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  1. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev yesterday demanded that President Nixon apologise for the U-2 spy plane incident. Gary Powers has been taken into Soviet custody
  2. So this will just be crafting an alternate history based around the 22nd Amendment never being proposed due to the fact that FDR never dies in 1945. With his physical health declining, Roosevelt is nonetheless determined to seek a fifth term in office to pass his Second Bill of Rights through Congress. He faces one inter party challenger, southern Senator Richard Russell, who he is expected to defeat easily. Meanwhile, the Republicans have a clear frontrunner in Thomas Dewey, 1944's nominee. Nationally, the Democrats lead, but will Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats prevent their victory?
  3. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    President Nixon signed into law yesterday the Civil Rights Act of 1960. It aims to improve voting rights for Black Americans in the South, and to close loopholes in the 1957 Civil Rights Act
  4. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    President Nixon appeared last night on CBS Evening News to discuss the U-2 incident. President Nixon appeared uneasy under the studio lights, which made him sweat heavily. He also mistakenly referred to the pilot as "Gerald Powers".
  5. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Hello, this is Jack Watson, live on ANR. News has just come in that the USSR has today shot down a U-2 aircraft that was flying over Soviet territory. They have claimed that the captured pilot, Gary Powers, is a spy working on behalf of the CIA. President Nixon is yet to respond to the Soviet claims
  6. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: Hello, this is Jack Watson, live on American News Radio, ANR. We have the results through from the New Hampshire Primary, where John Kennedy has beaten Adlai Stevenson by .2% Kennedy wins the states 35 delegates. It was a disappointing night for Johnson, who only managed to win 66 votes of over 200,000 cast.
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    GEORGE BUSH ADDRESSES REPUBLICAN CONVENTION (this is prolly gonna be quite bad, sorry) Madam Chairwoman, esteemed delegates, my fellow Americans. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Vice President for the last eight years. It has been an immense honour, and me and Barbara will always be grateful for all support you have given us. We stand on the eve of a historic election. The nature of the primaries this year has not been what we have been used to, and to anyone who feels that their voice was silenced due to the events of the past 7 months, I promise that Pat will take on board your opinions. The Republican Party, despite what our opponents may claim, is the party of the working class, the party of the downtrodden, the party of the oppressed. We stand for traditional, American values of old. The values on which Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Adams, Jay and Madison founded our nation on. To all those who say that we must change because it’s the “current year”, or that the values that we stand for are to be consigned to the past, I say, we will stick with what has worked, we will stick with is working and we will stick with what will continue to work for America! (cheers) A couple of months ago, I came to the decision to withdraw from the presidential race for a multitude of reasons. It was a very difficult decision to come to, and I had to weigh up in my mind the pros vs the cons. But I eventually concluded that America has had eight years of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and although those eight years have been the most prosperous in a long time for America, they want change. The desire for change is natural, and I eventually came to the conclusion that we must pass the torch on to a new set of leaders. What I didn’t realise at the time was that the man we can entrust with the running of our nation is Pat Robertson. Pat has proven that he is a true conservative, a man of God, who will hold by his beliefs in the face of the fiercest opposition. Pat has proven that he is a worthy successor to the man who currently occupies the highest of offices in this land, and I also trust that Senator Dole will do a great job as our next Vice President. Together, they will move America forward, always forward – for a better America, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light. To all those who supported me in the primaries, I urge you not to be downhearted, and to put your trust in Pat. He is truly the best choice for our nation, and I am eager to see what awaits under President Robertson. I will continue to serve our nation, even out of office. I promise I will continue to fight for the people of this great nation, especially fighting alongside our nominee in the months to come. I am optimistic for the future. We are better off than we were four years ago, and things can only get better from here. Pat Robertson and Bob Dole will lead our nation towards the future, taking us ever closer to a new, American, millennium. Pat will lead our nation, and establish our place in the new world order. And that place will be a one of power, as a world leader, ever forward facing, ever optimistic, ever eager to face whatever comes ahead. Thank you, God bless you, and God Bless America! (as Bush walks off stage to applause, he mutters "I'm not sure about this, Lee")
  8. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: French Test A-Bomb!
  9. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: Reports of non-violent civil rights protest in North Carolina
  10. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Election 1960: President Nixon continued many of Dewey's policies, but decided to focus on foreign affairs primarily. He advocated the "Nixon Doctrine", and employed a now famous tactic of trying to convince Communist nations that he was irrational and mentally imbalanced, making them afraid of him. This tactic worked a little too well, and by 1958 Nixon's popularity had declined, leading to the Democrats making gains in the House and Senate. He managed to restore his public image by advancing Civil Rights, pushing through bills that strengthened black voting. This enraged many in the South, but Nixon reassured them that he wanted the states to decide their positions, and that the federal government would not take over. In January 1960, Nixon's chance of re-election is as about the same as his chance of losing. The Democrats have two frontrunners for their nomination, the charismatic John F. Kennedy, ready to avenge 1956 (when he was Adlai Stevenson's running mate) but hampered by allegations that he was an elitist liberal northerner, and the powerful Lyndon B. Johnson, known for his coercion and persuasion skills. Kennedy holds a large lead in delegates, but is barely ahead in terms of the popular vote. Candidates: Republicans: Pres. Richard M. Nixon Democrats: Sen. John F. Kennedy (1956 Vice Presidential Nominee) Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson Sen. Stuart Symington Fmr. Gov. Adlai Stevenson (1956 Presidential Nominee) Sen. Hubert Humphrey Sen. Wayne Morse Sen. George Smathers Gov. Michael DiSalle Gov. Pat Brown Mr. George H. McLain Unpledged Democrats: Sen. Harry F. Byrd Sr.
  11. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Cabinet of Richard Nixon (1957 - 1961) President: Richard M. Nixon Vice President: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Secretary of State: John F. Dulles (1957 - 1959) C. Douglas Dillon (1959 - 1961) Secretary of the Treasury: Robert B. Anderson Secretary of Defence: Dwight D. Eisenhower
  12. Funniest Political Moments

