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  1. LegolasRedbard

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    Agreed. Although, I do think making it proportional is a step in the right direction
  2. LegolasRedbard

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    Better yet, abolish it, or at least make the number of electoral votes awarded proportional to the vote gained in the state
  3. LegolasRedbard

    Beto O'Rourke

    I doubt he'll win, but perhaps this is just him earning his stripes as a campaigner. Certainly in the UK (don't know if it's the same in America), parties will put up young rising stars to fight battles in constituencies they aren't expected to win to give them some experience (like Tony Blair losing his deposit in a by-election only a year before he became an MP).
  4. LegolasRedbard

    Polling for historical elections

    I'd have liked to have seen 1952 done at some point. Might do it myself once I'm more comfortable with Congress Infinity
  5. LegolasRedbard


    Corbyn will only leave by force. I'm honestly considering leaving the party over this. People in Labour are just letting this slide
  6. LegolasRedbard

    Alex Jones Poll

    The thing that frightens me most of all about this whole affair is just how quickly that he was taken down across multiple social media platforms. With that, and Jack Dorsey (even though Twitter kept InfoWars up) admitting that Twitter has a left-wing bias which he rather unconvincingly claims doesn't affect their decisions about censorship, I'm worried about free speech on the internet
  7. LegolasRedbard

    2048 Hypothetical Future Scenarios Revisited

    It all looks good so far! Interested to see what your take on 2048 Scottish politics is
  8. LegolasRedbard

    Total anxiety.

    Maybe not impeached, but him and members of his administration should certainly face some sort of punishment over Iraq and Guantanamo. Actually, I walk back my statement about Trump being impeached. If some stronger evidence than what the current investigation is presenting shows up, I would definitely support his impeachment. Sadly, even if it turns out he has betrayed his country, I don't think the Republicans would vote to get rid of him 🙁
  9. LegolasRedbard

    Total anxiety.

    I think Trump should be impeached for other reasons, but it would be a massive double standard if you impeached and convicted him but not holding the other criminals who held that office to account (like Bill Clinton and George W. Buh)
  10. LegolasRedbard

    The British Presidential Election, 2015

    I do agree with that, but I recon that the Republic's first president in this scenario, Tony Blair would have fought tooth and nail for an American system (his critics were not wrong when they accused him of attempting to bypass parliament and make decisions with his senior advisers), and the French style system was a compromise. The importance of the PM, when compared to the President, is something I plan to include as an issue in this (as in the backstory I have created, the President and Prime Ministers both have differing views on the EU, which has caused a lot of conflict between the parliamentary party and the President
  11. So this is another one to add to my potential scenario list. Set in the alternative past of 2015, it portrays Britain as a United Republic following the fall of the monarchy in a turbulent period in 1999. The electoral system will be based off the French electoral system, with a run-off if no candidate gets over 50% of the vote, and (if @admin_270 adds it in the future) a two-round parliamentary election (if that's not added, I might just use the Additional Member System that is used in Scotland in Chancellor Infinity.) The candidates will include all the major parties (with the Conservatives cross-nominated by the Democratic Unionists and Ulster Unionists, the Labour Party cross-nominated by the SDLP and potentially some smaller left-wing parties, the sub-national Greens running one candidate together, and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists running together), and multiple independent candidates (almost certainly including George Galloway) Thoughts?
  12. LegolasRedbard

    A Nightmare Scenario

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/BNP_uk_manifesto.pdf I mean I do agree with them on quite a few aspects, such as liberalising our gun laws, creating a more federal Britain, re-opening the special needs schools that Labour integrated with mainstream schools and fighting against political bias in education, I don't agree with them as much on the deportations, but when you include phrases like "multi-racialism - a recipe for disaster" and "introduce a clause 28 style proscription against the promotion of racial integration in schools and the media" and advocating a white ethnostate, you've totally lost me
  13. LegolasRedbard

    Map of Heads of State

    Italy frightens me for some reason, just the eye peeking out i guess
  14. LegolasRedbard

    House of Cards

    I absolutley loved Seasons 1 and 2, but I reckon that by the time Season 5 came along the show was tired out. I will still watch it, if only to see if they write out Spacey in an interesting way, not just have him be dissapeared off-screen
  15. LegolasRedbard

    IQ Poll

    As a member of the conservative socialist progressive right, I support this totally logical statement