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    Victorian Prime Minister

    Sounds interesting. I'm currently studying that period (partly) in history, along with the suffragists.
  2. LegolasRedbard

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Thank you
  3. LegolasRedbard

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    What do you use to make your predictions?
  4. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

  5. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    That would be great!
  6. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Personally, I'd like to see the 1974 elections, as I've been watching A Very English Scandal recently, and I now feel the urge to play as Jeremy Thorpe
  7. LegolasRedbard

    App to redraw the states

    My edit of the USA. The differences are quite subtle so congrats if you notice them
  8. LegolasRedbard

    Poll for new campaign!

    Not always. The Holy Roman Empire and Poland were elective monarchies, although the HRE was de facto hereditary as it was ruled by a Habsburg emperor for 500 years
  9. LegolasRedbard

    App to redraw the states

    Got a Clinton victory with the only majorly noticeable change being chopping off whatever that eastern bit of Florida is called and being added to Alabama
  10. LegolasRedbard

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (May 2018)

    This. In the end I would say she did more harm than good. She was simply an agent of the rich, and her ties to dictators and fraudsters cast her integrity into doubt in my eyes.
  11. LegolasRedbard

    2010: The True Cleggmania

    That's what we have in the elections for the devolved parliament in Scotland and the Welsh Assembly
  12. LegolasRedbard

    Forum Political Compass

    And also my results from 8values https://8values.github.io/results.html?e=51.8&d=38.3&g=53.1&s=73.5
  13. LegolasRedbard

    2010: The True Cleggmania

    On one hand, PR is definetly a fairer way to conduct elections. On the other hand, in the UK we don't generally have coalitions (before the Coalition Government in 2010, the last we had was during the Second World War) and it feels more comfortable to have a majority government. Also, under First Past the Post, there is more of a say for voters on who they want as their MP, instead of voting for a party.
  14. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    CALLAGHAN LOSES NO CONFIDENCE VOTE 29th March 1979 In what may possibly be the most dramatic night in Westminster's history, James Callaghan's government has been brought down by one vote. An election has been called for May 3rd, and Margaret Thatcher's Conservatives hold an initial lead over Labour, with the Liberals facing electoral wipeout following the Thorpe affair. The SNP as well are facing major losses, as they were instrumental in the downfall of the government. Current projections from our polls give the following projections for seat gains and losses CON: 318 (+32) LAB: 286 (-24) LIB: 1 (-13) SNP: 1 (-8) OTH: 14 UNDECIDED: 15 Who will win? We will find out in 35 days
  15. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    Conservative MP Airey Neave has been killed in a car bomb attack outside the House of Commons. The 63 year old, the Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary and a lawyer who served the International Millitary Tribunal in Nuremberg, was assassinated by a group calling itself the Irish National Liberation Army. Margaret Thatcher said of him: "He was one of freedom's warriors. No one knew of the great man he was, except those nearest to him. He was staunch, brave, true, strong; but he was very gentle and kind and loyal. It's a rare combination of qualities. There's no one else who can quite fill them. I, and so many other people, owe so much to him and now we must carry on for the things he fought for and not let the people who got him triumph." The attack comes two days after the vote of no confidence which brought down Prime Minister James Callaghan's government...
  16. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate US Presidential Elections 1788 - 2016

    I was doing something like that, but I forgot about it. Now you've reminded me I'm probably going to go back and revive it.
  17. In a shocking election result, Prime Minister Paul Martin led the Liberals to their worst electoral defeat since 1984. More shocking however, was the rise of the Conservatives from the political dead. From their result in 2000, the Conservatives gained 67 seats, winning 79 seats (compared to their result of 12 in 2000). Despite winning the popular vote, they ended up 9 seats behind the Canadian Alliance. With none of the three parties having a majority, the Liberals considered building a three party coalition with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, which would leave them fourteen seats short of an overall majority. However, Stephen Harper quickly reached out to the Conservatives. Conservative leader Peter MacKay said in a statement yesterday: "There will be no formal coalition between our party and the Alliance. However, we will support the new government." Stephen Harper will presumably be the leader of this new government, but how long the minority government, short by 67 seats of a majority, will last is yet to become certain
  18. LegolasRedbard

    Canada 2004 (without Alliance/PC meger)

    Something worth noting about these results is how FPTP affects the results. Despite beating the Canadian Alliance by 5.3%, or just under a million votes, the PC's failed to come ahead in terms of vote share. If the election was held under the D'Hont method, the result would be as follows: PC (27.93%): 89 Liberals (23.29%): 75 Alliance (22.56%): 72 NDP (13.76%): 44 Bloc Quebecois (8.73%): 28 Green (3.72%): Not enough votes Others (0.02%): Not enough votes
  19. LegolasRedbard

    North Korea war

    I think it is a trap, but not one involving poison in the tea or anything like that. I think that they'll exploit Trump's volatility
  20. LegolasRedbard

    Calling for someone to bug fix a lost election game.

    Well the Read Me says take from that what you will
  21. LegolasRedbard

    What party/political designation are you registered with?

    If I lived in the USA, I'd probably be a Democrat. Definitely more like Doug Jones though
  22. So this will just be crafting an alternate history based around the 22nd Amendment never being proposed due to the fact that FDR never dies in 1945. With his physical health declining, Roosevelt is nonetheless determined to seek a fifth term in office to pass his Second Bill of Rights through Congress. He faces one inter party challenger, southern Senator Richard Russell, who he is expected to defeat easily. Meanwhile, the Republicans have a clear frontrunner in Thomas Dewey, 1944's nominee. Nationally, the Democrats lead, but will Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats prevent their victory?
  23. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS Vice President Hubert Humphrey has entered the Democratic primaries. This comes as a report in the New York Times says that the Vice President has not been seen in the White House in "months"
  24. LegolasRedbard

    Fictional Presidential Election

    Title: SenatorName: Mitch K. CampbellParty: DemocraticPolitical Influence Points: 20State: LouisianaStarting Funds: 10,000,000Description: Born in New York City, in 1971 to two immigrants, Mitch Campbell has risen to prominence within a very short space of time. After graduating from university, he worked briefly for Vice President Al Gore, before becoming the legal advisor for his 2000 campaign. He gained widespread recognition in the aftermath of the 2000 election and the Bush v. Gore legal battle. After spending a few years working in New Orleans as a lawyer, he announced in 2003 that he would run for the Louisiana Senate seat. He narrowly lost that election to David Vitter. He then worked as a political commentator, before deciding to run again in 2008. He finished second in the jungle primary behind incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu, but defeated her by .3% in the run-off. While in the Senate, he has been one of his party's most rebellious members, voting very much in line with the Blue Dog Democrats. Critics, however, argue that he is barley a Democrat, and unlike the majority of the New Democrats, has drifted right instead of left. Leadership:4Integrity: 3Experience: 3Issues: 3Charisma: 4Stamina: 3Debating: 3Basic Political Views: Very much a Blue Dog Democrat, although more progressive on gay rights and has made the creation of a Federal Health Service a main part of his campaign
  25. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Alexander Dubcek, the Slovakian politician, has taken over as the leader of Czechoslovakia. Mr Dubcek is seen as a democratic reformer. Whether Leonid Brezhnev will allow the Czechoslovakians to move further from the Soviet sphere of influence is yet to be known