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  1. Market For Political Simulations

    I've played a lot "The Political Machine 2016" It's a good game.
  2. Hypothetical Election Poll

    I chose David Duke because he was a leader of a Klan in the 70's. The Klan was a group which fought for the interests of white people. He has a great love for his own kin and wants to preserve and defend European-Americans.
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Maybe i am allowed to hold a little speech at the GOP nat. convention... as Strom Thurmond I started out as the only pro-white candidate in the GOP primary race and my polls were good in my opinion. After much personal speculation i decided to endorse Harold Stassen in the primary because i realised my own run wouldn't lead to much. I firmly believe that Pat Robertson is the best choice in the general election and i wish him well. However my message to the GOP is to adopt a pro-white platform this election. For the simple fact that in no other demographic than the white the GOP gets near a majority of votes. Reach out to minorities have failed again and again. It is doomed, so focus on your audience, the white people of this country. Wouldn't it be great if the GOP says, we're the party for the white people, when the democrats says they're the party for blacks, jews and hispanics. Thanks for giving me the time here. Strom Thurmond fmr. senator of the fmr confederate state of South Carolina.
  4. Best/Worst President Since WWII

    the reason america will become a shithole in the future is not because they elect classically liberal politicians like trump but because of the weight of non-whites in the US continues to increase and the shoulders of diminishing white america will fail to continue to uphold civilization.
  5. ol' virginny

    that is not true. there are clear differences between the races, behaviorally, physiologically and in other instances.. Racial purity is a perfectly normal ideal and has been so in every civilization. Homer was described as a blonde and his blonde hair was highly praised in contemporary greece. Nation is the same as race, that's a fact. Nation comes from "natio" which means birth = blood.. and blood in a modern context is genes.
  6. ol' virginny

    a scot and an anglo-saxon are subgroups under "white"... white people should unite and not fight each other over petty historical feuds. Our enemies are manifold.
  7. Best/Worst President Since WWII

    Eisenhower and Truman were good enough.. though they were problematic in not being pro-white to the maximum extent. I think in the case of Truman about the integration of the military and Eisenhower with deployment of an airborne division to force integration in Little Rock Arkansas were problematic things.. They didn't take excessive action to dismantle white supremacy in the South as far as i know, so that's a plus. As with all the other i said they were the worst because they're liberals.. they subscribe to a dangerous ideology that hurts the white man.
  8. ol' virginny

    https://ropercenter.cornell.edu/polls/us-elections/how-groups-voted/groups-voted-2016/ 88% of africans in america voted for clinton while 12% voted for trump... tim scott was elected by whites aswell
  9. ol' virginny

    in reality there is no rightwing or conservative party in the US... there are two liberal parties.. the GOP is classically liberal and the Democrats are Socially liberal. Yes race correlates with party affiliation.. i don't even have to explain why... that is just how it is.
  10. ol' virginny

    white nationalism is not about skin color it is about race.. who told you it is about skin color??
  11. ol' virginny

    Eric Cantor was a Neo-con israel firster... he was part of the neo-con takeover of the GOP.. not a good guy.
  12. ol' virginny

    Virginia is 60% white and many whites are liberals in charlottesville and arlington, while the state in the game is center-right on many issues. virginny's rural white population might be right wing but their votes are swamped by non-whites and liberal urbanites...
  13. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    1. the pop-up that comes when you click on rally and there is already 3 should be removed.. because i use a macro 2. for example far-right on immigration is for a nationalist while far-right on taxes is for a Economic liberal... just don't think it is good that they are on the same place on the spectrum... politics is not scales but, what world view you have... 3. I don't really like the end of round wheel in PMI because there is no bang effect like in PI that shows the you have clicked on the right button. 4. there should be an easier way to set up rallies and barnstorms... it is too much micromanaging for my taste... especially if you also play the primaries... my hand hurts usually after a PI marathon...
  14. voters in states

    If we say we have an issue and it is on center in a state. does that mean there is 20% of voters on each platform far-left, far-right etc?
  15. ol' virginny

    i think virginia is not optimal on the issues.