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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Makes First Re-Appearance since his Resignation, Talks Agricultural Policy in St. Louis, Missouri (Just count this as all my events because idk how many events I would even have as human player/VP) I thank you all for coming out to greet me warmly to your city! Today, I am going to be talking about an important economical part of the State of Missouri; farming. I know I hit farming like a broken record all throughout my campaign, but realistically, isn't farming the same fields year by year a broken record too? Broken records aren't always bad folks. What Robertson plans to do is empower the farmer, and give them as many opportunities as possible to succeed. While Pat is pro-market, just like he is against the corruption in Washington, he is against the corruption in Agricultural Corporations. When the local farmer, the small-business farmer, and the family farmer are manipulated into giving up their land, that is just wrong. Our administration would protect these farmers, and we would make sure that we end unfair agricultural subsidies that mostly just ends up in the hands of those same corporations we try to protect farmers from.
  2. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    I am giving it a break for the holidays.
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Ik "That is one of the reasons why I dropped out and endorsed Reagan; he's still enthusiastic about popping out events regardless of how repetitive they seem to be."
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    I am sick so my thoughts are all gooey, but I honestly feel like 88 has got to end quick. If I am wrong, maybe I ain't thinking straight. 88 has felt more like a testing grounds for you making your RP better, and now that all the bad failures are catching up a fresh start would be the best option.
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    Its too much work to rejoin; I do not look forward to posting anymore events. Hell, we've done this for so many months the events aren't even unique anymore. I feel like I am literally repeating the same things at this point, and its blowing the fun value. That is one of the reasons why I dropped out and endorsed Reagan; he's still enthusiastic about popping out events regardless of how repetitive they seem to be. The big killer was that like I have told you and Reagan in the past is that things are getting dry. I am also sick with the flu, and spending an hour a day on events and another hour on the wiki right now does not seem like a good combo. Edit: I would love to see things change for the better, but you can do that without me. I mean, to be fair, Stassen will even up with Robertson in some of the later states anyway because you have a specific formula, and honestly I would just like to see a 1992 fresh restart with nothing new added in and a more dynamic atmosphere. I feel you started this out very statistically and formulated, and when you progressed you tried to make it more dynamic but kept the stale formulas. Edit2: Also, didn't you say you wanted to rap things up by mid December? I bet the reason it didn't was because you were busy and didn't have enough time to progress it; regardless, I think having 1992 start with extra help would make it way better. And, for the sanctity of this RP, I think we should get to 1992 asap.
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord You bet!
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    Meta: I love how everyones being so hostile lol; I aint Somberg level hostile at all. Instead of whining further, I decided just to drop out on my own terms. I loved the RP when it began, but in my opinion it swayed away from what I was hoping itd become. And ofc its not about winning, or I would have stayed in. Its about my love of politics; simply put, old Bob Dole got angry at the evolution of politics and boom, dropped out. @RP Overlord seriously though, I don’t understand the hostility. I have been mad at you a few times, but multiple times you told me things and they just didn’t come out true in the long run. Its not my place to keep asking you to change the way you do your RP. I mean hell, you have even stopped addressing some complaints, like public endorser placement and such. Its all good man, I hope you do know that. I am hurt at the hostility, and its a total shame it even came to that.
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Bob Dole Drops out of the Presidential Race, Endorses Robertson Friends, Americans, Families, they all meant so much to me during my campaign. However, it seems that some hoax is going on in the American People’s minds. Unrealistically, many people are flanking to the most pathetic of candidates. I refuse to lead an America so influenced by pure bigotry. However, I am officially announcing my endorsement of Pat Robertson. He is the last genuine candidate in the race, and I am completely done with the bullshit I have been witnessing throughout this campaign. Americans, make up your damn minds; if you have any form of decency, vote for Pt Robertson. Meta: I am sick and tired of the way this RP has been carried out, and today while facing a flu I realize how bullshit the administration of this RP was. On many occasions, I have brought up concerns, with promises that things will get better. However, they have just gotten worse. Idiots can climb in the polls, people can just join whereever, and actual effort is never appreciated. Reagan is the only person along with Sami that I actually believe should be polling well without me, and I am just done with sinking time in this thing.
