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  1. LegolasRedbard

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    Yeah, the safe seat situation in the UK and USA is terrible. For example, Mohammed Sarwar, who was the first Muslim elected to the House of Commons, was elected in Glasgow Govan, a safe Labour seat. Despite being involved in multiple electoral offences, fraud, and also raising money for a conservative party in Pakistan despite being a member of a social democratic party. he held his seat at every election. Both parties, especially Labour, are also guilty of major-league carpet-bagging (see Tony Blair, Peter Mandleson and the Brothers Milliband for notable examples)
  2. LegolasRedbard

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I find it slightly ironic that there are a number of people who want Avenatti to be the Democratic nominee in 2020. Who better to take on a fame-hungry populist demagogue than a fame-hungry shady lawyer? That's the American way I guess
  3. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    Election 1983 With Thatcher's approval rating getting higher as the economy improved, she also benefitted from the absolute chaos that was occurring on the opposite side of the House of Commons. Deputy Leader under Jim Callaghan, Michael Foot was narrowly elected in 1980 as leader of the Labour Party, as a left-wing compromise candidate. Despite an initial lead in opinion polls over the struggling Thatcher, Foot's age and hard-left views (and his apparent resemblance to Worzel Gummidge) led to moderate Labour voters worrying about the future of the party under their new Leader. In January 1981, four senior politicians on the right wing of the party defected, and formed the Social Democratic Party (Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams, David Owen and William Rodgers, with Jenkins being elected as their first leader), which was joined by 28 Labour MPs. In the Tory safe seats of Corby and Glasgow Hillhead, Williams and Jenkins won by-elections to join the House of Commons. Concerned about Foot's popularity, a small group of left-wing allies of Foot met with him privately, and after much debate, convinced Foot to step aside, and endorsed another left-winger, Tony Benn. Benn narrowly beat Dennis Healey to become leader in October 1982. With the Tory lead narrowing, Benn could stand a chance of increasing Labour's seats, although outright victory looks unlikely. The SDP, now in an outright electoral Alliance with the Liberals could prove to be their undoing, tied with Labour in the polls
  4. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    Thatcher's first term in office was a time of great social strife in the United Kingdom. Thatcher's main focus when it came to the economy was to control inflation, rather than unemployment. The raising of VAT to 15%, along with the general pressure on the economy hit businesses hard, and by the end of 1980, unemployment had risen to 2 million. With many commentators, and notably former Prime Minister Ted Heath, urging her to reverse her liberalization of the economy, Thatcher delivered a defiant speech at 1980's party conference, where she famously said: "To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the 'U-turn', I have only one thing to say: 'You turn' if you want to. The lady's NOT for turning." Ironically it was in 1980 that Mrs. Thatcher u-turned over another issue, and reversed her previous endorsement of higher defence spending, and began to make cuts, with one particular area of cuts being the Royal Navy, a move that would later come to haunt the Prime Minister. Thatcher also had to deal with riots in inner cities, and by Christmas 1981, Thatcher was being encouraged by higher-ups in her party to resign as Prime Minister. She rejected these suggestions, and by 1982, inflation had dropped from 18% to 8%, allowing interest rates to fall. Thatcher also proved herself to be a staunch fighter against terrorism. In 1980, Iranian terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London, and Thatcher's authorization to take decisive action and order the SAS to storm the embassy with lethal force, created an image of a strong leader. Despite the hardships, many Britons supported the Prime Minister, and going into 1983, her approval rating was at 40%. Surprisingly, Thatcher called an early election for June 1983, hoping to capitalise on the strength of the economy and the weakness of the Labour Party
  5. LegolasRedbard


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45030552 This is the best round up of the entire two-year fiasco that I could find
  6. LegolasRedbard


    Funny thing that. He could very well have been Prime Minister even only a few months ago, but it's in my personal view that the anti-semitism scandal has fatally damaged him. It all depends on who the next Tory leader is, or if a smaller party makes a breakthrough. If the nex PM after May resigns (which she says she isn't but let's face it, she's time limited. If she doesn't leave after our exit from the EU is official, then the Tories will do what they do best and stab her in the back) is someone totally weak or some extremist like Jacob Rees-Mogg, then Corbyn's chances look slim, VERY slim in my opinion.
  7. LegolasRedbard


