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  1. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    They are on the 270soft campaigns website, under the UK section http://campaigns.270soft.com/category/prime-minister-infinity/u-k/ They will play on the Canada version as well, I am relatively sure
  2. LegolasRedbard

    Unlikely Hypothetical 36-candidate Democratic Primary

    I think the more candidates the better, but I think that a large slate of Democrats would lead to more infighting, which could damage party unity and turn off voters. (Also, you listed John Bel Edwards as a Senator instead of a Governor, not sure if you picked up on that. Coincidentally, if I had a preference for a 2020 nominee, it would definitely be him)
  3. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Rockefeller/Hatfield - 48.8% Kennedy/McCarthy - 33.3% Wallace/Sanders - 17.9%
  4. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS By the narrowest of margins - 2,000 votes - Governor Rockefeller has won Texas, which makes him the 38th President of the United States.
  5. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    9:10 PM
  6. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS Nelson Rockefeller has won the state of Kentucky, and we have a spate of new projections that we are about to display on the map
  7. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    It's seven thirty PM, and we can predict the following races for Governor Rockefeller: Indiana Vermont We can also call Georgia for George Wallace, and on that note he is currently leading, with 51% of the vote in, in Kentucky, the home state of his running mate. Virginia and South Carolina are both too early to call.
  8. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Hello, and welcome to our coverage of Election '68. Polls are about to close in one of the most dramatic presidential election in years. Before we commence our coverage, here's a look at ANN's poll of polls: Rockefeller: 48% Kennedy: 30% Wallace: 22% And let's see how that that could play out on a state by state basis If the polling is correct, and with margins that big we'd be surprised if it was wrong, the Republicans are set to take the presidency tonight. A "good" night for the democrat would be winning in New York and Michigan, and potentially taking Texas. It appears that despite his increase in poll ratings, Wallace is only going to take those Deep Southern states, despite his attempts to moderate his campaign. We'll have to see how it plays out.
  9. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Nominees for the 1968 Presidential Election Democrats: President Robert F. Kennedy (NY)/Senator Eugene McCarthy (MN) Republicans: Governor Nelson Rockefeller (NY)/ Senator Mark Hatfield (OR) American Independent: Governor George Wallace (AL)/Colonel Harland D. Sanders (KY)
  10. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS - Thursday, 25th July 1968 Governor Ronald Reagan has suspended his bid for the presidency, leaving Nelson Rockefeller as the presumptive nominee
  11. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    ROMNEY WITHDRAWS, PUSHING ROCKEFELLER FURTHER TOWARDS NOMINATION George Romney, the Governor of Michigan, has withdrawn his presidential bid following the loss of his home state, leaving only two candidates, Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York and Governor Ronald Reagan of California.
  12. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BREAKING NEWS President Robert Kennedy has secured the number of delegates required for re-nomination following the Texas primaries, and Vice President Hubert Humphrey has withdrawn his bid for president following this
  13. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    In the weeks following the assassination of the Nobel Prize winner and Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, the country has been shaken by a wave of civil unrest seen since the Civil War. The riots, which have caused upwards of thirty deaths by April 15th, have severely undermined the strength of the Civil Rights movement and caused a surge of support for Governor George Wallace. The governor's attempts to moderate his campaign has been successful in attracting potential Republican voters, and he has given multiple speeches trying to extend a hand to other voters, saying that his controversial claims that the Civil Rights movement was "trouble" had been "completely vindicated by these appalling riots." Despite the Governor having an approval rating of -25, almost 60% of voters said that they agreed with his statements about law and order. With the President seeming to be unable to deal with these riots, and the Republican frontrunner trying to avoid addressing the subjects, Wallace may be the only choice for those worried about law and order.
  14. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

  15. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    BLOW FOR KENNEDY AS HUMPHREY WINS NEW HAMPSHIRE President Kennedy last night received a massive blow as what was expected to be a close race in the first Democratic primary turned into a landslide for the Vice President. Hubert Humphrey, despite months of negative campaigning, painting him as a traitor who "stabbed the president in the back", won 63% of the vote, striking a crushing blow to the President, who won New Hampshire by a large margin in 1964. On the Republican side, Nelson Rockefeller cruised to victory against a divided opposition, winning 32% of the vote, 17 points ahead of his nearest challenger. Rockefeller holds a 7% lead amongst national Republican voters, and while Kennedy still holds a 15% lead over his challenger, he is slipping closer to failing to secure the 2,713 delegates required for the nomination. At the national level, the Republicans still hold a massive lead over the Democrats Gallup Poll, Monday, 18th March 1968 Republican: 46% Democrats: 32% AIP: 17% The next primaries are in Pensylvania, where Kennedy and Rockefeller both hold leads