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  1. LegolasRedbard

    A Nightmare Scenario

    Yeah, the BNP performed well in Labour strongholds such as Barking and Burnley
  2. LegolasRedbard

    Your News Sources

    My others are The Times, the Independent and the Daily Mail
  3. LegolasRedbard

    A Nightmare Scenario

    They are, but they only got around 0.001% of the vote. A long way from having 2 MEP's and polling half a million votes in 2010
  4. LegolasRedbard

    A Nightmare Scenario

    Obviously some very intensive editing and cheating going on here, but could you imagine? The biggest loser was Labour, with Gordon Brown losing his seat to the BNP, and multiple cabinet secretaries, including Justice Secretary Jack Straw (who came fourth in his safe seat) and Health Secretary Andy Burnham.
  5. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    The Thatcher Cabinet, May 1979 Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher Home Secretary - William Whitelaw Sir Geoffrey Howe - Chancellor of the Exchequer John Biffen - Chief Secretary to the Treasury Lord Carrington - Foreign Secretary Peter Walker - Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Norman St John-Stevas - Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Francis Pym - Defence Secretary Mark Carlisle - Education and Science Secretary James Prior - Employment Secretary David Howell - Energy Secretary Michael Heseletine - Environment Secretary Patrick Jenkin - Health and Social Security Secretary Keith Joseph - Industry Secretary Humphrey Atkins - Northern Ireland Secretary Angus Maude - Paymaster-General Teddy Taylor - Scotland Secretary John Nott - Trade Secretary Nicholas Edwards - Wales Secretary
  6. LegolasRedbard

    UK 1979 - 2015

    TORIES WIN MAJORITY Margaret Thatcher has became the first female Prime Minister in British history, after leading the Conservative Party to a comfortable majority in the House of Commons. They gained 68 seats, with the governing Labour Party losing 58 seats. The Liberal Party mostly weathered the storm that the Thorpe Affair had caused, losing only 3 seats, while the Nationalist Parties combined won 5 seats, losing 7
  7. LegolasRedbard

    Anthony Kennedy Resigns

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44634176 Now that the court's swing justice is out, who will Trump choose to replace him?
  8. LegolasRedbard

    Victorian Prime Minister

    Sounds interesting. I'm currently studying that period (partly) in history, along with the suffragists.
  9. LegolasRedbard

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    Thank you
  10. LegolasRedbard

    2004 Election - Projections Style

    What do you use to make your predictions?
  11. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

  12. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    That would be great!
  13. LegolasRedbard

    Personal Attributes of Harold MacMillan

    Personally, I'd like to see the 1974 elections, as I've been watching A Very English Scandal recently, and I now feel the urge to play as Jeremy Thorpe
  14. LegolasRedbard

    App to redraw the states

    My edit of the USA. The differences are quite subtle so congrats if you notice them
  15. LegolasRedbard

    Poll for new campaign!

    Not always. The Holy Roman Empire and Poland were elective monarchies, although the HRE was de facto hereditary as it was ruled by a Habsburg emperor for 500 years