    It was, but it's definitely moved further to the right from the late 80's and especially when Blair was elected as Leader in 1994, which is when Clause IV was removed. Corbyn has moved it to the left, but when he resigns I'm not sure whether we'll see the election of a centrist or another hard-left leader.
  8. LegolasRedbard


    That is a very good point. Ideologically I am a more of a Lib Dem, but two prevents prevent me from joining them: 1. Their position on Brexit (having a second referendum) is in my opinion the single worst thing we could do to unify the country 2. The awful electoral system in this country shuts out third parties (admittedly the Americans have it worse, but it would be better if we adopted MMP) Also, I still think of myself as more of a "Third Way-er" than a liberal, which is possibly the most unpopular ideology in Britain after New Labour
  9. LegolasRedbard


    For whatever reason, I feel like I don't belong in the Labour Party anymore, since all liberalism has appeared to have died in that party.
  10. LegolasRedbard

    Personal 2020 Election Play by Play

    Well this hasn't aged well
  11. LegolasRedbard

    October Surprise 2018

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/clinton-bomb-live-obama-cnn-evacuated-home-update-latest-threat-package-target-george-soros-a8599591.html Call me cynical, but I doubt this'll actually be some deranged Trump supporter like the media will make it out to be
  12. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Amid Democratic split, Wallace gains ground - The American Herald, Monday 1968 "I was sure he won't win, but now I'm not so sure," said 67-year-old Maybel Jones in Chattanooga, TN, yesterday. "I was just voting for him to send a message to our representatives in Washington that we are the ones with the power, but now I think he might stand a chance at winning." All throughout the country, people are saying similar things, that what many considered to be a racialist campaign confined only to the south may now becoming a national movement. George Wallace, the staunch segregationist and former Governor of Alabama, has been making gains in the polls following Vice President Humphrey's entrance to the campaign and has made some changes to his messaging. While maintaining state's rights to decide on segregation is still an important part of his platform, he has moved to focus more on maintaining law and order in this "divided country, more than ever before." He has announced his running mate to be KFC founder and beloved icon Colonel Harland Sanders as his running mate, and stresses that he and his running mate are "self-made men, trying to bring our vision of the American Dream to Washington." This less overtly racist and working-class campaign has helped him in the polls: Gallup poll, 1/21/68 Generic Republican: 42% Generic Democrat: 34% George Wallace (AIP): 17% Herald/Washington Post Republican: 39% Democrat: 30% George Wallace: 21% Wallace's biggest target is Texas, which would almost certainly kill any Democratic hope for the presidency. Wallace is almost certain to win the majority of southern states, which means the Democrats will need to win big in the Midwest and West Coast
  13. LegolasRedbard

    Ardia Legislative Elections - 2014 and 2019

    @MysteryKnight@JDrakeify @mz452 @The DM @Kingthero @QuickHead555 @chunkbuster11 @Bjornhattan @HomosexualSocialist @willpaddyg @daons @LegolasRedbard @Prussian1871 @wolves @SirLagsalott @michaelsdiamonds @victorraiders @Patine @Falcon @jnewt @President Garrett Walker @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @SeanFKennedy @vcczar @jvikings1 @harveyrayson2 @lizarraba @TheMiddlePolitical @CalebsParadox @MrPrez @msc123123 @NYrepublican @RI Democrat @servo75 @koneke @Presidentinsertname @ThePotatoWalrus @Sunnymentoaddict @TheLiberalKitten @Quebecois @avatarmushi @Sami  Just by chance, I found the notebook where the majority of the planning for this was, so consider this project back on the agenda, although perhaps further down the road. If anyone can help me make a map, this would be much appreciated
  14. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Hubert Humphrey, the Vice President, has today shocked the political establishment by announcing his own run for President, challenging incumbent Robert Kennedy. Although Humphrey is more popular than Kennedy, he was reportedly very reluctant to run, in case he splits the vote. Early polling for the Democratic primaries puts Vice President Humphrey ahead of the President: Humphrey - 51% Kennedy - 40% Undecided - 8% There's still 302 days to the election, and with the Republicans holding a five-point lead, and a massive lead in the Electoral College over the Democrats, they must be hoping for a resolution soon - James Kelly, The American Herald, January 8th 1968
  15. LegolasRedbard

    Alternate History - No 22nd Amendment

    Well, I've just rediscovered this, and I think I'll continue with it