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Runs Tax Ad in Colorado with H.W. Bush To the People of Colorado; Recently, I have been continuously attacked by low-energy Stassen on my taxes. Laughter of Bush can be heard, as Bush joins Dole on Screen. You see ya'll, that old fart couldn't put together a tax plan without collapsing over! And, attacking Dole on taxes? Haha! He's a Senator, of course Dole has voted on taxes before. Dole respects tax dollars, Stassen says he hates taxes but he really just wants to continue using taxpayer's dollars for his campaign. Dole will only raise taxes in times of need; otherwise, he will cut your damn taxes! So, stop listening to an ignorant old fool who doesn't respect you tax dollars. I mean, he might say he'll not raise taxes, but that is just a very poor statement to make. Read my lips on that folks. John Vanderhoof Announces endorsement of Dole in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Free Event) I believe, simply, that Dole is the most down to earth candidate in the presidential race. He truly cares about the American People, and he would do anything in his power to make the United States the best country in the whole world for his People. If a candidate devotes this much dedication to the American People, then I sincerely believe he will serve us as an amaszing President. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dole talk the Film Industry in Los Angeles, California (1/3 Push Events w/ Surrogate) The film industry is key to the culture of the United States. Growing up, we didn't really have movies like they are known as today. Movies were black and white, rarely had sound, and weren't that good. However, today movies mean a lot to our culture. Teenagers get together to watch movies, families take their children to watch movies. Movies are a big representation of what society we are today. Arnold and I are here today to express our full support for the free expression of the movie industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dole talk the Land of Opportunity in San Francisco, California (2/3 Push Events w/ Surrogate) Arnold Speaks When I moved here from Germany, we moved here to seek a better life. I had to make crucial decisions, decisions that would effect my whole career. However, I made the best decisions, which have let me to being one of the most successful bodybuilders and movie stars to ever step in California. Immigrants are not bad people, we are usually just people seeking opportunity. Dole supports legal immigration, and fully believes that the United States should continue to be a model country for those abroad to follow after. Richard Nixon and Dole talk Communication in San Diego, California (3/3 Push Events w/ Surrogate) California is the center of many of America's communications. Whether this be communications companies, the movie industry, some form of media headquarters, California is the State of communication. Nixon championed California's communications in his various media appearance, something which I respect. He reached out to the American People in the safety of their homes to talk about the issues. I plan on doing the same thing. As President, I will make sure that the American People are engaged throughout my term as President. I believe a well informed populace is the best populace. Lee Dreyfus Announces endorsement of Dole in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Free Event) When I ran for Governor, the odds were stacked against me. Thankfully, the media of Wisconsin covered my actions when my meager campaign funds couldn't. However, my term as Governor was not as great as I planned it out to be; the State went into a big deficit, and things started changing. However, the good parts of my Governorship involved me connection with the People of Wisconsin. I truly believed in serving my State, and I tried my best to let everyone's voice be heard. Bob Dole cares about the American People a lot, and therefor eI support him for his big for President. Dole and Thompson Barnstorm on the Death Penalty in Appleton, Wisconsin (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The thing about the Death Penalty is that we should not just go around killing people that commit crimes. However, there is also a situation where we should not be using taxpayer money to support a three meal a day comfortable jail cell for serial killers. If a person commits a true atrocity, then they should be killed. The taxpayers should not be paying for terrible criminals to live in decent conditions in a nice jail cell. Of course, we also need to talk the method of carrying out the death penalty. And, the cheapest and most effective way? Firing squad. Unlike other forms of the death penalty, where the person put to death can be in pain for an inhumane period of time before death, a firing squad can kill a person in under a second. Firing squads are cheap, and the most humane way to end a person's life. Dole and Thompson Rally on Drugs in Green Bay, Wisconsin (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The drug problem is an awful problem. We need to do what we can to end the distribution and production of such drugs. Punishing those who do the drugs should not be the priority of drug-busting efforts. If we end all the production and distribution of drugs, then there won't be any drugs to reach the consumers in the first place. Also, under a Dole presidency you all will see addition centers where we will treat those that want to get rid of drug addiction. The Government will help you end your addition, and help you find a steady way of life again. Dole and Dreyfus Tour Wisconsin on a Bus in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (1 Event w/ Surrogate) It is important for a Presidential candidate to communicate with the American People. And today, I am doing just that with Lee here. We are touring Wisconsin, and we are going to address the everyday American and answer questions that we are asked. Communicating with our citizens one by one is a great experience, and I love having the ability to do this! Bush and Specter talk Culture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) It is important to stay up to date on the individual values and cultures of every State, which is something Dole, me, and Specter really care about. Dole will represent all the American People, remember that! Bush and Specter talk Altruism in Erie, Pennsylvania (2/2 HPE w/ Surrogate) Pennsylvania was founded as a State of freedom, a State where people could be who they wanted to be and could express what they wanted to express. These values have been with Pennsylvania for centuries, and I am excited to say that these same values I hope to keep in America. We are a country where every individual is their own person. I believe in this idea, and a Dole Presidency will keep this value strong!
