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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    We should really get an official response on this... @RP Overlord
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    @Reagan04 Its two actions per surrogate, no limit on number of surrogate's use.
  3. 1968: Back to Congress

    I don't know if electors were bound by his word though; southern democrats were still a huge part of this time, and while a few would go to Nixon more would probably go to a Democrat.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Dole Runs State's Rights Ad in Iowa To the People of Iowa I share this message; The United States was built on a collection of States. While the Federal Government needs power, the States deserve their own powers as well. Picture shows Terry Branstad and Bob Dole shaking hands. The voice of Barnstad appears. When governing this State, I have had to work with the Federal Government many times. There is usually poor relations between the States and the Federal Government, but one thing is true; Bob Dole truly means it when he says he will unify all the American People. This includes making the Federal and State governments come to fair agreements. Picture shows Roger Jepsen and Bob Dole sharing a laugh. The voice of Jepsen appears. When I was Senator of this State, I knew I had a job; to serve the American People. However, I also did something else that many senators forget; represent my own state. I personally saw Dole carry out this same goal, and this is one of the reasons why I endorsed him. The voice of Dole appears. I have been a champion of communication for many decades, and now it is time for the American People to communicate back. When it comes time to vote, vote for the candidate that truly represents the everyday American. Vote Bob Dole for President! I am Bob Dole, and I support this message. Rep. Kasich Announces his Endorsement of Dole in Dayton, Ohio (Free Event) There comes a time in politics where you must support the candidate that truly represents what you believe in, rather then a candidate that might appeal to only a few of your beliefs. I have been on the sidelines of this election campaign, analyzing every candidate for their pros and cons. Today, I am announcing that I support Bob Dole for the Presidency! Bob Dole has truly shown he has dedication to the American People, and has made his political beliefs of many things clear as day. He is a moderate Republican, and so am I. I believe he will take this country far along the lines of harmony, and I am proud to support this man! Sec. of the Interior Hodel Announces his Endorsement of Dole in Portland, Oregon (Free Event) As Secretary of the Interior, I have been working with many bodies and organizations in figuring out how our domestic assets should be managed. I typically don't pay attention to Presidential campaigns, but what truly impacted my decision to endorse someone today was this candidate's meaningful messages. He has promised to make his policies both efficient and beneficial to the citizens of the U.S. This man is Bob Dole, and I endorse him for President! I am confident that as President, Dole will keep a solid focus on the domestic front, and make sure that the best policies are implemented to benefit all of the citizens of this country. Dole talks Domestic Policy in Des Moines, Iowa (1 Event) Today, the Secretary of the Interior endorsed me for President. In his speech, he said that I promised to make my policies both efficient and beneficial to the American People. He is correct, and here is why. As President, I will make it one of my first objectives to work with the governmental bodies in charge of general domestic policy. I will order them put forth a general report on every program, what it benefits, and its individual part costs. I will personally look over this report, discuss it with those governmental bodies, and decide which programs need to be expanded, which are fine the way they are, and which need to be cut. It is very important to me that the American People have the best policies enacted for their benefit, and as President I will strive to make this happen. Dole Rallies with Governor Sununu in Portsmouth, New Hampshire about Immigration (1 Event w/ Surrogate) Sununu starts speaking As many of you all know I was not born in America; I was born in Cuba. Immigrating to the United States was one of the best decisions my family had ever made. In America, we could express ourselves. In America, we could live prosperous lives. Immigration is obviously a topic that touches me right in the heart. I am here rallying with Bob Dole to talk about a plan that I support that he created around immigration. Dole starts speaking My immigration plan is rather simple; make the legal immigration system more efficient so that the processing of immigrants can happen faster, and address illegal immigration by taking measures to either educate or send back the illegal immigrants. The legal immigration system as it stands right now takes a long time to work; documents need to be acquired, evaluations need to occur, and the final decision has to be made. With the new technology that computers are turning out to be, however, we can utilize this technology by creating a database that would fasten the acquirement of necessary documents needed for the legal immigration process. My illegal immigration plan is simple; if the illegal immigrants have caused any sort of crime, they will be immediately sent back to their home country if their home country is safe. If they have not committed any crimes, then they will be informed of all the rights they do not have