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  1. And take a look at national polling Gallup Poll Nov. 11 1999 DEM: 55% (+21) REP: 34% (+6) REF: 1% (-33) Changes from 1996 election A total wipeout of the Reform Party, things aren't looking promising for Congressman Trump, the most likely nominee for the Reform Party.
  2. BUSH'S POPULARITY COLLAPSES FOLLOWING GORE AD The President last week released an advert slamming Bush for his record as governor. He has dropped 6% in national polling, with John McCain polling second Gallup Poll Nov. 4 1999 Bush: 25% (-6) McCain 15% (-) Dole: 6% (-) Forbes 6% (-)
  3. BUSH STRUGGLES TO GET ON BALLOT AS POPULARITY DECREASES George W. Bush may still be popular within the Republican Party, but it seems that he is unable to get on the ballot on multiple states. The Governor can't even get on the Texan ballots with ease, but he still has 116 days to the first primary to get on them
  4. I was doing this, but I've been sidetracked. You should upload!
  5. This is the reason we need favourability. Al Gore is one of the most disliked politicians in America in this timeline.
  7. 2000 Election Al Gore is seen as a traitor for scrapping NAFTA and inviting Perot into the cabinet. His Vice President, not too keen about the idea of being quietly forced into retirement and being replaced by Ross Perot, has announced his intention to run. Meanwhile, George W. Bush seems like the most popular candidate for the Republicans,but he has claimed time and time again he's not in. Commerce Secretary Trump has resigned to run under the Reform banner, but faces opposition from Pat Buchanan. Candidates: Democrats: Pres. Al Gore Sen. Bill Bradley (undecided) Vice Pres. Joe Lieberman Sen. Ted Kennedy (undecided) Republicans: Gov. George W. Bush (Not seeking) Sen. John McCain Mr. Steve Forbes Sen. Orrin Hatch Fmr. nominee Alan Keyes (undecided) Mr. Gary Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth Dole Fmr. nominee Dan Quayle (not seeking) Fmr. VP. nominee Lamar Alexander Rep. John Kasich Gov. Jeb Bush Spkr. Newt Gingrich Reform Party Sec. Donald Trump Mr. Pat Buchanan Green Party Mr Ralph Nader
  8. 1998 Mid-Terms House: Republicans: 220 (up 3) Democrats: 204 (down 4) Reform: 11 (up 1) Senate: Republicans: 50 (up 1) Democrats: 47 (down 2) Reform: 3 (up 1)
  9. Al Gore's Cabinet President: Al Gore (D) Vice President: Joe Lieberman (D) Secretary of State: Jimmy Carter (D) Secretary of Treasury: H. Ross Perot (RE) Secretary of Defense: Colin Powell (R) Attorney General: Hillary Clinton Secretary of Commerce: Donald Trump (RE) (These are the important ones, no offence to Mike Dukakis and Tom Foley who are also serving in the cabinet)
  11. The Senate has voted in Joe Lieberman as Vice President. With Reform members voting with the Democrats, following the deeply controversial decision by the Democrats to scrap NAFTA and accept a deal with the Reform Party to win power. Al Gore is now the projected winner of the House vote for president
  12. TROUBLE AHEAD? While watching the inauguration at my parent's home, I turned to my mother as Mitt Romney took the oath and asked her opinion. She responded "I don't know, but I know it's going to be hard for him." And hard it will be. Speaker Findlay (R - TX), the conservative leader of the House of Representatives, has urged President Romney to put social conservatism on his list of priorities. Romney, being a moderate, may encounter a hurdle along the way from Findlay, who is certain to fight the President tooth and nail to move the admin to the right. Romney may have a lifeline in Senator John Logs (R - TN), the Senate Majority Leader. Whenever the first conflict begins, it could cost the Republicans. Infighting in the Democratic party between the Sanders supporters on the left, and Clinton's supporters could have lost the election for the democrats.
  13. Ross Perot turned out to face the window, and took a deep breath. "We have two choices, Ross. The Republicans are confident that their offer has what we desire, while it seems like the Democrats are desperate." Perot turned back round. "Thanks Donald. I'll look them over." He sat down and looked at the offers. Republicans: Perot and Trump to be given cabinet positions Republicans to adopt Perot's campaign to an extent Democrats: Scrap NAFTA Replace VP with Reform candidate if in the event of when Lieberman resigns Same as Rep promises
  14. Congress Make Up, as of the House Vote House: Republicans: 217 Democrats: 208 Reform: 10 (made up from defectors from both parties. Donald Trump (RE - NY) is their leader in the house) Senate: Republicans: 49 Democrats: 49 Reform: 2 Whoever wins the Reform Party's support will win the presidency
  15. Which leads me to hope that Prince Charles will bear history in mind and not abuse his power when King as he has done as prince