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  1. This also means Deep South needs a new Focus Senator.
  2. Governor Shelby renews Mason's appointment to the Senate, but replaces Alexander Martin with Timothy Bloodworth, noting Martin's soon to be retirement (Replacing 4 with 4). Governor Pinckney replaces Jacob Read with Thomas Sumter (Replacing 4 with 4), and replaces George Walton with John Milledge (Replacing 3 with 4).
  3. The Traditionalist Faction of the DR votes in favor of the Federal Death Penalty.
  4. Nvm, you'd still be Senate Minority Leader, but idk what happens with party leader.
  5. Wouldn't it go to Randolph with a score of 9? As the likely new Senate Minority leader?
  6. I appoint John Randolph and Stevens Thomson Mason to the Senate for Virginia.
  7. In response to the rejection of Tennessee, again, we vote nay on the tariffs.
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