as a non-citizen, and will be given steps to become a legal citizen. My plan will cost less, improve our legal immigration system, and overall benefit the current immigration situation in the United States. Dole Rallies with Former Governor List in Las Vegas, Nevada about Gambling (1 Event w/ Surrogate) I have been discussing with List for many days in regards to how gambling affected the State of Nevada when he was governor. I came to two conclusions; one is that gambling does benefit the economy of Nevada, and the other is that gambling is dangerous if left unwatched. Gambling is a positive for the economy; it brings tourism and money. Nevada makes a lot of money on gambling. However, as with most things that bring in money, crime is brought in as well. Gambling can quickly become a dangerous game if left unwatched. My plan? Work with local police departments near gambling areas to create a more efficient anti-crime gambling force. If a portion of an area's police force is dedicated to making sure crime is left out of gambling, then crime in regards to gambling would decrease. Dole Rallies with Senator Durenberger in Minneapolis and Marshall, Minnesota, about Healthcare and Community Service (2 Events w/ Surrogate used 2x) Minneapolis Healthcare is truly one of the most partisan issues between the Democrats and the Republicans. Something like healthcare should honestly not be something that is thrown back in forth between two parties; it is the American People's health we are talking about! The biggest topic in healthcare that I think should be concluded as soon as possible is disability healthcare plans. I have been discussing with my fellow Senator about this section of healthcare, and I would like him to share what we discussed. Durenberger begins speaking I have met many people with disabilities, and I have learned a lot from them. Many people with disabilities are simply told that they need to just adapt and overcome. I wholeheartedly believe that this belief is both disgusting and wrong. There are many types of disabilities, whether physical or mental. It is a shame that we, the Government of the American populace, has hardly addressed this major issue. With Dole as President, we plan on introducing a piece of disabilities legislation focusing on both government monetary aid and government rehabilitation aid. The governmental monetary aid will be directed to benefit those that simply can't make money on their own at all, as well as those being helped by the rehabilitation aid program until they can earn money for themselves. This fund will let the disabled people of America live a life where they don't constantly have to worry about whether or not they can afford something, and can live a sustainable quality of life. The governmental rehabilitation program will be implemented to help those with a possible ability to work come accustomed to a job they can still do. The program's goal is to help disabled people learn aspects of a job they can perform decently, and secure them a spot on such job once they are good enough at the skills required. Dole and I believe this is a complete step to both helping the needy in America, and not letting those who can possibly work sit on their butt doing nothing. This plan should appeal to both parties, and I believe this plan would be a major success in the healthcare world. Marshall Dole starts speaking Community service is completely voluntary, but it means so much to those that host such events. When Americans decide to dedicate some of their time to help a good cause, usually a non-profit that could not function without volunteers, it truly makes an impact. Sadly though, there are not many rewards to people who dedicate so much time to community service, especially if you are an adult done with schooling. However, Durenberger and I have discussed a simple but meaningful way to address this issue. I officially announce the intent to introduce the Civilian Service Honor Award Act, which will be an Act dedicated to rewarding those hardworking and generous Americans who dedicate such amounts of time to community service. There will be three distinctive awards; the bronze, silver, and gold award for Civilian Service. To achieve a bronze award, one must have successfully have logged 250 hours with an approved organization. For silver, 500. For gold, 1000. I firmly believe this reward will honor those who have dedicated such large amounts of time for the overall benefit of mankind. @RP Overlord What was the policy on legislation? I think you decided to ban the creation of it, so I made sure I was just announcing the intent to introduce. Dole Rallies with Senate Minority Whip Simpson on Party Direction in Casper, Wyoming (1 Event w/ Surrogate) The Republican Party has undergone many changes in the past few decades. From the post-WWII era with Eisenhower, to the fractured era with Nixon, to the current Reagan era, the party has undergone many transformations. Since Reagan is now ending his second term, the direction of the Republican Party is in question. My opinion? We should continue many of Reagan's successful policies, but with something new. This new thing will be called bi-partisanship. As President, I will be working with the leaders from both parties to accomplish many goals; like making current legislation more efficient, creating new legislation, and working more with the American People. With a united country, we can have a group of united minds working together to discover the best possible solutions to this country's problems. I sincerely believe I am the man to unite the country, and I believe a unified country is much better than a fractured country.