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    3 would be nice
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    Or just angry at how you are meta attacking me for no reason like you're half ass drunk out of a bar?
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    @jdm06ltd Get your salty ass out of here, I am literally clarifying something.
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord You cut daily to 3? Thought it was 4
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord Why did Stassen get 6 events? Its only 3 for a push?
  15. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Re-Runs Veterans Ad in Wisconsin To the American People, The Government should serve those that serve the country. This is a very strong belief of mine; it is our job to protect our veterans. I have met with veterans across the nation. I have been endorsed by veterans, veteran groups, and military personnel. I served our country during World War II. I am a veteran myself. I have many important qualifications to serve our veterans. Vote Dole for a President that will protect our Veterans! Frank Sinatra Announces his endorsement of Dole in Chicago, Illinois (Free Event) I was born in the middle of world war I, and I have experienced culture change multiple times. I have represented old style culture, and I have learned that old culture is to be sincerely appreciated. Bob Dole reminds me a lot of what I enjoyed of in the past; he is humble, honest, and he genuinely cares. A united country got us through tough times, and right now we are approaching yet again uncertain times. Bob Dole is a man I believe would unite our country and represent all cultures, which is why I support him for President. Bill Armstrong Announces his endorsement of Dole in Denver, Colorado (Free Event) When working with my fellow Senators, I never gave up my beliefs. I am a christian man, always have and will continue to be so. In every decision I make, I make sure it is for the better of the common man. That is why I came out to support Bob Dole today; his message truly rings with me. He cares about the status of every single man and woman in the United States, and that is important in a President. I wholeheartedly support this man's bid for President! Tommy Thompson Announces his endorsement of Dole in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Free Event) Dole's welfare and tax plans really struck me. I fully believe that we need to make welfare as efficient as possible. We need to cut the people that don't need welfare, and expand the welfare on those that truly need it. We also need fair taxation, so only taxing what we need is key. I hereby endorse Dole, and hope that the people of Wisconsin vote for him! Dole and Armstrong hold a Townhall in Colorado Springs, Colorado (1 Event w/ Surrogate) As Senators, we consistently believe that input from the People are key to our campaigns. I went to Kansas alot to talk to people, and so has Armstrong but here in Colorado. Today, I want to hear people's opinions about the whole country and the state of Wisconsin. Dole and Armstrong talk Healthcare in Aurora, Colorado (1 Event w/ Surrogate) As an American, I believe that we are the land of the free. However, things like disease and illnesses don't understand our rights! However, don't fret, the American Government has your back. Under a Dole administration, healthcare will be private. However, the Government will aid those that need access to healthcare. We will leave no men, women, or children behind! Dole and Thompson talk Welfare in Green Bay, Wisconsin (1 Event w/ Surrogate) As Thompson said in his speech, I have spoke about making the welfare system more efficient. I want to work with the States to create a welfare system where nobody can abuse it, and the people that need it get the help they need! Dole and Thompson talk Taxes in Kenosha, Wisconsin (1 Event w/ Surrogate) Oh, no! My tax votes have been reaffirmed to the public! What am I going to do? Dole Chuckles I think the American People can understand where I come from with taxes. I believe that taxes should be treated with respect to the American People. We shall not raise taxes unless it is crucial to the security and viability of this nation. When I vote to raise and cut taxes, I do it on a situational basis. I make sure that when I do this, I take into account the efficiency and the purpose of this taxation. I will not waste your money, and that is a truth. Bush and Specter go Door Knocking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Erie, Pennsylvania (Both HPE Events w/ Surrogate)