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    Hillary BS in Primaries

    IDK what is going on but, it seems Clinton has an extremely annoying superpower to jump up in polls with like +20 momentum right before important primaries. What is this? I've had this issue before so I played on easy with fog of war off and it still happened. Examples: (I was up in all of these states one week ago) Florida: Clinton (+19.4) Ohio: Clinton (+26.3) Illinois (+15.3) North Carolina (+32.8) Previously it happened in Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Minnesota. Edit: Now it's happening in almost every state. I just don't get it.
  2. teradact

    Hillary BS in Primaries

    Thanks man, appreciate it.
  3. teradact

    Hillary BS in Primaries

    Many times though undecided levels were at near 0%. In PA it was .6% and in CT it was 0%. Her totals went up 8.7 and 10.2 respectively. I agree though it's probably the undecideds that are the cause. Any advice to help defend against this?