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  1. North Korea war

    I think it is a trap, but not one involving poison in the tea or anything like that. I think that they'll exploit Trump's volatility
  2. Calling for someone to bug fix a lost election game.

    Well the Read Me says take from that what you will
  3. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    If I lived in the USA, I'd probably be a Democrat. Definitely more like Doug Jones though
  4. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS Vice President Hubert Humphrey has entered the Democratic primaries. This comes as a report in the New York Times says that the Vice President has not been seen in the White House in "months"
  5. So this will just be crafting an alternate history based around the 22nd Amendment never being proposed due to the fact that FDR never dies in 1945. With his physical health declining, Roosevelt is nonetheless determined to seek a fifth term in office to pass his Second Bill of Rights through Congress. He faces one inter party challenger, southern Senator Richard Russell, who he is expected to defeat easily. Meanwhile, the Republicans have a clear frontrunner in Thomas Dewey, 1944's nominee. Nationally, the Democrats lead, but will Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats prevent their victory?
  6. Fictional Presidential Election

    Title: SenatorName: Mitch K. CampbellParty: DemocraticPolitical Influence Points: 20State: LouisianaStarting Funds: 10,000,000Description: Born in New York City, in 1971 to two immigrants, Mitch Campbell has risen to prominence within a very short space of time. After graduating from university, he worked briefly for Vice President Al Gore, before becoming the legal advisor for his 2000 campaign. He gained widespread recognition in the aftermath of the 2000 election and the Bush v. Gore legal battle. After spending a few years working in New Orleans as a lawyer, he announced in 2003 that he would run for the Louisiana Senate seat. He narrowly lost that election to David Vitter. He then worked as a political commentator, before deciding to run again in 2008. He finished second in the jungle primary behind incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, but defeated her by .3% in the run-off. While in the Senate, he has been one of his party's most rebellious members, voting very much in line with the Blue Dog Democrats. Critics, however, argue that he is barley a Democrat, and unlike the majority of the New Democrats, has drifted right instead of left. Leadership:4Integrity: 3Experience: 3Issues: 3Charisma: 4Stamina: 3Debating: 3Basic Political Views: Very much a Blue Dog Democrat, although more progressive on gay rights and has made the creation of a Federal Health Service a main part of his campaign
  7. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Alexander Dubcek, the Slovakian politician, has taken over as the leader of Czechoslovakia. Mr Dubcek is seen as a democratic reformer. Whether Leonid Brezhnev will allow the Czechoslovakians to move further from the Soviet sphere of influence is yet to be known
  8. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Election 1968 President Kennedy is popular amongst his base, however desegregation and the continuation of the Great Society program has led to many in the south to flock to Governor George Wallace, who is running as a third party candidate. Another complication is he is less popular than Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who is seen as the driving force behind Kennedy. Many would rather that Humphrey was the nominee over Kennedy, but Humphrey is reluctant to run, fearing divisions may cost them the election. Meanwhile, with Nixon ruling himself out, the Republican frontrunners Nelson Rockefeller and Ronald Reagan battle for first place, with George Romney proving a viable threat in third place. Candidates Democrats: President Robert F. Kennedy Vice President Hubert Humphrey (Not Seeking) Republicans: Governor Nelson Rockefeller Governor Ronald Reagan Governor George Romney Former Governor Harold Stassen Governor John Volpe Senator Clifford Case Governor Jim Rhodes Senator Hiram Fong American Independent: Former Governor George Wallace
  9. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Kennedy made his major focus Civil Rights. Lyndon Johnson had passed a few civil rights reforms, but had focused instead on his "Great Society" program. Kennedy also expanded this program, but focused more on expanding black suffrage, and ending segregation. The Great Society program was not neglected, however, and one of Kennedy's greatest achievements came in 1966, when Medicare, a single payer health insurance program, came into effect.
  10. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    KENNEDY WINS LANDSLIDE VICTORY Kennedy/Humphrey - 61.7% Rockefeller/Fong - 38.3%
  11. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Premier, has been deposed. Leonid Brezhnev will take over as General Secretary of the Communist Party, while Alexei Kosygin is the new Premier. Meanwhile in Britain, Sir Alec-Douglas Home has won a term of his own, winning 346 seats in their General Election
  12. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    After a long and bruising primary campaign, both the Republican and Democratic conventions were deadlocked. The Republicans chose Nelson Rockefeller, the preferred establishment choice. In order to emphasise that his vision for America was progress, Rockefeller picked Hiram Fong, the Hawaiian Senator, as his running mate, despite some protests. The Democrats, faced with the possibility of President George Wallace, instead chose Bobby Kennedy. Despite many decrying Kennedy's lack of experience and his controversial appointment as Deputy Attorney General, he is leading in the polls. Kennedy chose Hubert Humphrey as his running mate, in order to make the ticket more experienced
  13. Market For Political Simulations

    Surely, as an anarchist, this is a good thing?
  14. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS: Former President Richard Nixon has announced his intention to run for a second, non-consecutive, term
  15. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Election 1964 John F. Kennedy is in no state to run for President. Seriously injured after the attack in Dallas, he's now out of a coma, but not willing to run. Speaker McCormack, no longer acting President, has decided not to run. Instead, they have convinced his brother, Bobby, to run. However, he is polling poorly. The frontrunner? Segregationist Governor George Wallace.
  16. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    On November 22nd 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson returned to his home state of Texas. What was meant to be both a mission to launch his re-election bid and to resolve conflict between Governor John Connally and Senator Ralph Yarborough turned deadly fast. As the presidential motorcade travelled through Dealey Plaza, two gunmen opened fire on the motorcade. When the chaos and confusion cleared, it became apparent that the President and Conally were dead, and John F. Kennedy was critically injured. America was in chaos. Although Kennedy was officially the new president, he was in a coma and was not yet inaugurated. Therefore, Speaker McCormack became the acting President of the United States
  17. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Johnson Cabinet (1961 - 1963) President: Lyndon B. Johnson (1961 - 1963) Vice President: John F. Kennedy (1961 - 1963) Secretary of State: Secretary of Treasury: Henry H. Fowler Secretary of Defence: Clark M. Clifford Attorney General: Nicholas Katzenbach
  18. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Johnson/Kennedy - 50.9% Nixon/Lodge - 46% Unpledged Democrats - 1.8% Others - 1.2%
  19. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

  20. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Well we're wrapping up our coverage here due to an unexpected technical issue, but election coverage continues on CBS
  21. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    At 7:30, we can project West Virginia for Lyndon Johnson, and Ohio is too close to call
  22. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    At 7 PM, we can make the following projections Nixon wins Vermont Johnson wins Georgia and South Carolina Florida and Virginia are too close to call Indiana has been moved back to too close to call
  23. Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Hello, I'm Jack Watson, and welcome to American News Radio and welcome to Election Night in America. The first returns are coming in now, and we can project Indiana for President Nixon, giving him 13 electoral votes
  24. New York Congressional elections,2018 (possibly also 2016)

    Always good to have more Congress Infinity scenarios!
  25. The death of ukip.