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  1. Biden - 60 Sanders - 15 Warren - 20 Buttigieg - 80 Harris - 15 Yang - 55 Gabbard - 50 Trump - 25 Pence - 20 Cruz - 20 Kasich - 60 Weld - 30 B. Obama - 55 GW Bush - 45 H. Clinton - 40 Romney - 35 J. McCain - 55
  2. @WVProgressiveReagan's who now? It cut off.
  3. Milledge is VP and therefore can't be a Senator --- It'll be split 16-16 with Milledge being the tie likely
  4. Also, this is such a weird historical overlap, and would be perfect if James Jackson decided to die this term!
  5. @Herbert Hoover Also the first time a VP has been elected from the same party as the President, as the coup was not an election!
  6. John Randolph proposes the Statehoods of both Tennessee and Kentucky (If he can't do both, John Milledge will co-sponsor.) "It is indeed sad that Macon could not pass this many years ago, but it is my turn with the new majorities we have scored to expand our nation westward, and to truly represent a greater proportion of our population."
  7. Bill Clinton Personality strengths: Charismatic, Likable, Flamboyant Personality flaws: Lustful, Content George W. Bush Personality strengths: Charismatic, Confident Personality flaws: Stubborn Barack Obama Personality strengths: Charismatic, Likable Personality flaws: Personality wise I really can not think of many. Donald Trump Personality strengths: Charismatic, Manipulative, Populistic Personality flaws: Narcissistic, Bully, Unfiltered All four are charismatic, and that honestly seems to unite more Presidents than most other traits, especially modern ones.
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