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  1. Totally ridiculous statement to be honest. Roosevelt was in power for 12 years whilst we had a Conservative-led government, the majority of New Labour's time in office was with Bush Jr as President. Good video though! Although they didn't really touch on it, it seems to me (as a Scot) that a lot of Scottish people are going to vote tactically against the SNP, potentially costing them seats.
  2. Ulster still says no! Never, never, never! All jokes aside, I'm hoping that both the DUP and Sinn Fein lose ground here. The DUP may as well not take their seats either the amount of good they do
  3. If it's not too late, could I claim Lisa Raitt for the Tories?
  4. As much as I want to see the DUP lose, I don't want them to lose if it allows the nationalists to gain a foothold. That being said, tactical voting and focused campaigns have historically been disliked by people in Britain
  5. Despite the opposition's (frankly abhorrent) attempts to stop Brexit, from all accounts it seems that Johnson has something planned. The constant, almost smirking repetition of "we will obey the law, we will also leave on October 31st" I think suggests that they're going to do something big.
  6. If only the opposition in the UK were willing to vote no confidence in Johnson, then they could get rid of him. Of course, however, they are frit, and won't
  7. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/ruth-davidson-set-to-resign-as-scottish-tory-leader-1-4993182 The leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, is set to quit over both family reasons and due to her opposition to Boris Johnson's course of action on Brexit. This worries me. I'm not a major fan of the Tories, but Ruth Davidson has made the party popular in Scotland, which was once seen as inconceivable, and has held the Scottish Tories together and fought tooth and nail for the union for the last eight years. I'm seriously worried that the next leader won't be able to stand up to Sturgeon in the way that Davidson has been able to, and that we may in fact be heading for another independence referendum and the break up of the UK.
  8. Agreed, such as with Boris here in the UK.
  9. (Will take this up later, have to go)
  10. 2:00 AM update: Gerry Adams loses Belfast West to the SDLP, coming third Conservatives and Labour tied for 123, Alliance on 70
  11. BREAKING NEWS: 1:46 AM Shirley Williams is back, overturning a big Tory majority to win Cambridge
  12. BREAKING NEWS: 1:16 AM Former SDP leader and founding member Roy Jenkins retakes Glasgow Hillhead from Labour
  13. 1:00 AM update: Tories and Labour tied for first place on 64 seats each, Alliance on 27 seats, almost all of these gains. Former Chancellor Denis Healey loses Leeds East Alliance second in terms of national vote - CON - 35%, ALL - 33%, LAB - 27%
  14. Hello, and welcome to Election 87. The polls have closed, and by the end of tonight we'll have a clear vision of who will be leading the country. We're actually just about to have a declaration from the seat of Torbay in the West Country, which has been a major target for the Alliance. Live now to Torbay: "I the returning officer for the Torbay parliamentary constituency do declare... Allason, Rupert (Conservative) - 16,796. Bye, Nicholas (Liberal), 30-" And that's a gain for the Alliance, and a massive gain at that! Obviously, this swing is unlikely to be replicated across the country, but a strong showing for the Alliance here suggests that they're in for a strong result in the West Country, perhaps gaining a dozen seats or more. Labour didn't stand much of a chance here, but at 5.4% and losing their deposit, it's not the best sign for things to come.
  15. FINAL PRE-ELECTION POLL: CON: 28% (-2) LAB: 22% (-3) ALL: 22% (+2) Undecided: 24% And our seat tracker... CON: 269 (-133) LAB: 231 (+22) ALL: 91 (+63) OTH: 24 Undecided 28 This election could be anyone's game. Labour's higher-ups are apparently already planning a potential coalition with the Alliance. The Tories, too are making plans for a deal with the Alliance, however they remain hopeful of victory. The Alliance were not expecting to win this election, or even hold the balance of power. Now they might have to decide whether a Liberal or Social Democrat would lead the next government.
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