died in this hurricane. This has to be one of the deadliest storms ever to hit South Carolina, and it is truly horrid that this had to hurt so many families. Everyone, I know for a fact that I will work to get you relief in the Senate, and I believe strongly that President Reagan will offer his own condolences and support. We will not leave you behind; I will get the Senate on the side of the People of South Carolina, and I will do my best to help out those that need help.
  11. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    March 05, 2019 OOC: Today's issue to discuss is the foundation of your party, if you choose to do so. @Wiw @WVProgressive @Reagan04
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole runs Nationwide Ad on Compromise To the American People; One thing about politics is you can not always have your way. However, if the Democrats and Republican come to reasonable compromises, than good thing happen. While I will reach compromises with Democrats, I will not compromise the American people. Every compromise I make will be for the better of the American People. I will lead the nation to unity as President, And hurting the American People is not how to do that. I am Bob Dole, and I support this message. Wally Hickel Announces his endorsement of Dole in Lexington, Kentucky (Free Event) Hello everyone, I am Wally Hickel, former Governor of Alaska. Alaska's Republican Primary was over before I could make an announcement of my endorsement, so I am here today in Kentucky. I was born a blue blood. I worked construction, and kept working on construction until I was successful. When I became involved in politics, Alaska’s statehood was a hot issue. This is where I had to apply my skills as a businessman to negotiate with Republicans to allow Alaska into the United States. I was governor of Alaska, and then worked under Nixon in his cabinet. Today, I am announcing my endorsement of Bob Dole because he works hard to make sure that every American voice is heard, as well as the ability to hold true to his values. Gerald Ford Rallies on Unity in Lexington, Kentucky (Push Event Alaska 1/3 w/ Surrogate) Bob Dole is truly the unifier in this campaign. Everything he says he says in the name of the American People, which is something that I respect a lot. I firmly believe he is the man that can unite the American People, and protect us from any type of foreign threat. Dole is both the best Republican and the best overall candidate to be President of the United States, and I am proud to endorse such a man for the position. Gerald Ford Rallies on Republican Growth in Louisville, Kentucky (Push Event Alaska 2/3 w/ Surrogate) The Republican Party is an umbrella party; we house People from all sorts of viewpoints. We have many groups of conservatives, like religious conservatives, neo-conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and a vast number of other groups. We also have moderates, like me, who have right leaning beliefs but are not super conservatives. Being a Moderate, Dole is in the position to appeal to the Nation's moderates, which would give him both the moderate and the conservative vote. It is key he has all this support, because he needs to beat the Democratic nominee at all costs. Richard Nixon Rallies on Foreign Affairs in Lexington, Kentucky (Push Event Alaska 3/3 w/ Surrogate) Foreign affairs as of right now is better than it was. We are not in a proxy war in Vietnam; however, we are currently dealing with the heightened threat of Russia and its global influences. Russia is truly a feared country, but that does not mean we can't work with them to keep peace in the world. That is why I support Dole's foreign affairs plans; I strongly believe his plan of having both a strong military and a strong diplomatic front will be key to keeping peace all across the world. Richard Nixon Rallies on Communism in Louisville, Kentucky (Push Event Vermont 1/3 w/ Surrogate) Communism is a fearful government that has spread to many countries all over the world. We are the United States, a country based on the policies of freedom. While warring with every single communism country would cost too many American lives and cost too much money, we do have other options to stop the spread of communism. We can work with struggling nations around the world to keep their governments stable and prevent communism from taking over. As long as the countries around the world know we are there to help them, then they won't destabilize and fall to communism as often. Bob Dole will combat communism! Representatives from the NFIB Rally on Local Businesses in Lexington, Kentucky (Push Event Vermont 2/3 w/ Surrogate) Our economy is built heavily on business. Business is key to the prospering of economies, whether they be local or nationwide. Bob Dole has spoken many times about the benefit of business, and has mentioned instituting fair policies to help both types of business; local and corporate. If the policies are in place that are fair and help all businesses, then there won't be as much fear for corporations taking over all the local businesses. Representatives from the American Legion Rally on Veterans in Louisville, Kentucky (Push Event Vermont 3/3 w/ Surrogate) Bob Dole is the only man in the campaign that has given his heart to us veterans. He has promised that the Government will serve those that serve the Government, which I believe is very important in a President. Our veterans fight for our country, and to be treated like crap when we get home is just sad. That is why the veterans must rally behind Bob Dole. Bob Dole is the only candidate that we can trust to improve the lives of our veterans! Dole and McConnell Rally on the Military in Bowling Green, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) Dole and I have been present many times when the Senate is debating military affairs. It always comes down to the pacifists versus the war hawks, with little to no middle ground. In our world, its usually the war hawks that win. However, instead of trying to form a sort of middle position, Dole has toned down the demands of the war hawks. Dole has made sure that the military stays strong, but has worked with the War Hawks in decreasing unnecessary global presences. By only being on bases in strategic locations around the world, the United States has saved billions thanks to Dole's efforts. Dole and McConnell Rally on Education in Owensboro, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) Education is the future of our children. My educational goals as President are simple; I will work with the States to create a curriculum that will both help student's grow their mental capacity and help them be successful in finding jobs in the future. The two primary goals of education are to prepare you to get a job and help you reach your highest point of intelligence. If we work with the States to make this happen, then we don't have to worry about the Federal Government overstepping their authority. Dole and Rogers Rally on the Budget in Covington, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The Budget is something that has to be negotiated on a yearly basis as a minimum. The Budget is key to running our country; without it, we could literally get nothing done because we wouldn't have the money to do so. This is why as President, I will make sure to aid this process by preparing the costs of my own plans, which would hasten the budget process. If we can get budgets up and running immediately, then we can be one of the most successful governments in the world, as well as have more leeway when it comes to surplus spending. With a smart budget, we can also decrease the national debt! Dole and Rogers Rally on Defeating the Democrats in Hopkinsville, Kentucky (1 Event w/ Surrogate) I respect the Democrats; today's speech is not about slandering their party. However, as a Republican, I must be able to beat the Democrats. Recent polls have shown that I am the best shot at winning the Presidency for the Republicans against the Democrats! I take pride in this, as I am inspired to keep on campaigning knowing that I have a good shot at helping the American People as the President. To have the best chance at beating the Democrats however, the Republicans need to rally behind me so that I can become their nominee. So, vote Dole to defeat the Democrats! Bush and Coe Rally on Religious Tax in Nicholasville, Kentucky (1/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) One important thing about religion is that it is one of our freedoms guaranteed by the first amendment. This means that the Government should not be able to tax you for celebrating your religion. This is why I am proud that Dole will not tax churches. Obviously, laws will be in place to stop churches from being exploited due to being tax free, but not taxing the churches is still the ultimate goal of the Dole administration. Bush and Coe Rally on Religious History in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (2/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) The thing about religion is that it truly impacted how our country was developed. Dole understands this, and is a supporter of religion being mentioned in government documents and other items of Government culture, like the pledge. Dole will protect American culture, and stop the left from removing the name of God from our history!
  13. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: There would still be some Trump supporters lol.
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    4 and 3
  15. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: You'd be surprised; these are scientists wanting autonomy. While many may not like Trump, many want to stick with America, which would tie into the whole situation.
  16. 1988 Roleplay