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    Since it was never posted, and I am doing some work, here is the Republican Debate Part 2 Raw Data Republican Debate Part 2 of 2 CW: "Ok, now an issue that is very important to a lot of blue collar workers around the country. What are all of your views on trade?" ST: "We need to ensure that trade helps the American worker instead of dispossess him. We need to make sure that we buy american and hire american. We should provide tax incentives to companies who choose to keep their production in the US and I will also only accept trade deals if it doesn't hurt american jobs and workers." PR: "I think I have run this race as the most friendly to the blue collar worker. That is, some of our trade deals work, others simply don't! As President on of the first things I'd do is find those deals which simply cost us jobs and send em straight back to the burner. We need folks in DC not just cared about a dollar sign next to Wall Street Profits, but a Dollar sign next to the income of a Michigan Factory worker or an Iowa farmer. I think Trade makes the nation richer, I do, but I also think that like anything else, too much of one thing that tastes good can lead to a mighty belly ache. We can't have reckless negotiators in the room with our partners, rather negotiators who know the American Spirit, Dream, and the people who live it. That is what Trade is, getting the most out of something you can give away, and when the thing we give away is jobs, there is nothing to get out of that! " BD: "Blue collar workers are some of the hardest workers I know. I grew up with them, and from my experience they put their best effort into their jobs. It is such a sad event that our blue collar jobs are being sent overseas where low quality workers will hardly put any effort into the jobs. Companies use the excuse "American workers are too expensive". Well, what happens when you get your labor from other countries is that the Government now can completely penalize you. You want to play hardball with the American People? The American Government would gladly play hardball right back; we care about the People. My plan is simple; you take American jobs and move them abroad, and we will make it more expensive for you to ship those products back to the United States than if you had employed American workers.If the Government decides to use its trade ties and tariffs against a corporation that kills American jobs, the free market will still flow freely and fine. I support companies moving abroad and doing work abroad that fits a foreign market. However, if you dare ruin the lives of our blue collar workers, you will be punished." CW: "Now moving on, the Iran Contra scandal is fresh in voters minds, in a recent poll it says 43% of Republicans are worried this will effect their chance of winning in November, what do you all have to say to those Republicans and the majority of the American people? " PR: "Iran Contra was a mistake, I will be the first to admit that. But it represent what I think is a basic need for change in DC. After this great administration, there are bound to be some missteps. So now we need to stir the pot and get the next team of conservatives grassroots in there. We can't let it all fester and let the establishment take over. This is the one area where, I am being completely honest with America here, I do doubt the Vice President's story. I think very highly of the man but I don't think it adds up and I am running to bring some accountability and freshness to DC. I think that if the Republicans embrace that message then Iran Contra can't affect us, learning from your mistakes is crucial. It is time we get new leaders in DC. Ones working for main street America! It is time we put the American people back into that position of power and keep it there, not change reigns into the hands of a Career Bureaucrat!" BD: "I believe that the Iran-Contra incident was a poorly organized attempt to address with an honest problem. While the situation itself was uncomfortable, I believe that what Reagan sought was genuine, but what his officials commenced had its major flaws. This scandal was a mistake, but it should not discredit the Republican Party at all. This whole situation was done by people and their respective jobs, not a political agenda. If something similar did occur, I believe that this incident would prove which flaws not to redo, which is overall better for the future. Now, I mentioned that this should not discredit the Republican Party. I stand by that decision, as it was not some political manipulation by the party; rather a manipulation by people in positions suppose to be doing their job. So, instead of blaming the Party, I would blame the individuals at fault." HS: "Iran Contra was a scenario where someone did what was considered wrong, in order to do what was right. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and my friend is my brother, and brothers will be brothers. It could very well come back to bite us in the ass, and when it does we will deal with it, but and this may finish me as a candidate, but I dont care, I would have done the exact same thing. Fighting our enemies is more important than weaponizing a potential future enemy that may not be an enemy if handled properly." GB: "Chris, the best trade policy for America is one that helps America. It's obvious we here all believe that. But we have differing views on what that means. I have to disagree with Senator Thurmond. We can't just buy American products. As great a power as our nation may be, we cannot advance in this great world of ours without the help of others. Globalisation is a great thing, as it encourages foreign companies to invest in our nation, and our nations companies to invest in other nations. It means we can move forward together in this great world of ours as partners, not rivals, of other nations. I will encourage growth in the US by lowering business tax, and making it easier for people to set up businesses. I see a great and noble future for our nation, but we can only continue our dominance as an economic powerhouse if we have a new generation of entrepreneurs. At the very least, they'd replace Donald Trump" GB: "I have said before and I will say again. I was out of the loop relating to Iran-Contra. President Reagan did not fully tell me about his plan, and if I had known what has been revealed since, I would have advised the President to not go ahead with the deal. I think that a full and comprehensive investigation into Iran-Contra should be carried out, and I guarantee it will find me not complicit in anything. Also, I don't think it will cost us the election. None of us on this stage had anything to do with it! If that logic is applied to both parties, the Democrats will lose over Vietnam!" HS: "As for trade, I will consider all trade deals carefully, no trade deals will be approved if jobs go overseas. We need jobs here." CW: "Alright, and finally I would like you all to make a closing statement" HS: "The Republicans in this election have