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  1. Twix1010

    short campain start

    whats the best strategy to win the primary when you start late? say you star in january
  2. Twix1010

    create own game

    you right it worked now started with green 50% vote and 538 seats
  3. Twix1010

    create own game

    Are you being ironic? or do you see my problem?
  4. Twix1010

    create own game

    Yes and had other change to like higer campaign level start.
  5. Twix1010

    create own game

    I changed to 100% and to set all, but when i started the campaign i had only 2% national and tried playing some with out it getting som mutch better.
  6. Twix1010

    create own game

    do i need to change the % of the rep, dem, lb, blm to?
  7. Twix1010

    create own game

    What to change in parties tab to make the green more likely to win? I have tried changing issue to match greens platform, with out getting even close to winning. i had every other contender on level 1 and i was level 5 in everything but still felt no improvement in ranking can you explain more regions, can i set amount of % a party gets in a state? cause i dont quite understand what to do their?
  8. Twix1010

    create own game

    Hi how can i create mye own campaign and make it so that the Green can win the election?
  9. Twix1010

    win as libertarian?

    never mind found out but how can make those parties far more powerful and entrenched? try with the party green, they started with 100 mill in cash and i put the envierment issue importent. but still i am way behind
  10. Twix1010

    win as libertarian?

    how do i do that for every time i have tried to change a campaign and start playing it i cant chose it.
  11. Twix1010

    error messeage?

    whats the problem when i get the error messeage error list index out of bounds. every time it happens i need to restart the save and start over again and then it works again
  12. Twix1010

    Win as green?

    Is it possible to win as The Green party? Strategy tips how to do it? in a state if i use cp to increase org strength shoud i get higher then starter hq? first it went 5, last time i needed 25 and when it got 25, nothing happened
  13. Twix1010

    win as libertarian?

    Is it possible to win the election as a libertarian or the green? if so tips to how to do it?
  14. Twix1010

    on the ballot?

    Shoud i only chose places i can get delegates to be on? If i am behind its not smart?
  15. Twix1010

    on the ballot?

    Do you have to use cp and chose every state so you are on the ballot?