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  1. The resistance game

    @ThePotatoWalrus @WVProgressive @vcczar @Patine @Rodja @Conservative Elector 2 @Caprice @RI Democrat @LokiLoki22 @TheMiddlePolitical @jvikings1 @servo75 I just opened up a few issues on the repository for people to contribute towards.
  2. The resistance game

    So lately I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Resistance" (to Trump,of course) game. It will be an old school style text based thing for right (for the simple reason that I need practice in a few things before moving on to graphical game design) now Tell me what you guys think of this idea @JDrakeify @willpaddyg @daons @LegolasRedbard @Prussian1871 @wolves @SirLagsalott @michaelsdiamonds @victorraiders @Patine @Falcon @jnewt @President Garrett Walker @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @SeanFKennedy @vcczar @jvikings1 @harveyrayson2 @lizarraba @TheMiddlePolitical @CalebsParadox @MrPrez @msc123123 @NYrepublican @RI Democrat @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @ThePotatoWalrus @Sunnymentoaddict @TheLiberalKitten @Quebecois @avatarmushi @Sami @WVProgressive @Kingthero @Lyly @President Trenton Adams
  3. The resistance game

    Here's how to use Github so you can contribute @ThePotatoWalrus @WVProgressive @vcczar @Patine @Rodja @Conservative Elector 2 @Caprice @RI Democrat @LokiLoki22 @TheMiddlePolitical @jvikings1 @servo75 https://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/ I'll make some issues in the repository soon for people to contribute to.
  4. The resistance game

    Anyone interested or able to help for either the GUI or CLI version.
  5. The resistance game

    This is not happening right now it probably will in the future once I install it to my external 1 TBhard drive (Which I plan to also use as a backup drive which cant be affected by malware as windows cant read EXT4.)
  6. The resistance game

    Guys Big announcement from now on I plan on using linux as my primary OS in a dual boot (basically I have both windows and linux installed) configuration (so I can still play PI and all the rest of my windows games) so development will likely be linux based as its what I'm using. I plan to use cross-platform technologies so this shouldn't be a massive issue but I MAY add in some linux only test features temporarily sometimes.
  7. The resistance game

    Beside @Patine it's probably best to make a general framework for resistance-themed games and have different flavors.
  8. The resistance game

    I only made the offer because I'm thinking of re-coding the entire project anyway and the project is only in its alpha stage and easy to change at this point. (I also might recode it from python to something else).
  9. The resistance game

    I mainly chose Trump because it's the first that came to mind. If you want me to make a non-Trump branch of the project I can.
  10. The resistance game

    Could you do the interface for the graphical version,wireframes and that @ThePotatoWalrus you're a good graphics designer.
  11. The resistance game

    SO anyone?
  12. The resistance game

    there's also going to be a graphical version.
  13. The resistance game

    Is anyone interested in assisting game development?
  14. HD Issues

    I think you can install it to the second hard drive and save your stuff from there. Also in the future please refer to computer storage space as storage and not memory (the latter of which indicates RAM which would be odd considering PI is a lightweight application.)
  15. Who is more trustworthy: Trump vs. Comey

    It's just an opinion and you have a right to hold it.
  16. Severe game slowdown since last update

    What are the PC specs? I'd recommend trying to reinstall it.
  17. The resistance game

    I just uploaded the source code to Github look under the Command-line branch in the project. @ThePotatoWalrus @WVProgressive @vcczar @Patine @Rodja @Conservative Elector 2 @Caprice @RI Democrat @LokiLoki22
  18. Severe game slowdown since last update

    Depending on the age of your computer the meltdown and spectre patches may have seriously slowed down your PC (due to the fact that the exploits exploit features used to make things faster). Has the PC in general slowed down since or it just PI?
  19. The resistance game

    we'll see, I just made a GitHub repository for the game. https://github.com/ZacharyNY/Resist.git I have yet to upload anything to the repository, if you want to contribute anything feel free to do so.
  20. Severe game slowdown since last update

    Are you sure it's not related to security updates? I have had no such problem
  21. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Yes and not many polls were taken before the election and he was ahead by 5 points nationally not 40.
  22. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    I just don't see Cynthia Nixon winning or even being significant after the primary judging by the latest poll numbers. Poll source Date(s) administered Sample size Margin of error Andrew Cuomo Cynthia Nixon Other Undecided Siena College April 8–12, 2018 – – 58% 27% 5% 11% Marist College April 3–9, 2018 364 6.0% 68% 21% – 11% Remington Research Group (R-Big Dog Strategies) April 7–8, 2018 2,038 2.2% 60% 20% – 19% Siena College March 11–16, 2018 363 4.0% 66% 19% 1% 9%
  23. RIP Barbara Bush

    RIP. She was a good first lady.
  24. Online Privacy regulations

    In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Zuckerberg's non-answers should Facebook be regulated as to what information it can track and share?
  25. Online Privacy regulations

    Well in testimony Zuckerberg said Facebook was a publisher so make what you will from that.