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  1. Ted Cruz is one of those people I don't really have strong beliefs on; his demeanor doesn't click with me well, and I don't really follow his beliefs.
  2. I actually am optimistic about this election; the only reason I dislike Harris so much is that the only reason she is popular is that she takes vocal positions on highly debated issues, and it seems every issue that I am most right on she takes the opposite stance. She also has a huge problem with compromise.
  3. Aslong as Kamala "Kill the Babies, Invite the Illegals" Harris doesn't win.
  4. I do, keeping up with my man Kasich
  5. Solving the abortion issue is simple; respect Roe V. Wade's terms, but make sure the Federal Government support nothing more. We should make sure to cut federal funding to any type of abortion breaking the terms justified by the court case, and then leave the rest to the States. There is always time to make abortion even stricter than that proposal I just made, but you have to make it gradual enough where the middle ground is in our grasp before you push even further. As on terms with the FDA, all we have to do is reform the FDA so that it is not shadow-led by any entity but true honest independent leaders. Would it not appeal independent and moderate voters that the GOP is pushing the dems to the center AND solving corruption?
  6. META: John Logs is the Senate Majority Leader (me), Findlay is the Speaker of the House (Reagan)
  7. We pledge to rise up from our stagnant economy.
  8. The Senate Majority Leader wants to make sure that resource conservation is of high priority (AKA making plans to deal with the world running out of certain resources and minerals)
  9. Go Kasich!!!
  10. Easily endorse Mitt Romney over Clinton.
  11. More AI means more people to downvote media, so I would say keep the candidates that were 100 % in the running at one point, and coin flip the rest.
  12. So this is how you rig California to go Dem... Hmmmmmmm
  13. Omg my man Lamar Alexander, my old avatar, is vp. I even met him IRL when i was like 4 or 5.
  14. Wow, pick on Kasich will you. Assuming polling is the same, Trump will start in the lead bigly.