    if its planned beforehand there should be an excuse ofc
  17. 1988 Roleplay

    We need a solid position on missing days, like only being able to do half the events of you miss one day, 1/4 + 1/2 day 2, etc.
  18. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord 3 or 6 push events?
  19. 1988 Roleplay

    Is it 3 or 6 push events?
  20. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Wallace Payne Announces Run for Mayor, Supporting Trump March 04, 2019 To the People of Trumpern, I am Wallace Payne, and today I am announcing my run for mayor. All three of my opponents are anti-trump; hell, one wants war and one hates him and wants to dissociate from him. Do these idiots not understand that in order to become prosperous, we need to be friends with America? How do we expect to gain autonomy if we keep attacking trump? This is an outright from my opponents, and today I am announcing my pro-Trump run for the office of the mayor. OOC: Due to you all excluding a large amount of the voter base with your Trump opinions, I have now introduced a political opponent controlled by me.
  21. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord Also vermont was no delegates you gave one to gore lol... oiii my dude maine was 6 hours ago, and 2.5 days per irl day is 9-10 hours irl per 1 day
  22. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlordyou didnt let us do a push wtf (and i didnt get to use my surrogate hickel's free event ahhhhhh) I was updating the wiki instead of doing push events
  23. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    @Patine I have always noticed that. Kinda why I set up the original integer plan at 30% dem 20% gop 50% indy (even though thats changed) to take into account both the political and technical factors of scientists. Lots of scientists dont give a damn about politics but vote dem for the sake of public funding.
  24. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord Also I have it listed on the wiki two vermonts. I told you about the beauty contest in the past lol.
  25. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    @Patine It's good to think of that however; even though an important thing to remember is all these people that are here now are scientists, and while they are there partially to get out of U.S. politics, its not like Trump kicked all his haters to the moon.