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  1. jas82007

    President Infinity- Scenario Download

    'Version Ericson 226' is what it says in the UR corner of the first screen. Is that it? I did download several ones some time ago following these instructions.
  2. jas82007

    President Infinity- Scenario Download

    Hello? Anybody have any ideas here?
  3. OK here's the instructions on your site for downloading a created scenario: Download the .zip campaign file from campaigns.270soft.com. Run the game, and press New Game. Press Change Campaign. Press Import. Press Zip. Find the .zip campaign file you just downloaded. By default, these are usually stored in the Downloads folder on your computer. Press Open. The campaign should now be added to your campaigns list. I have two in my download file. Everything goes fine until I hit #4. After pushing Change Campaign I get drop down of all the scenarios currently available. For the life of me, I do not see an 'Import' option. It is not there. What's going on?
  4. I know a lot of people like the detail of this series with daily turns, etc. Is there such a thing as a condensed version? It is taking me many days to just play one campaign. Some if us don't have that sort of time. I miss the old President Forever games, I have several downloaded and most are still playable but am starting to have issues uploading user created scenarios and with playing them once uploaded. Do any of the updates on PI contain an option to speed up game play?
  5. jas82007

    Any Way to Adjust Ad Types?

    Sorry, not following that reply. I find no way to edit ad selection types. Anyone that can walk me through this?
  6. Any way to shorten the time of a General Election campaign on a user created scenario? The General Election for the 1936 scenario opens in July. I'd like to shorten it to start 9-1, do not see where to go to accomplish this.Thanks for any help.
  7. jas82007

    Any Way to Adjust Ad Types?

    Hi, am playing the 1956 user created Scenario and like it, however- the only ads the game will create are newspaper ads. I can see that for a game set in the 1920's or so that would be vaid. I was alive back in 1956 and I can attest, there were TV and radio ads, lots of them. I cannot change this using the campaign editor. Any way to accomplish this?
  8. jas82007

    Installing Scenarios- Cannot Figure How!

    OK just disregard my rant. I got the Infinity files downloaded and can play them. Thanks for the member who replied. It's pretty simple on Windows 10 actually. Just click on the PI icon to open the files, open the scenario file then copy/paste from the lst linked to. Couldn't be easier. Now I will be busy for weeks. Downloaded 924, 1936, 1940, 1948 and 1956.
  9. I have both President Infinity, an earlier version, and President Forever 2008. I am using a laptop with Windows 10. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to install/play user created scenarios on either. I try to follow the instructions and get bogged down, noting on my computer looks like what is being described in the instructions. On Infinity, I am told to open the editor, select a campaign and then.. 'note the path'. Huh?? What does that mean and how do I find this path? On PF 2008 the instructions are to click on the folder inside the zip file, click 'copy', then open 'My Computer' to do the rest of the process. I do not appear to have anything called 'My Computer' on Windows 10. Where, then, do I go to paste the file I copied? BTW I have PF on a desktop with Windows 7, I have downloaded successfully some scenarios on that system. What takes the place of My Computer on W10? I am so lost. I am just not good t this stuff. Can someone please help? Thanks. Up date, I have now managed to install them on PF 2008. The written instructions were not working I just right clicked on the link t the program and managed to locale the scenerio folder to copy/paste. No issue now. Still am stymied over the 'path' issue on PI. Help appreciated.
  10. jas82007

    President Infinity, Scenario Question

    My best guess is that it isn't out yet. The scenario installations look much easier using the newer version so I guess I will have to wait for it. Not sure why the site I referenced came out with installation instructions for a version not yet available. How much longer on this? Anyone know??
  11. jas82007

    President Infinity- GOP Bias??

    I finally managed to win a game using this scenario. I say win because as RFK I finished less than a million ahead in the popular vote and was up by one EV at 247. In my game he won by a Congressional vote. 1968 is perhaps not a real good scenario to start with for this game, hrd to win an EC majority.
  12. I have President Infinity installed on my laptop (Windows 10). It is version 2.2.6. I would love to run the scenarios from this site - http://campaigns.270soft.com/install/ but according to the instructions I need an updated version- 2.5.3 (and up) The most recent version to upgrade to that I can find is (I think) 2.4 something or other. Where do I go to get a download for an upgrade to 2.5.3 for my game? Not real good at this stuff. Would love to be able to play 1948, 1960, even 1940. Thanks.
  13. jas82007

    President Infinity- GOP Bias??

    I tried this again this time using Reagan as the GOP nominee. I was wondering if there was a built in bias toward Nixon in NY because his official residence was there in that campaign. I have just played a few turns and am still finding RFK is slipping as time goes by. I think this may be a case of the game being all too factual. The Dems were in bad shape by 1968. Any GOP candidate would have a built in advantage. RFK is also still low energy. I have to keep resting him every 6 turns or so.
  14. jas82007

    President Infinity- GOP Bias??

    In no particular order: Yes I am attacking as the Dem. About half the speeches and ads are 'attack'. In NY I start with about 15 points behind, it just gets wotrse from there. By November I am behind 25 points or worse. That just is not realistic. I tried again to replay the scenario after my post. I made sure it was set to 'easy' as I thought maybe that had been the issue. I started out well, ahead by 10 or so in NY and other Eastern states. Then about the end of September, the bottom falls out. By mid October most if the map is red. I also noticed my candidate is very low energy. Previously when playing I had high energy levels, now its down to below 30 after a few turns. I appear to be doing all the right things, creating surrogates, getting endorsements, etc. Is it possible I downloaded a game with some glitch, at least for this scenario? I need to try some others just as a test and see if this happens again. I have President Forever and have played the hell out of that. In some ways I like that better. PI is just way too 'busy'. Undoubtedly more realistic but less fun.
  15. OK Maybe i am just a bad gamer. But you'd think I could win just one game playing as the Dem candidate, I have played several times. Recently i was playing the 1968 scenario and as Robert Kennedy against Nixon. I was doing OK but noticed that from turn one, Nixon was ahead in NY by over 25 points! why on earth?? It got worse despite practically living there turn after turn, running ads,, everything I could think of. and, by mid October the whole NE sector of the map was red. Oh yes, I set at 'easy'. It's wacky. Can I fix this myself using the Campaign editor? This just seems very unrealistic.