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  1. Hypothetical forum cabinet

    President: Yeah Vice President: Yeah Chief of Staff: Not a good fit. Sec of State: I would do an alright job at this. Sec of Treasury: Definitely not. Sec of Defense: I am not fit for this position. Att Gen: I am not fit for this position. Sec of Interior: I wouldn't do much here. Sec of Agriculture: I'd do an okay job here. Sec of Commerce: I'd do poorly here. Sec of Labor: I have a job, and know my labor laws, but that is about it. A no go for me. Sec of Health & HS: Nope. Sec of HUD: I would maybe do alright here. Sec of Transportation: Meh. I'd do okay. Sec of Energy: I would do alright here. Sec of Education: As a student who spent lots of time looking into education laws, I would be good here. Sec of VA: I wouldn't know what to do really, but I would have some knowledge as my grandfather is a vet. Sec of Homeland Sec: I'd do alright here; I am going into law enforcement, anyway. Nat Sec Adviser: ^ UN Ambassador: I would do a good job here. Trade Rep: I wouldn't do good here. Dir. of National Intel.: I am not specially interested in intelligence work. Office of Mgmt and Budget: Nope. Dir. of CIA: Same as two above. Adm of EPA: I would do a great job here, as I have lots of facts and opinions from all sides on the environment. Adm of Small Business: I wouldn't do good here, even though I would do alright if I learned myself into it.
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Talks Nuclear Weapons in Nevada Nuclear Weapons have been our strongest weapon against our adversaries abroad. While we have been decreasing such weapons along with our adversaries, we must remember that total demobilization of our nuclear stockpile is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever created. If we were to dismantle our entire arsenal, what would stop other countries from nuking us? We wouldn't have a nuclear defense, so there would be no mutually assured destruction. We need to make sure that we as a strong nation continue to have the ability to preserve our people against any type of threat that approaches upon us.
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Bob Dole Respond to Comments about his Age I think it is very sad that commentators would use my age against me. It is understandable that at a certain age, you become frail and unable to do anything. However, I am still healthy, my mind is still clear, and that is all good. So this means that my age can be used for good; I have a special length of experience unlike most of my opponents. I respectfully disagree with any claim about my age preventing me from leading this great nation, and I will continue to campaign with as much if not more energy than my younger opponents.
  4. Youngest Forum Users

    I am most skilled in education and foreign affairs, but skilled in infrastructure and environment and natural resources and farming.
  5. Youngest Forum Users

    Damn, I am excluded. I guess I ain't active enough on here.
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole campaigns in Tennessee, makes a speech concerning Education Education is key to our next generation. We need to be sure that our children are getting quality education, and that education should be well rounded. We shall not forget the past when teaching our future; we need to be sure that our next generation can cover for every job available, whether it be the rise of the tech industry with startups like Apple and Microsoft, or the everyday electrician or factory worker. We need to be sure that our schools educate the population with an all-around attitude, and not forget about the past that we hardworking Americans went through to get to the present.
  7. Percentages Bug in Campaign Editor

    Its because the new candidate is not in the actual file. You have to add them manually into the files (specifically the percentages file) and edit their name under each state.
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Talks Positive Discrimination in New Hampshire As Americans, we have always had the belief that we treat people equal. Treating people equal is one of the most key things a government can do, whether it be with gender, race, or some other factor. Now, the true problem to this is that no two people are alike; you are always meeting new personalities within every person you meet. Now, when it comes to making promises about hiring a certain percentage of an individual just because of a static quality that should not change anything, that is where something called positive discrimination happens. This is one of the saddest manipulations of racism, sexism, or whatever you want to call it. People should be hired for their skills, not their race or sex. Yes, I know in some businesses it is better to have women or non-white races employed, but that is none of the government's business! We as a government should not be regulating who can and can't be hired. Would I like to see a larger variety of race and sex in government offices? Definitely! Do I want those to be forced upon the employers? No! Again, it is great to see a variety of races and more women being hired, but it shouldn't be forced upon society. Over time, society will hire them, without government requirements.
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole talks Local Farms in Knoxville, Tennessee I love local produce. Don't you all just love the feeling when you know you are eating something or buying something made in your own community? It feels good to know that you are cycling income in your own local community rather than to big corporations. Don't get me wrong; corporations aren't bad, as they are vital for the national economy, but local community goods are good for the local economies. In office, I plan to make farming subsidies smart; I will be directing more and more of them to small local owned farms rather than the big well off farms. If our small farms get support, then their own economies will strengthen. A strong farming economy means less need of government aid, which overall means less government expenditure. I am proud of all local farmers, and I will support them a lot when I am in office. Thank you all, and have a great night!
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Campaigns in New Hampshire Hello everyone, Today we must analyze the position of our great nation. Right now we are in a position of domestic security, but international uncertainty. In my administration, we would carry out our best efforts to address foreign issues, while still being in tune with the American people. I believe to have a stable government, one that is respected by the people, we need to be as clear as possible in our efforts both domestically and abroad. Thank you all, have an outstanding day!
  11. 1840 Organization Bug

    I feel like the party org costs are bugged; When I had only a couple of party org increases as henry clay, It was around 90k. When I drastically increased party org in places, it raised up to only 117k. I feel like I am paying for party org that doesn't exist @vcczar
  12. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    Good series, even though I know you rigged it for the Democrats in 2020 <3
  13. 1840 Organization Bug

    Yeah its money.
  14. 1840 Organization Bug

    I think I may just be seeing things because it just shot up to 300k... idk
  15. Tennesse Senate 2018

    I live in TN too; I've been working on a TN Gubernatorial 2010 scenario, so once its done resources will be out to help. I hope Haslam runs for Senate...
  16. Samuel Adams' America

    What do you mean by nationwide primary?
  17. 1988 Roleplay

    1988: Bob Dole Announces Presidential Bid Bob Dole: Today I officially announce my 1988 President Bid! I highly respect President Reagan's policies, but there are some issues where I feel applying a moderate touch would greatly improve our already flourishing country. We need a President who can carry on the greatness of Reagan's presidency, but make sure it stays strong and in tune with the American people. I would love to use my experience to carry out this job, and I am ready to serve the American people and keep American Prosperity!
  18. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    So Jeb drops out, but still wins. Hmmmm
  19. 2008 predictions contest

    Romney 1400 12 Million 15 Million 10 Million 36 Contests Outright
  20. 2020 Candidate abilities poll

  21. 2020 Candidate abilities poll

    Bernie Sanders should have 4, not 5 integrity. Tax stuff was recent.
  22. 1988 Roleplay

    Problem is both hw and kemp are way more conservative than me.
  23. 1988 Roleplay

    Moderate Republican
  24. 1988 Roleplay

    I don't know which candidate I am really interested in
  25. 2020 Playthrough