a clear choice, nominate political hacks bought and paid for by party bosses, or someone with substance. I am running to continue the Reagan legacy economically, we can not afford another party hack, nor can we afford weakness overseas, I am Harold Stassen, I am ready to lead, and I humbly ask for your vote" BD: "It is clear that our country needs a strong leader to continue our strength in both domestic and foreign affairs. We need someone with political experience, someone who is good at reaching the American People's hearts, and someone that is willing to create unity in the United States. All three of those qualities are qualities that are apart of me. I have made it clear that I dedicate my work to benefiting the American People. I have shown that I can work with people that aren't just Republicans; I yea'ed Gore's recent anti-harassment act. I have been specifically focusing on policy points throughout my campaign. I would be thankful if the American People saw this heart and soul in me, saw my experience and my ideas, and decided to vote for me to be their President. Thank you Chris for moderating this debate, and thank you to the American people for listening to every candidate to decide whom you are voting for. Thank you, and good night!" PR: "I want to thank you, Chris, for hosting, and I want to thank the people in Kansas tonight and across the nation for listening. I want to stand here not as some vessel of the establishment to do things according to how might be politically wise. I am here as a vessel of Y'all listening tonight. My will is bound to yours, my friends! We are seeing our constitution trampled and our values degraded day after day and I won't sit idly by as the Mainstream Liberal Establishment ignores this clear and present danger to our nation. I have often said I am not running for myself, I don't have a stepping stone and this isn't my big bucks job so I can go be a lobbyist. This is a position of service and I vow to treat it as such. I vow to serve the hard working Christian men and women of this nation, black and white, who elect me their President. We will stand for Life and Marriage. For Lower Taxes and Gun Rights, because that is what is called upon us by our fellow citizens and by God. This is a grassroots campaign and what we don't have in billions of Wall Street dollars we make up in hard work, determination, and some good ol' fashioned faith in the Lord my friends! This is not a campaign about me or anyone up here or in DC, it is about you! Without you, I am not standing here tonight. Without you, I do not have the honor to fight every day for our values under siege. And I am certainly not getting to the White House without you! It is the time the grassroots awakened once more to get the establishment corruption and incompetence out of the way for a better future for them. I want to fight for that future. Together we can do anything, together we are everything, my friends! Together we can Restore American Values! God Bless Y'all and God Bless America!" GB: "Thank you Chris. I said at the beginning of this debate that we have seen an immense change in America over the past 8 years. Ronald Reagan has revolutionised our politics and our way of life in America. But the Reagan Revolution is coming to an end. It is up to the people of America to decide who our next President should be. I say to the people of America now, don't give into temptation. We must not invite extremism or reactionary politicians into the mainstream. Out of the five of us here tonight, only one will make it through. I firmly believe that only I have the years of experience as VP, the negotiating skills from being UN Ambassador and my experience as Director of Central Intelligence, all of that means I am the best qualified for the Presidency. Vote for me, and I pledge to continue the success of the past eight years." ST: "We need a firm leader who will secure America's position as a military superpower and a firm and devout Christian who will lead this nation without hesitation and a person who has great leadership qualities such as myself. We also need a revival of the old America, a renaissance if you will. We need to get back to the time when our basic institutions weren't controlled by communists. It is true when they say that communists marched through our institutions in the end sixties. As a result we're living in a reversed world that is absolutely self-destructive. I just hope that you'll elect me so i can turn things around." ST: "The Iran Contra scandal was a bad showing for the Reagan administration and it is very sad that many voters have showed distrust in the Republican Party as a result. I will work to reclaim the trust of these people and work very hard to serve justice and truth if i get elected."
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    Alright, so double endorsements weren't so bad afterall. The only double endorsements this whole roleplay were: Phyllis Schlafly, Robertson Robert List, Dole Gary Hart, Gore
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    @Reagan04 I didn't have a double endorser in Michigan; I had one with List though as of now.
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Haha I can't wait.
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Also, this is a roleplay it shouldn't be purely based off of the scenario; if they want to endorse early, let them. ESPECIALLY with all the national buffs Ferraro and Robertson have gotten from organizations compared to others. That has low key got me mad.
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    @Reagan04 you had a double too my dude; i havent caught my own double yet but it i did have one ill notice it
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: I am in an insane rush today, so sorry for today's quality. Dole runs Realism ad in New Hampshire This ad just reaffirms Dole's whole campaign and how it represents all the American People. Dole talks about his realistic approach to domestic and foreign affairs. Dole does a Multi-Event Mock Tour of Iowa, alongside Branstad in Mason City and Council Bluffs, with Jepsen in Fort Dodge and Waterloo, and Reporters from the Des Moines Register in Iowa City and Des Moines Dole makes a speech about guns in Fort Dodge with commentary from Jepson Dole makes a speech about infrastructure in Mason City with commentary from Branstad Dole makes a speech about the future of the GOP in Des Moines with interviews from Reporters from the Des Moines Register Dole and Branstad have a town hall about Russia in Council Bluffs Dole and Jepsen discuss State's rights in Waterloo with local politicians. Dole has a one on one interview with Des Moines Register Reporters in Iowa City discussing local trade.
  12. Co-GM Results

    Me gusta! Don't rig it @Reagan04 <3
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    boi u can use a specific surrogate twice a day
  14. West Wing Style RP

    Sure, I'll be the Speaker.
  15. West Wing Style RP

    I don't know what I'd be tbh; I'd be good at secretary of education