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  1. US Presidential History RP

    President: Jefferson Blunt of Virginia Vice President: Theodore Penn of Pennsylvania Also note some people didn't quote the whole post.
  2. US Presidential History RP

    Pennsylvania* Idk why I typed South Carolina.
  3. US Presidential History RP

    Name: Theodore Penn State: Pennsylvania Political Party: Federalist Age: 37 Profession: Surveyor Short Term Goal: Become a U.S. Rep/House Leadership Long Term Goal: Become a U.S. Senator/Senate Leadership Background: Born in Philadelphia, Theodore Penn grew up with an accelerated knowledge in history and science. He loves helping people, and he loved geography, so he took the job as surveyor to provide the local governments with helpful information as how to distribute land. Penn's interest in politics came after the end of the American Revolution, as he saw his chance to greater help his country. He supported a unified Government, and thought that the Articles of Confederation were too weak. Penn's main goal would be to advance in the congressional ranks and be influential in land policies, as that was his beloved skillset.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Doesn't really matter anymore, as this rp is just quantitative over qualitative. Ready for 92..
  5. 1988 Roleplay

  6. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    I was killing myself trying to host this roleplay; if it was automated it would work well, but it literally took me 30 minutes per event yall did to edit it among the dynamic population. This roleplay is effectively dead.
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Rides Horses in Kentucky Dole Meets with Native Chiefs in South Dakota Dole Shadows OSHA Officials at a Plant in Pennsylvania Dole Canvasses Detroit, Michigan on Local Issues Dole Targets Rural Culture in Tennessee
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Attends a Festival in New Hampshire Dole Rallies on Fair Taxation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Dole Canvasses East Tennessee Homes Dole Visits a Factory in Cleveland, Ohio Dole Appeals to African Americans in Chicago, Illinois During the years of FDR, many of you abandoned the Republican party because the party abandoned you. However, I am here today to announce that any sort of abandonment we did in the past will not occur during our administration. We are the party that will make sure that everybody is treated as equals, and not putting bias toward the specific parties the Democrats claim they are rallying to relieve.
  9. 2020 Election playthrough

    why tf is Indiana blue lmao
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole talks Poverty in Chicago, Illinois Dole talks Welfare in Detroit, Michigan Dole talks Responsibility in Erie, Pennsylvania Dole talks Hunting in Concord, New Hampshire Dole talks Forestry in Augusta, Maine
  11. Which of these states will elect a Republican senator in 2018?

    Those who voted Tennessee really do not understand the political landscape right now; we have a former Democrat Governor, well respected among our People, versus either a far right bitch or the possibility of some random Republican. Bredesen, the Democrat, will probably win.
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Canvasses in Ohio Dole Canvasses in Iowa Dole Rallies on History in Gettysburg, PA
  13. Are you Democrat or Republican?

    This is bs lol; I am a Republican.
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole and Robertson Co-Host a National Advertisement Highlighting Culture Dole and Robertson are lounging in the setting of a typical family living room, about to discuss everyday life. Dole: Americans, the word that defines our traditions and customs is culture. Let me ask you this; do you want your Government interfering with great amounts of your everyday lives? In the background, you can hear a counterculture rally being covered on the TV, which has the Government letting the People have a voice and also letting the media cover it. Robertson: You see, while we disagree with some values of American culture, we are not stepping in. Our roles as leaders is to keep order and security, but also let the People proudly represent their beliefs. Dole: American Unity is a value that I chased after during my campaign, and I can assure you this value will still be strong throughout Robertson's Presidency. Robertson: Culture defines who we are as Americans, and I feel honored to live in a society of freedom. Robertson and Dole: Let us unite America, and keep America Strong! Vote Robertson/Dole for President!
  15. General Election only Results

    Just saying that I loved this series; was Ford Henry Ford that somehow got five terms as President?