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  1. Market For Political Simulations

    Why don't you publish online?
  2. Market For Political Simulations

    If you used that in English class you'd be reprimanded for it.
  3. Market For Political Simulations

    Or that you never use slang @Patine?
  4. Market For Political Simulations

    You mean you actually speak standard english? You've never said the words "new innovation"?
  5. Alabama Senate Election Poll

    That's actually wrong here's the google trends for the word usage
  6. So the first special election fo 2018 is coming up and I'm working on a scenario for it.
  7. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

    The Anti-Trump resistance.
  8. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

    @Patine The theme was the resistance elections possibly along with GA 6,2017 Alamaba Senate 2017 etc.
  9. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

    possibly as part of my tri-state series.
  10. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

    Well I had an imaginary NYC dissolution referendum.
  11. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

  12. Pennsylvania 18th congressional district,2018

    penn-18.bmp my map.
  13. You might like this

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/17/world/europe/uk-britain-loneliness.html How long until the ministry of silly walks?
  14. Do you support the DMCA?

  15. Do you support the DMCA?

    Poll on DMCA(Digital Millenium Copyright Act)
  16. You might like this

    Well there's an actual reason to have that. A minister of loneliness justs sounds stupid.
  17. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Gibberish:Hillary it you mean English: Hillary also is in the list of people who have no chance of running
  18. Hulk hogan 2018?

    That I would like to see.
  19. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    I've resumed work on this.
  20. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    @Patine I've been very busy lately sorry about that.
  21. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    So any news on this front?
  22. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

  23. Market For Political Simulations

    Note: This is temporarily being put on pause while I learn PyGame and attempt to hopefully make a budget negotiator 2018 game.
  24. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    I just don't see Gillibrand as a particularly strong candidate.