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  1. Okay, I think I'll keep Duterte in the more populist party then. Is Robredo powerless because she's a weak politician or because the VP himself has little power in the political system of the Philippines? Because since there's such an old and powerful liberal party on the Philippines, I wanted them to have some representation in this scenario. If Robredo really is just a pawn, who is the Liberal Party's real powerbroker?
  2. Already have. Now, I know he's more of a left-wing politician, but I have him planned in the more right-wing, authoritarian party. Where would you put him? And since you're Filipino: I have included Leni Robredo as VP candidate for the liberal party. Is she a good choice or is there someone more influential or important than her?
  3. Of course an election like that would never happen, and even if it did, the world's real leaders like Merkel, Putin and Trump would never run but some no-name diplomats put forward by the powerbrokers. Can't really agree with you on the ideological point. I mean, I'm no American and I don't catch all that happens in the U.S. (except for every goddamn tweet from Trump), but it seems to me that the Republican as well as the Democratic party have only a few core ideas that they share across the country. Someone from Arkansas lives a whole different live from someone from California and so the parties are different in those two states as well, but the parties still function on the national level (kind of). To make that happen on a global level would mean more work but I think it could work. For me American Libertarianism doesn't differ much ideologically from European or wherever Libertarianism, the only difference is that Libertarianism is a deep-rooted political movement in the U.S. Juche is in its core still communism, a nationalist one, but still, Hindu Nationalism and the Christian Right have for me much in common and these parties of power are simply authoritarian.
  4. Really? I mean I'm not from Singapore but I would have thought that Loong is a right-wing liberal like Mauricio Macri and Mark Rutte. And on another note: Since your from Hong Kong, I'm still not sure about endorsers, would you have some ideas for influential Chinese, Hong Kongese (do you say that?) or whatever nation I could put in the campaign? Thanks for your input.
  5. Really? I think that to actually have the possibility to vote for real people instead of just a party is more interesting. Well, everyone has his own opinion :-)
  6. Sure, but a presidential election is always more exciting than a legislative one. A real-life president of the world would be just a UN General Secretary with a fancier title.
  7. Will go with that for the moment, thanks!
  8. Nothing in that way, I just grouped international leaders into left-wing, center-left, center-right and right-wing parties. I made Putin a candidate for the right-wing party.
  9. Good idea, thanks. In that case Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan and Jalal Talabani of Iraq should be candidates of such a party. Any idea for a name for such a party by the way? I can just come up with "Party of Independent Nations" but that's already the name for the right-wing party.
  10. I've been thinking about making about some kind of global election campaign for a long time and now with the upcoming popular vote feature I think that I can really make the campaign I wanted to. I've already started working on it, but I wanted to know from you if these candidates are a good choice or if I should scratch someone, add someone, make someone leader or vice leader. The way the leaders are sorted is the way I wanted to poll them, so for the Conservatives it would be Ban Ki-moon first followed by Angela Merkel and so on. If you think someone should poll higher or lower just let me know. I also thought about adding an anarchist party with David Graeber, Eduard Limonov, Andrej Grubacic and Brigitta Jonsdottir as candidates, but I couldn't think of any vice leaders for such a party. So, again, just write if you know someone. Un_candidates.docx
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