    poor John Ashcroft. The only Senator to ever lose re-election to a dead man
  13. Funniest Political Moments

    There's something about that Demon Sheep ad that's so... perfect
  14. Nader '08

    I think Nader taking votes from Obama helped
  15. New York City Council

    @NYrepublican what coalition do you think would result from this result?
  16. Hatch retires.

    Personally, I think we need a centrist direction for the Democrats, since all the Liberal Republicans are either dead or prehistoric now. Someone like John Bel Edwards.
  17. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

  18. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: Red Army troops have invaded Hungary following revolutionary outbreaks against the government
  19. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: Richard Nixon has come out the victor at a contested convention, picking Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. as his running mate. Democratic Nominee Adlai Stevenson gave the convention a free vote on who the Vice Presidential nominee should be. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts narrowly beat Estes Kefauver of Tennessee to become Stevenson's running mate
  20. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS! Former President Herbert Hoover has officially announced that he is running for a non-consecutive second term as President.
  21. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    1952 Election Republican Candidates: Sec. Dwight D. Eisenhower Sen. William Knowland Sen. John W. Bricker Mr. S.C Arnold Gov. Joe Foss Fmr Gov. Harold Stassen Former Pres. Herbert Hoover(?!) (Not Seeking) Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Sen. Richard Nixon Senator Prescott Bush Democratic Candidates: Gov. Adlai Stevenson Sen. Estes Kefauver Gov. W. Averell Harriman Gov. Frank Lausche Sen. Lyndon Johnson Rep. John William Cormack Sen. Stuart Symington Gov. Happy Chandler Fmr. VP Harry Truman States Rights: Coleman Andrews
  22. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Dewey's second term in office was marred by the communist annexation of South Korea, and internal divisions over communism. Despite an overwhelming majority of Americans wanting the army to intervene, Dewey held firm, but it cost him greatly. That and the ongoing McCarthy-Army Hearings led to the Republicans losing control of the House and Senate in 1954. It also cost him Earl Warren. The two had had a rocky relationship, but Warren was now ready to call it quits. Fearing the resignation of the Vice President, Dewey struggled to keep Warren onside but when Fred M. Vinson, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, died he offered Warren his place. Warren accepted, and the Vice Presidency remained vacant for the rest of his term. Dewey's approval ratings tanked and, although he was constitutionally eligible, he did not choose to seek a third term in office. He instead gave the nod to the popular Defence Secretary Dwight D. Eisenhower. His primary primary opponent is Senator Richard Nixon. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a clear frontrunner in Adlai Stevenson, but will Truman or Kefauver take him down?
  23. New York City Council

    @NYrepublican this is the full results results.csv
  24. New York City Council

    Results by Borough Brooklyn: Democratic: 6 Republican: 3 Green: 3 Independent: 2 Reform: 1 Our Neighbourhood: 1 The Bronx: Democratic: 3 Republican: 2 Conservative: 1 Working Families: 1 Liberal: 1 Manhattan: Republican: 6 Democratic: 1 Green: 1 Independence: 1 Librarian: 1 Queens: Republican: 7 Democrat: 5 (won the popular vote by .8%) Reform: 1 Working Families: 1 Staten Island: Republican: 3 Overall, the Republicans won the plurality of seats, but the Democrats won the plurality in the popular vote (35.5% to 40%)
  25. New York City Council

    The two independents elected were Victoria Cambranes in BK-33 and Anthony Beckford in BK-45